Startup Battlefield Competition: Session 1 – HawaDawa

Hi hi Another quirky startup name I hear you Say why can't these startups grow up but In our defense habadaba has a deeper Meaning It originates from the polluted Urban Streets of Egypt Roughly translated means air medicine in Seven Global languages Cairo We're here in Berlin today but never Mind pollution knows a few boundaries Our CEO and co-founder Karim grew up in A house full of doctors in the City of Cairo a city displaying all of the Typical traits of an emerging economy When it comes to air quality and health I'm Kathy Welling CEO of hubba dubba I spent my youth breathing in country Smells in rural England but I'm here Because of my backgrounds in Environmental economics and governance Combining AI iot technology and Satellite technology we've built the Most comprehensive digital platform for Air quality management Cities and companies are already using Our data today to actually challenge the Mainstream of decision making Air pollution accounts for 5 trillion of Losses in economic output each year one In eight deaths globally can be Attributed to the effects of long-term Exposure to air pollution

Study after study highlights the links Between air pollution and critical Global diseases from diabetes to Depression But there's a problem here because There's a gap between the urgency to Actually tackle the problem and the Science-based insights that can be used To Target investment to actually do so The technology is largely there but the Question is how to take the iot Technologies take the satellite Conversion of data take machine learning To identify the types of pollutant Behaviors that affect and Trigger Certain types of diseases and actually Make this into a usable data set that's Relevant enough to actually Target and Service some of these real-life use Cases and that's where hubba Dabba comes In we're building the digital twin for The health of our cities We're using tropospheric satellite data From the most advanced multi-structural Imaging spectrometer in orbit we're Combining this with Aerospace and Optical data from Japanese and European Satellites and then we take this and we Combine that with weather with land use And with all of the terrestrial data That we can get our hands on Converting satellite-based air quality Values into ground-based values is not Trivial

Very few others in this space are Actually doing this But in order to convert and downscale Satellite values and take this to Granular street level air quality data Actually helps us to improve the Accuracy of our models for some of these Pollutants by up to 80 percent and it Helps critically in predicting the data Between our terrestrial iot sensors on The ground which incidentally we have Built calibrated certified and generated Revenue from in just two and a half Years Our data set is effectively being Considered and recognized as a new Global commodity Whether in ensuring assets from the Risks and the effects of short-lived Climate pollutants to helping de-risk Public investment in Pollution Control Or developing a new digital Health app Which actually takes prescription and Disease data and then combines it with Spatially relevant local pollutant data Elsewhere Our data can enable cities to actually Design entirely new Urban Mobility Systems based on our understanding of Pollutant behavior and by integrating Our air quality forecasts and our Traffic simulation into everyday smart Traffic Management Systems We're even exploring

The attribution of Knox and sulfur Dioxide pollution data into the shipping Industry with a handful of the biggest Carriers on the planet Combined revenue of around 40 billion Dollars It's very clear that if it's so Interesting the value of our analytics To date to these big big industry Heavyweights imagine what we can Actually do now in real time with our Near real-time measurements on the Ground And why is this so relevant on January The 1st 2020 the shipping industry faces the Biggest emissions Cuts regulations Dieselgate in Germany caused more than a Ripple in the automotive industry England's NHS emergency and France being Considered the first nation-state to Actually be Um By the EU considered to be um Having the problems with nitrogen Dioxide is a big problem We believe we can capture already 800 Million dollars and Target this across Six core data areas we have a data Subscription model and we're already With a team of 20 looking for a global Partner who has the ambition to actually Take emissions data and air quality data And do something with it be it creating

A new industry air quality standard be It developing a science-based app that Actually helps reduce hospitalizations Based on pollution We want to make air quality data and Emissions data as relevant to the Financial industry as it is through Asthmatics Thank you [Applause] Judges what questions do we have Hi I I was wondering if you could tell Us a little bit more about how you Prioritize uh and find different types Of customers that are interested in this Data set Yes so um we have the relative luxury That we do have paying customers right Now so on the one hand it's taken a While to get those and cities are our Typical customers that we tend to find And that we can actually build on our Experience from Um but in terms of our corporate Partners we've actually been quite lucky Because it's starting to be a really Championed cause in the majority of big Corporate companies so if we go to a big Corporate company and say we've got an Additional data set that can actually Really enhance your portfolio it's Becoming really really interesting from Them and because we've already got Traction with cities and with some other

Corporate Partners it's it's sort of you Know escalating and you know rolling all The way so it's really interesting for Us I have a question around the data the The granularity level where do you get The data from the cities and are you do You need to integrate with other iot Providers like where is that granularity Coming from on a local level So um although we're Hardware agnostic And we do also produce our own iot Sensors so we can deploy these at Scale Based on the fact that we have a network Of corporate Partners so we're not just Going City by City we're actually Working with global scale partners and We've got one example which is Advertising hoardings and so we're Installing our iot sensors across their Network without having to even speak With cities so it's quite an interesting Model that we're going forwards with but Also the benefit is that we're sort of Covering the full value chain so we've Got our sensors on the ground but we can Integrate any other data set that we Need to and actually that's where the Magic takes place the Hardware's there But we don't have to use it So you're selling the hardware and That's the first part of your revenue And then you have a subscription model On top we're not selling the hardware at

All so it's just a pure data Subscription and if a customer has their Own Hardware or if they have their own Data for example a City January does Collect some kind of air quality data we Can integrate that instantly into our Models and into our real-time dashboard So we're not selling the hardware we're Just selling the data do you suggest Hardware for someone to buy if they want To if a city wants to have a platform For itself of course we always suggest Our own we have done lots of tests with Other competitive hardware and of course I'm going to say it but it is actually The best low-cost sensor that you can Find out there at the moment so we can Very much easily integrate with other Hardware providers and suppliers if There are any if they have a preferred Supplier but we would always recommend Our own What kind of numbers can you share So we already have Revenue I think That's as much as I can say six digit And Um we are Yeah I mean we've got investment for Example we've got um just over a million Investment at the moment and we're Looking to raise a pre-series a shortly So I was on stage just 10 minutes ago Finally I was in the same seat and one Of the statements I made is we need

Companies like what you're doing to Solve Humanity's greatest challenges so It's amazing first of all that you're Tackling this we had this expression Sunlight is the best disinfectant if you Can see the data then you can start to Affect change so in the abstract I think Amazing uh what I'm curious about so my Startup uh prior to becoming a VC we we Also did something similar in a Different realm and selling data is hard You know because when people don't Understand the value of that data and It's it's abstract or you know down the Line that's difficult how do you yeah Have you thought of ways you can package It up in a way that is more Comprehensible and more of a product as As opposed to here's data for your city Um and and if so you know what does that Look like So we distinguish between cities and Monitoring as a service which is Relatively straightforward business Model and then looking at corporate Partners and other you know the sort of Rest of the the value chain Um and we're in the process of packaging Up our product portfolios so we kind of Split it out between this monitoring as A service and then we go all the way up To a simple API access so yes we are Packaging out you know our data into Different types of data products and

Portfolios that can be effectively sort Of built up as a sort of checkbox Depending on the customers need and We're finalizing that at the moment so In terms of detail I can't give you a Great great deal but as you also Mentioned you know consumer products in The mix there which is a a different Muscle you have to develop it's actually Quite a different skill set Um is that is that a separate effort or Is that within the company and how do You keep focused so you actually deliver Um you know a good product to to a Particular industry just to start with At least so at the moment we're not Focused on b2c at all Um we're actually working with for Example department for health and other Health providers so the sort of bigger End of the spectrum then going B2B we Appreciate that at b2c sorry we Appreciate that a more tricky Market Particularly you know when we have Smokers and so on it's not you know a Mainstream topic yet for general Consumers Um so yeah we're uh we're looking for a Larger providers we're working with for Example the Department of Health in Ireland on the app We've got 20 seconds left my question is What's your biggest ask if we had a Magic wand it could give you what you

Need the most what what is that what's Your toughest challenge that we can help You with so at the moment we're looking For 2.5 million in investment which is Obviously a standard question Um we're also looking for a partner that Is willing to take on that risk and Actually be the first mover in some of These industries so we're talking about The shipping industry of course we're Interested in finding a partner who is Willing to take that first step and set That industry standard All right give it up for hawadawa Let's bring out our


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