Spot the Trend at Google I/O’s 2024 Keynote (Hint: it’s AI) | TechCrunch

We just sat through the Google IO Keynote and I think we spotted a trend Let's see if you can spot it too the AI Platform Shi the next generation of ai Ai Talent AI system the AI sandbox AI Tools vertex ai ai overviews ai Overviews ai overviews ai overviews ai Overviews and AI overview AI premium Customers an AI powered assistant how You interact with AI personal AI Assistant intelligent AI true AI Assistant my doing AI doing AI how AI is Transforming Our products Google go ai Ai ai powered search that on device AI Unlock Studio or vertex AI if you go to Ai. AI Studio go to AI studio. vertex ai Ai advances AI feel AI generated images Build AI responsibly responsible AI Making AI helpful how many times we have Mentioned AI how many times someone has Said ai ai first AI progress the AI era If you think you spotted the trend let Us know in the comments below


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