Spending $1000 To Glow Up For Men

So there's been a pretty popular Trend Whereby spending a thousand dollars They're able to completely transform Their loan An example some of these are insane I Mean look at this it doesn't even look Like the same person here look glowing Up shouldn't be limited to just ladies Anymore and I'm here to reveal the truth Because after spending hundreds of Thousands of my own dollars I feel like I've perfected the craft on the key Essential items that men also need in Order to achieve the ultimate glow up I Put together a one thousand dollar Budget of the key items and Essentials That you need in order to maximize your Glow up starting with number one the First step in your glow up journey is to Make sure that you prioritize how you Look physically I believe here this is Going to be the highest Roi one it's Going to be the most valuable one and That's going to be getting a gym Membership and those are usually around Forty dollars Getting a good workout is a start but so Is recovery aside from eating clean and Healthy I'd also invest in supplements Such as magnesium and creatine magnesium Has helped me tremendously with my sleep Guys I'm someone who used to suffer from Terrible terrible sleep and I take two Pills every single night and it is

Completely changed how deep and how fast I can fall asleep this in turn also Affects how I look I don't got my crazy Dark eye circles anymore and I also have Better recovery from after I have my gym Session I also mentioned creatine which Is great because it increases ATP which Is the main feel that you need for high Intensity exercise for more strength and Power which ultimately helps you to Build even more muscle next get a good Protein powder I've tried them all and As someone who's sensitive to Dairy the Plant fusion protein powder tastes like Dessert and has worked great for me over The years this is going to be another Forty dollars Now so far we're still way under budget So I'll say getting the proper Gym gear Is gonna be a good investment to help Motivate you and help you to stay fit my Favorite brands for this is going to be Lululemon and Naka power and Nike Recently I picked up a pair of Nike Metcon 8s they're usually on discount I Know right now they are and I even Custom designed the colors of my own for About a hundred bucks if you want Another good alternative instead of Having a low-cut shoe I think Nike Blazers are an amazing all-around gym Shoe that you can still squat deadlift And work out in next get a good fitting Pair of shorts but just not any shorts

Look for shorts with an inseam of around Six to five inches look gents I will say This getting some shorts that fit you Well where you can show just a little Bit of that quad action I think is the Right amount and I personally think 5.5 Inch inseam shorts fit the best but this Is also going to depend on your build And height find a solid pair of shorts That you can always have as your go-to And I would say two good brands Nike but Lululemon is gonna come out on top so Have one good pair of training shorts That you feel good because when you feel Good you look good and pair that up with A good exercise shirt I still personally Prefer Lululemon I know those can get Expensive but just fine shirts that fit You well that are also moisture wicking We're gonna set another 100 budget aside For a good gym shirt but I do know that Alternatives gym shark alphalete and Aquapower but just have something basic Minimal that you feel good in training With so far with all the items that we Mentioned our approximate cost is about Four hundred dollars next up if y'all Want to glow up what you want to invest In is going to be grooming and hygiene Invest in a good haircut usually these Barbers will charge an average of 50 or More I believe this is single-handedly One of the best things that you can do To transform your look and if you don't

Believe me just look at how goofy I used To look back when my hair was different From how it is now like would you guys Really take me seriously if I filmed the Whole video like this now it's not just A good haircut you need but something to Style with and I've been using the LA Yet natural matte hair styling cream for Years and that's about another 20 bucks Next thing gents your skin look a Perfect skincare routine will never take The place of getting enough sleep Getting a decent meal and staying Hydrated but having a solid skincare Routine can still make a world of a Difference you do not need an expensive Skincare routine so start out with this Use a cleanser use lotion use sunscreen Now I know that Koreans are pretty Notorious for you know investing a lot Of money into skincare routines and Stuff like that I took a trip to Korea And I came back with what I believe is The best cost effective go-to that I've Been using for many many months and this Is going to be the abib acne cleanser The costerlex lotion and the costerlex Aloe sunscreen cool thing is all of this Will cost you under fifty dollars and it Can last you several several months next Guys invest in a good cologne wearing Cologne is a great way for you to add a Little something extra to your personal Style and grooming routine and it can

Also help you feel more confident and Reduce stress and create positive Memories for people people around you I'm not really proud to say it but I Have spent tens of thousands of dollars On different colognes and the one that I've gotten the most amount of positive Feedback on is not the most expensive It's about sixty dollars and this one Here is a bottle of Aqua de Geo so by Doing all that good skin care routine Get in a good solid cologne and then Also having that hair right you pretty Much just freshen your entire look up For 180 bucks bringing our total up to Around 580 bucks now the third step in Just completing all of this is to make Sure that you are dressing well ladies And gents I have also a pretty extensive Shoe collection I've got maybe 30 to 50 Pairs of some pretty solid kicks I've Accumulated over the years and I'll say My most versatile pair that can be Dressed down that I can take to the gym If I really wanted to is going to be a Pair of all white Air Force Ones for 110 Bucks now I love these shoes so much That I even got it as a gift from my Sister I got it as a gift from my chief Of operations and I noticed that this is The shoe that they still wear almost Every day every trip I've taken I've Worn these shoes and if you happen to be A shorter King too it adds a little bit

Of extra height a little bit a couple Inches too after having a solid reliable Pair of shoes make sure that you get a High quality basic tee I personally love The talentless collection you can get Three pack basic tea for about a hundred Bucks or what I'm wearing right now you Can get several Uniqlo aerism cotton Oversized tees these range for about 20 Bucks so you could get a few of these But basic is the way to go and you don't Want to have cartoons and animals on Your shirt just keep it simple and basic What's most important though outside of Decent quality shirts is going to be Having a good pair of pants for this I Always go with Lululemon and my favorite Pair is the ABC pants which literally Stand for anti-ball crushing because I'm All about Comfort all while looking good And with Lululemon they can also taper In your pants completely for free so They fit you perfect and that will bring Our total to right around a thousand Dollars this part of the video here is Really optional but if you guys guys Really are trying to complete the glow Up men make sure that you take a look at Getting some basic minimalist jewelry You don't need to be flexing like the Crazy crazy stuff but even for me I love Jewelry that is comfortable that I don't Notice you can go online and pick up a Gold Cuban rope bracelet stack I think

One two or maybe even three of these Adds a nice subtle yet stylish touch now Real gold is gonna definitely exceed the Budget maybe by a multiple of two but You can go ahead and get gold plated to Save on cost that means for something Like this where it costs you know a Thousand dollars or more it would be About a hundred dollars and I'll tell You that almost no one will be able to Tell the difference last but not least This one here is completely optional but I would say it is so important at some Point in your life gents make sure you Invest in a good timepiece look I get it Even for this video I'm like wearing an Apple Watch here but you want to make Sure that you have a good reliable Timepiece that you can wear for many Special occasions if you're really Bawling on a budget check out two Different options which I think are Great this is the Casio vintage gold Tone watch or you can go ahead and put Some money aside I would invest it into Things like an entry level Seiko or a Swatch Night Flight let me tell you Someone who's bought over 10 Rolexes in The last two years whenever I see any Person wearing a watch it doesn't even Have to be crazy expensive if they have Like a taste and a decent timepiece I Still respect the crap out of it so There you have it guys with just a

Thousand dollars you can achieve a Complete glow up and transformation look To feel and look more confident I do Want to mention though and it is so Important it is not all about the Materialistic things I think there are People that can still look great as long As you take care of yourself physically Mentally emotionally spiritually and That you're able to invest in personal Development and growth take care of Yourself in all facets of your life and Put just a little bit of extra attention And intentionality to the way that you Present yourself and you'll be on your Way thanks for watching this video If You guys did enjoy be sure to like And Subscribe let me know what you guys Think and I'll see you guys in the next Video video


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