Presenting for Flint says parnav Krishna And Carlo Charles come on now guys We're building the batteries of Tomorrow Sustainable cost effective and so much Safer than the ones we're using today Paper batteries now this is our solution For a safer more sustainable and cost Efficient future in Battery tech but Before I get into that I want to tell You why we need them now 84 of the world Is powered by fossil fuels that's only a Two percent decrease in the past 20 Years two percent that has been Converted into green energy now when we Talk about green energy we often think About solar panels windmills and so on But what we often don't realize is the Infrastructure that goes behind enabling That switch to Green energy and a huge Part of that infrastructure is batteries But here's the catch the metals that we Use in our current battery Tech are not Only toxic but very scarce as well so if You run the numbers you realize that Recycling initiatives while they're very Noble are nothing but a short-term Band-Aid solution so if you want that Two percent to become 20 or even 50 in The future given how material intensive Our current battery Tech is we are never Going to get there so a dream of a Greener future demands Greener batteries And that's precisely where Flynn's paper Batteries come in

Now our batteries are rechargeable and They work very similar to lithium Batteries but what we have done is to Change the materials that we use we have Invented what we call hydrogel Reinforced cellulose paper and utilize Zinc and manganese as the two sides of The battery and thanks to our Proprietary Tech and knowledge we have Unlocked three new features that you Have never seen before in any other Battery tech firstly our batteries are Fully compostable which means at the end Of its life cycle you can throw it into The ground and within a month it would Completely degrade and that's not to say That everyone should start going around Throwing our batteries but it does make Things a whole lot easier and cheaper When it comes to recycling and that Reduces the environmental impact Significantly Now paper you guys have in your hands Right now you know how light and Flexible it is right but This is exactly what gives our batteries An Adaptive design To prove our point we have designed our Batteries in the shape of the Singapore Lion emblem as well now our batteries Can be bent while operational without Affecting its performance or causing any Kind of safety hazard so we went one Step further to prove to you how safe

Our batteries are but even cutting them While they're operational and it Continued to function as per normal it Then burst into flames it didn't Overheat or anything of that kind now to See our batteries in your products all We have to do is to stack up these paper Batteries into the required shape and Size and we practically have a Plug-and-play solution to replace any Type of lithium batteries that are out There now can we switch to demo And what we have here on the right is a Pouch cell paper battery and beside it And that's similar to the one you saw in The video and beside it what we have is A coin cell paper battery yes coin cell Now we didn't have to reinvent the wheel To create this we used existing Manufacturing processes and equipment And that shows you how production Friendly and adaptive our batteries are And this helps us increase our Market Reach and adoption rate significantly Can we go back to presentation base Thank you now because of how abundant The materials that we use are the cost Of making our paper batteries isn't two Times or three times cheaper but it's Ten times cheaper and that's a huge game Changer because think about it if you're Gonna keep our battery on a two by two Matrix against other Battery tech you'd Realize that not only is always one of

The most sustainable options but also One of the most cost efficient options Out there and that makes us the most Practical solution in the market now how About performance so we decided to jump Into the numbers and compare against Lithium batteries as The Benchmark and We use three industry standard metrics And this is how our paper batteries Perform today And this is how we expect it to improve After one year of research and Development now one thing to note is That we are not just comparing here we Are pioneering but given our current Performance we decided to come up with Three versions of specialized paper Batteries for a focused area of Application so that we can either match Or outperform lithium batteries in these Areas because when it comes to cost and Safety we are really much further ahead So when we want to increase the capacity And reduce the volume you can start to See paper batteries in energy storage Systems and we are working with columns And Powers one of Singapore's largest Energy storage solution providers who Even runs our airports military camps And even universities to make this Happen now when it comes to reducing the Weight and the volume you can start to See paper batteries in your consumer Tech wearables remote sensors and we're

Working together with a French Pyrotechnic company to replace their Batteries in the remote trigger systems For explosives Last but not least my favorite is when We try to reduce the weight but increase The capacity and you finally have the Dream of having green batteries in your EVS so that one day you can be driving An EV that is not only cheaper but safer And a whole lot more sustainable Now the team that's behind building all This has over 30 years of management Experience and expertise in areas like Material Science mechanical design Advanced physics among others and we Have some of the top universities and Governmental organizations in Singapore Backing us up because at Flint we want To be powering the future not just any Future but a Greener future and we want To do that together with you Now over the next three years our Conservative estimate for our Revenue Projection is at about 360 million and That's expected to grow 20 times by 2030 Given the new markets that we will be Venturing into now this is just a small Fraction of the rapidly growing billion Dollar energy Market that's out there so We want to invite you to join us on this Transformative Journey as we are looking For partnership opportunities and Collaborative design Ventures so if

You're ready to build that Greener Future We have friends and we are eager to Connect with you thank you That was a great presentation can I get To you stand on the other dot right There yes thank you so much okay Libby Start with you sure Um thanks for the presentation Um so you mentioned cycle life Volumetric energy density or and I was Curious Ariel can you talk about the Gravimetric energy density and how it Compares okay so um what we're trying to Do is like go against not try to beat Lithium batteries in their own game but Try to create a new market where we Stand a greater chance of making a new Market to go with leading batteries so In that sense we don't use you know what Our per kilogram we use uh volume metric Instead and so on so we don't calculate By Gram we calculate by volume and by That it's basically the same thing but We just use a different approach and That sense like the three numbers that We shared with you earlier that's what We are using right now for our research Got it Um and the the active ion which what is The active ion zinc okay the reactive Ion is I think okay Um and so are you then targeting Um so some of the applications that you

Mentioned um gravimetric energy density Is a pretty important metric Um so can you talk about how Um kind of not thinking about Gravimetric energy density can let you Target those markets like Automotive for Example sure uh so yeah So that's why we came out with three Specialized versions so our three Different batteries would Target a Particular Market specifically so when It comes to EVS we would ensure that we Design our paper batteries with some Tweaks so that it is much more effective When it comes to reducing the weight and Increasing the capacity so that's how we Do it so the same batteries that we use For EVS can't be used for others so we We just designed it specifically for That use case so that's how we kind of Overcome that limitation that we have And turn it into a strength yeah and Right now to penetrate the market our First two focus is energy storage Systems and consumer Tech which is Retail I mean sorry which is the Variables and the remote sensors yep Yeah great thanks thank you thank you Yeah Yep Mark how are you approaching Discussions with a lot of the oems Around designing their product in Conjunction with your battery because I Know that that can be one of the tricky

Zero to one challenges in a space like This yeah so maybe I can take this so as We showed you earlier the coin so Battery now coin cells are very common Shape for lithium batteries as of now so We can build our paper batteries in any Shape or size so you have a Plug-and-play situation even if it's a Double A or Triple A or a 18650 battery All we have to do is to design it in the Same shape use the same casing so you Don't have to change the way that your Products are built we just have to plug In our batteries into them but they are Lighter they're cheaper and they're much More sustainable and that is possible Because we use the exact same Manufacturing process of Lithium-ion Batteries so all we have to do is just Use existing Technologies out there put In our recipes and you can easily have a Production line of paper batteries and Just optimize the things along the way Steve for micro Computing and wearables Makes a lot of sense can we go back to EVS At Uber Elevate the biggest problem for All of the oems was weight the battery And not so much volume but wait yeah Because it's in the air it's not on the Ground so can you speak to some of your Reference designs on what you think in Concept uh the volume and the weight Would be and then the and then the power

Output you want to take this yeah sure So in terms of the weight and volume We're paper thin so that means our Batteries are actually lighter than Lithium-ion batteries so what we meant By volume is that since our batteries Can be made in any shape possible we're Not restricted to like the pouch seller Cylindrical cells our battery could be Embedded through the entire body of the Car in the future this we're talking About the future of how electric cars Can be and that's one of the things We're definitely looking forward in the Future working with someone well let's But let's speak to EV tolls right so Again it's in the air it's aircraft Weight is a problem so if you can speak To the specific specs of what that would Look like with your technology okay sure So uh maybe an exciting Avenue that We're looking at right now we're Actually talking with a airline company That's trying to make build electric Planes for the future and the reason Can't use little mine right now is Because it's heavy it's not safe in the Higher pressure but what we are bringing Is a battery that's almost half times Cheaper than lithium batteries and not Only that it's also so much more Modifiable it can be the shape of a wing It can be bendable accessible to the Shape of the airplane itself so these

Are all things that were like in talks With and we're excited for the future About all of these things yeah Cool I'm sure you got this covered but I Have to ask this question on behalf of The audience which may be wondering Paper battery Is it catch on fire no seriously like You especially stacking them up if yeah It's you got cellulose that could Degrade like just help us understand the Basics here okay that's a really really Good question I love that and I just Want to share that we're using cellulose Paper so it's not just papers with extra Fibers in it and due to that our Batteries are actually fire resistant so In that sense we're actually much safer To overheating and explosion as well Yeah but if it catches on fire if it Catches on fire like as we tested Earlier normally a battery is tested by Like poking or tearing the battery but We literally cut the battery while it's In operation and it's a quasi-solid Material so that means it won't ex it Won't like the reactive material won't Go against each other and it will still Continue working or the degrade Basically the degradation will just Enhance if you cut the battery or make It but even with heat it's still a Biological product in your stack oh yes How does it not degrade even with just a

Community so the battery has to be Sealed properly so the compost ability Comes with when you put in the natural Environment with sun rain and all those Things so if it's sealed properly it Should work as fine as a lithium battery Sarah quickly yeah I was just wondering If you could unpack those Revenue Projections what assumptions are you Baking into that in terms of adoption on The wearables Evie et cetera okay sure So this is actually looking at the Entire battery market and we want to Target only 0.1 of it for the next three To five years so based on that most of The focus would go into consumer Tech And energy storage systems because we Already are exploring opportunities and Talking to companies in those areas and When it comes to EVS we still have to Optimize a few more tweaks into our Batteries so that it's more you know It can be used for EVS in the future so That's more of a long-term game plan so That Revenue projections is mainly Coming from that 360 million mainly Comes from the first two market segments That I was talking about yeah thank you So oh sorry we're out of time oh perfect No worries thank you so much give them a Round of applause thank you


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