We have two more companies in this round Up next from Oakland California's Bionics AI presenting for biotics AI is Robbie bushami and cheskin sarov bring Them on out guys My name is Robbie Masami at biotics AI We're using AI to detect fetal Abnormalities I set out to build a Platform that improves the overall Quality Diagnostics and makes sure that Every single pregnant patient gets the Quality of care that they need I was raised by a family of Obstetricians my mother her sister her Brother all worked in maternal care A mother passionately worked to improve Maternal outcomes in her home country of Yemen as a physician and as a Berkeley Researcher Growing up I fell in love with coding at The age of nine But being around my mother's work I Became acutely aware of the growing Problems of Pregnancy Care In the United States 16 billion dollars Are lost annually as a result of Preventable maternal complications With the increasing shortage of OB gyns The growing rate of pregnancy Complications and new legislation Negatively impacting maternal Diagnostics it's becoming more difficult To identify these problems earlier to Prevent tragic outcomes

In a developed World half of pregnant Patients with a fetal malformation are Misdiagnosed due to an error in Ultrasound by ultrasound operators Globally 107 million mothers do not have Access to the minimum standard Diagnostic ultrasound this is the number One reason for misdiagnosis for the mass Majority of fetal abnormalities Oops Introducing biotics AI biotics AI helps Detect fetal abnormalities and Ultrasound earlier with greater Frequency and higher efficiency What you're going to be seeing is a real Prenatal ultrasound exam where what We've done is to protect the patient's Confidentiality and security is download The exam to a local machine remove any Identifiable information but we'll be Uploading the screening live for you to See how our AI will process the Screening Move to zoom We have with us today our chief medical Officer Dr hashemal and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist along with a patient Who for the purposes of this Presentation we've nicknamed Sara who's Been kind enough to spend time with us Today Foreign So I've just conducted a second Trimester FIFA anatomical examination

Using ultrasound actually what I did is I intentionally mimic a low quality of The sound scan and with these low Quality ultrasounds can see regions in The fetal brain heart abdomen and limbs Are usually missing so let us see if Biopics AI could solve this very common Operator dependent error so I'll log Into biotic AI Start my reporting Move to demo This is what biotics this is what Dr Sham is viewing right now biotics AI is A vendor agnostic cloud-based solution That can integrate with any ultrasound Machine over standard API biox AI has Processed the entirety of sata's Ultrasound exam to validate the Completeness and quality of the Screening ensuring the appropriate Capture of over 80 different anatomical Views and structures providing feedback To Dr sham if you miss any key regions A third of patients in the United States Receive incomplete screenings and if There's an abnormality in one of these Regions that doesn't get captured and The patient is almost always Misdiagnosed Move to zoom So as you have seen through biotics Ari Some feedback came back that some images Are missing from the scan So I have rescanned the patient and I

Have recaptured the transferability Plane And now I'll upload the image back into the System to see if the error has been Rectified Move to demo So what we've done is now we've uploaded A new image earlier Dr sham did not Screen for one of the standard views of The fetal brain but because our solution Provided that feedback Dr Shem can now Make sure that he's captured the Entirety of the screening and REI has Validated the completeness of the scan By ensuring that all the key structures In this region have appropriately Captured Now Sada is having a healthy pregnancy and We give her all of our best thoughts and Prayers as she continues along this Journey But our solution does not stop at Quality control it actually moves into Guided Diagnostics here's an example of A pregnant patient with a fetal Malformation in the fetal spine Our AI was able to localize This fetal malformation providing Feedback to the obstetrician so that way This abnormality doesn't go unnoticed And that appropriate intervention can be Taken

Move to slides We conducted clinical studies on Obstetricians that historically perform Poor quality ultrasound scans and when Biox AI was used the screening Completeness rate increased by 20 Percent additionally because our AI can Extract all this valuable information we Were able to automate reporting and Documentation and save up to eight Minutes per patient on documentation Providing value to the patient physician And the hospital Now to build out our technology it took A world-class team of machine learning Engineers and Obstetricians with Previous experience in delivering Prenatal care based research And delivering complex machine learning Algorithms for different types of use Cases As far as our business model goes we're Selling our solution to hospitals We're leveraging a hybrid pricing model With a subscription-based charge for Baseline subscription costs and a volume Based pricing model for API calls to our Algorithms hospitals are incentivized to Leverage our solution because of the Valuable Roi we're providing Through Time Savings that they're able to Receive through increased volume that They can get with patients Reducing the number of patient callbacks

Maybe getting costs around medical Malpractice and an increased Hospital Reimbursements in the future as we Qualify for intap Sorry we're out of time all right thank You so much give a round of applause Where was your doctor located Uh Dr sham is actually in Egypt so we Partnered with University hubs in Alexandria Tonto Cairo and partnered With Physicians that are leaders in Maternal Diagnostics there to build out Our initial data sets Sarah let's start With you yeah I was wondering if you Could um speak to the ultrasound market Like how fragmented is it it sounds like You're going direct to hospitals and not Engaging with the hardware players Themselves but if you could just Um give us sort of the lay of the land In the ultrasound Market as it relates To your strategy Sure yeah so uh so we're software as a Medical device Um so where we really fit within the Ultrasound Market is actually in these Post processing ultrasound Solutions These are reporting Solutions the most Common ones are Viewpoint six as Software and these are third-party Solutions that are used today for Documenting and reviewing the medical Images and that's really really where we Sit today as far as the overall size of

The market that we're going to be Tackling with our initial solution we're Looking at roughly two billion dollars For quality control and for automating Reporting and documentation as far as Our go to market strategy goes it's Going to be a combination of leveraging Distribution Channel Partnerships and Going directly to hospitals maybe just a Follow-up on that software layer are you Purely additive to that or is this a Situation where you're replacing that Tool more of a rip and replace but your Thing your widget is better than theirs Sure yeah so it's a combination of the Two so we can either work with these Players or we can replace existing Archaic Solutions if hospitals are no Longer happy with them Um but yeah I Can't we're under ndas so I can't go too Farther into detail but Libby Sure um kind of expanding on the the Market question can you talk a little Bit about competition and Um you know with AI tools being so Widely available uh to so many Um what you think can put any single Company ahead in that market Sure yeah so Uh the last piece uh that we were going To go for was really talk about our data Mode so really our long-term vision is

To be the AI Diagnostics platform for Reproductive health so we're starting With obstetrics we're moving into Adjacent Specialties like Gynecology Urology neonatology we've built out an Underlying data infrastructure that's Allowed us to build out our data set of Over 8 million prenatal ultrasound Images partner with eight Healthcare Institutions this costs the average Corporation tens of millions of dollars We've bootstrapped it with less than a Hundred thousand dollars and This growing data mode is really going To be our unfair Advantage as far as Being able to capitalize on the market As far as the existing players go Ultrasound machine manufacturers are Mostly working with startups like us Because they're not going to focus on Every single Niche use case they're Really competing with each other in Regards to their business models Um and then there are a few incumbents That are coming in that are around the World that are focusing on this problem As well which is a good thing because This is a big problem so oh yeah I'm Going to say something that's probably Never been said on this stage before You had me in Egypt I was wondering about your data mode and How you'd actually do this but I have Three medical AI companies out of Egypt

And I know exactly how we did it my Guess is you know them and they're your Friends and we understand how we train An AI better than anyone else in the World so I have no questions all right All the waste That's a good line yeah let's go to Steve when you talk to Um OB GYN specialty offices hospitals Health Systems what's the number one Pushback that you're getting from them Today Sure yeah I think I mean when it comes To actually like selling to hospitals You're selling to The Physician uh You're selling also to the hospital Financial decision maker so you want to Make sure that you're providing value to Both so when it comes to like value for Physicians you know it's really coming Down to making sure that they're not They don't have any difficulty around Like leveraging a new technology and you Want to make sure that you integrate Seamlessly within their existing Technology so you're not accidentally Adding in more workloads so it's really Important to hone in on the how that Product fits within that workflow in Regards to the decision makers for the Finance the financial decision makers It really comes down to what is the Return on investment and making sure We've made a clear use case around this

Is how quality control improved Diagnostics actually improves Roi for The hospital so on the workflow question Or in your answer there do they prefer It as a third-party software application To look at post-processed images Or do they want it as part of the Embedded system like do they want it in The Samsung rig and like what's what's What's their ideal the customer is ideal Versus obviously yours is not to be Embedded Right yeah so well so So uh I guess there's two parts to Answering this question as far as the Customer's ideal at the end of the day They're already using these third-party Softwares for post-processing so they're Not necessarily really doing these types Of reviews directly on the ultrasound Machines with the exception of one Potential Solution that's used today in The market so it's not a huge deviation Now as far as how we integrate Seamlessly with ultrasound machines I Mean we're we have a vendor agnostic Solution we can actually plug directly Via an iPad into the ultrasound machine So it's right there for them so there's No real difference to the ob gyn so we Can actually accommodate both workflows If they'd rather leverage their own Desktops their own laptops for Post-processing and for evaluating the

Actual ultrasounds we can do that they Want it on site which actually you kind Of saw with Dr Ashan with his tablet Next to the ultrasound machine you can Also have access to the solution right Then and there the last question goes to Mark can you talk quickly about Distribution channels a bit so what does It cost you to get a hospital obtain a Hospital directly versus via I don't Know if you're talking about trade Associations or something of the like But would love to understand your Different Channel of go to market sure a Few seconds Um so uh going direct to hospital so We've tried to make our solution as Self-service as possible really the Costs go into like the labor costs Around making sure that we're working With I.T systems and we're getting Security approvals Um if we're just looking at outside of Labor costs maximum two thousand dollars Per like institution with potential for Like Millions a million dollars on what The contract sizes could be in regards To distribution channels we are uh Looking at so there's existing Healthcare software solutions that we Could leverage that are integrated Within obstetrics workflows Um but there's also marketplaces that Ultrasound machine manufacturers are

Providing and then there's other Distribution channels for example like Malpractice firms actually can actually Promote certain Solutions if it actually Decreases costs on their on their side Because you're mitigating malpractice Cases so Thank you so much give a round of Applause


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