Startup Battlefield Competition: Session 1 – Nyxo

Nearly half of the western population Reports bad quality of sleep Or even lack of it costing billions of Dollars to their employers under the Society The cost of sleep deprivation in U.S Alone is 400 billion dollars yearly in Germany the same statistics is 60 Billion dollars The effects of sleep deprivation are Both cognitive and physical it affects Our ability ability to be productive Make us more prone to having diseases or Make us less productive Companies such as sleepio and Fitbit Have been trying to solve this problem By providing you variable devices and Trackers and some general tips and Coaching on your on how to change your Habits towards better sleep but that is Not that is not enough that's why we are Offering you nuxo sleep coaching Personalized sleep coaching in a mobile Phone You can use it with your favorite Wearable device And start sleeping better now it's not Just some snake oil but actually Developed with leading sleep researchers In the field Move to the demo So we can start by from scratch by Providing the data to the application So we use apple health kit and then you

Can you can choose your device and then You can see the data data already there Based on the data we assess your sleep Coaching profile and after that you can Start because you can continue to Coaching directly In the screen on the right on the right Hand side we can see a profile of a Young professional who has a lot of All-nighters and an active social social Life during the weekends causing a lot Of social jet lag with them we are Actually focusing on focusing on making The making their sleeping patterns more Consistent throughout the week and Throughout the days Then we move to the coaching so the Coaching is uh coaching is based on Lessons that are divided into weeks and Based on the lessons you can you can Start creating habits with our help Yes as the weeks progress We can actually when we learn more more From you we actually can provide you More better coaching through that way in The nuxo cloud you can actually see see Your data and follow your coaching Progress as well Back to the presentation So what we just saw you can connect for Your with your existing data from your Favorite tracker you get a sleeping Profile assessed by nuxo and then you Can continue right to the coaching

The coaching program is built on sleep Research done by our researchers they Are doing research at around circadian Rhythm and homeostatic rhythms you are Focusing on mostly fixing your melatonin Onset in the night time and working Around your natural circadian rhythm Global Market for sleeping aids is 50 Billion dollars we are first targeting The European market which is 15 billion We're a bootstrapped company founded January of this year and we've been Building the product with the leading Leading and the biggest occupational Healthcare provider in Finland and with With a leading life insurance provider In Finland as well Myself I have a background in Engineering my co-founder has a is a Cognitive neuroscientist Our head of coaching a cognitive Neuroscientist as well is working very Closely with our sleep researchers to Make the coaching even better If you're an employer looking to help Your employees leave a live a better Life and be more proactive in the Workplace you can contact us through Email or visiting us at startup alley in On our booth also if you are if you're Not getting enough from your tracker you Can actually download the nuxo app now From the App Store and download the code And purchase the coaching there

My name is So thank you very much Okay judges Uh thank you so much Um and so in a local Globe where both Investors in in an audio coaching app For for running as well as in mind candy That have a Um basically pivoted to to focus on Sleep with Moshi Twilight for kids so Definitely understand that the space Just curious how you think about Developing and really transitioning and Helping people you know change their Behavior with regards to sleep and the Effectiveness of nudges or how how do You actually change Behavior yeah So the original research that whole app Is based on is actually conducted at University of Helsinki and there they Developed this coaching protocol that Focused on this happen chains uh almost Like that's what what it consisted of And we actually took that and got rid of The psychologist doing most of the like Motivational talk and stuff like that And turned it into Mobile app so we Already have proof from existing Research that hey these things that We're providing here work and this this Year we've been testing that with Actually getting it to work so that we Don't have the psychologists the results Have been pretty good

I'd be interested in there's two Questions one of them you're working With a health provider and the other one Was I didn't get that an insurance Company life insurance life insurance Yeah Um okay my question do you have a sense Of data of the conversion rate of people That download the app that move to Basically the coaching and then how much Is the coaching cost the coaching costs It's eight Euros now per month we Already launched we did a soft launch Earlier this year so we don't have that That much data so we are of course of Course working on that convert Converting them more but we are working Mainly with businesses so they purchase Purchase for their either customers or Employee employees the coaching There's a coaching price a little bit Lower because we get a lot more users at The same time and we also provide them With additional reporting for example so That you can see the whole organization How well they're performing so that's Actually something that the business the Life insurance company and occupational Healthcare which we've been working with That's what we've been like developing For them and that's what they really Like to see and so far the occupational Healthcare the pilot is just starting Actually next month uh the life

Insurance company that we built with Piloted with that went really well as Well so we actually got really good Results even though most of the users in That group that we tested it didn't have To be real City problems so most of them Had some really minor stuff but they Most reported that they get good results They actually learned something new and They were actually able to change their Habits towards better as well so That's interesting so so the eight Euros A month uh are you charging that to the Employers or to the end users that's That's what the customers uh for Employees it's a little bit lower uh Depending on how many people you enroll So it's around for from four Euros to Eight Euros like basically do you see The the go to market strategy here being Primarily a B to C go to market strategy Where you go to market and create Customer pull or is the challenge Getting through to as many Um companies as possible so they are They are essentially your customers we See that the business is the best Potential so we can actually show the Results and the effects there the best Uh of course consumers side is Interesting but because we decided Bootstrap it was the hardest route so we Instead chose to talk to businesses Directly and that turned out to be a

Really good strategy and we'll we'll see Continue doing that but the consumer Side will be there on the side as well Because it also helps us develop our Product more towards the individuals who Actually use it so when you're working With corporates where does privacy end Uh in the sense of you're providing them A general analysis of the whole company But then do you go into departments do You go into which people have signed up For the app where does privacy actually Start and end for a single person an Individual yeah we are looking into that Of course we we can't provide individual Data to to your employer or your life Insurance provider but uh 20 20 people Is the minimum of giving your your group Analytics and that's General General Analytics not specific specific Individuals So this is an incredibly crowded space I Mean we were talking about some of the Different solutions earlier there's so Many things that exist a lot of the Teams that we see also doing these kind Of projects they have somewhat similar Backgrounds they bring in expert coaches And things like that what do you guys Think really different differentiates You from the other options on the market Uh what change what difference is us is Basically that we have the researchers In our own team uh we have the founding

Team also has background from cognitive Neuroscience so the science part is Really baked into it and that by itself Isn't enough it's actually the data that We provide and we take in and combine Those two to provide actually Personalized so as ever mentioned many Of the current Solutions don't really Address that because they're they stay On a general level or there's no really Scientific research based on that so Combining these two is actually has been The like key to talking to businesses And getting new customers interested so That there they don't just have that I've been talking to a lot of our like Wearable makers and They don't see this as something that They would start like doing now I've Been hearing that some of them today They are going to start but in the last Year or so they've done nothing on this Sector so we don't believe them coming Right away and it's actually Surprisingly hard to build the coaching Materials which we built ourselves and What is the exit strategy uh quickly Quickly uh Let's see we're now focused on selling The pro building a good product and Actually getting people to sleep better We're more interested in that than Getting this exercise at this point but We can talk about that later uh behind

The states for example and did you sleep Well last night really well pretty well Yeah seven hours yeah well done well Give it up one more time for nixo Thank you


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