Spotify’s launching AI playlists…will you listen? | TechCrunch Minute

Spotify has launched a new AI feature That allows users to create playlists by Merely describing what they want and Yeah yeah this is more AI but actually I Think this is super cool so spotify's Latest AI feature allows users to create A playlist using written prompts and Right now this feature is only available To users in the UK and Australia to Start a pretty common setup for testing New products but it will roll out more Broadly in Time news of this AI playlist Feature initially leaked back in October Of 2023 when a couple of Engineers Shared screenshots of code from Spotify's app at the time the company Played it mom however in December a Tik Tok surface that showed the feature the Creators called spotify's chat GPT now What's cool about the new capability is A user can make playlists with ideas That go beyond just genre or time frame So it's not punk rock from the 80s you Can design a playlist based on a mood or An activity like songs for a long fall Walk which is just Evermore by Taylor Swift or indie songs that feel like a California beach which is songs that Aren't very good or songs Ted lasso Would listen to before a big game which I presume is all early 2000s Britney Spears anyways while the best playlists Are made using prompts that contain a Combination of genres moods artists and

Decades users can try to create a Playlist using all sorts of things like Places or animals activities movie Characters colors or emojis and if You're stuck Spotify will suggest Prompts like get focused at work with Instrument Al Electronica or explore a Niche genre like witch house which is Apparently an actual thing the company Also notes that the AI will not respond To prompts that include offensive Language or those that are focused on Current events or specific Brands so no Give me a playlist for Nike in World War II anyways Spotify has already found Success in the AI music game with its AI DJ feature and with this new capability It's clear we're starting to see the Fruits of its larger investment in Ai And according to sptify CEO Daniel eek There's a lot more where that came from Eek has teased a list of possible ways Spotify could leverage AI creating Autogenerated ads to pick an example and Many other things Spotify has also Patented a text to speech synthesis that Aims to convert text into humanlike Speech with emotion and intention you Can hear this type of a voice in Spotify's AI DJ today so far Spotify Appears to be winning the AI music race With products that are well ahead of What we've seen from both apple and Amon Amazon and while this is all good fun

There is a flip side to the AI music Wave that Spotify is betting so big on One of those flips if you will is that Algorithmic playlist generation has Already taken jobs from humans with Encyclopedic music knowledge who used to Make playlists at the company but many Of whom were affected by layoffs last Year that's a bummer also if Spotify Decides to explore AI generated music it Would likely see a massive backlash from The industry that feeds it and from many Users the company already had to remove A song that featured the AI generated Voices of Drake and the weekend to pick An example so AI is coming to mainstream Music it's just not going to replace the Actual stuff you listen to at least not Yet see you tomorrow


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