Space Pitch off Company Plasmos

Foreign All right you have four minutes there's Your clock starts now thank you hi Familiar faces here my name is alibander And CEO of plasmos we are building Reusable third stage similar to how a SpaceX build first the stage second the Stage reusable we are building a third Stage Um Well my background I have built and Flown over 200 Rockets burnt myself Twice as well which is not written there I think it should be I've been a Director at Airbus when I was 25 years Old sold my first company actually eight Months ago so that also has to be Corrected yeah Recipient of Einstein Visa within two Weeks after I applied I think U.S Government is pretty fast and Um so the problem I'm trying to solve is Satellites can't still get to their Final orbit As the SpaceX is building this giant Infrastructure to launch satellites into Or payload in into different uh planes In a space and as you can see there from 1957 to 2021 it has been a pretty pretty Crazy increase of number of satellites Just 2021 about 1700 satellites being Launched there they can't still get to Their final destinations and if they can It's pretty expensive so what we think

Is that The answer is build a reusable Spacecraft to meet this demand and Um that's that's kind of what we are Trying to do so with that I'm Introducing space truck truck space Space truck So what what that is is that you can put Payload around it which can carry around 325 kilogram payload around it can carry It up to 20 kilogram payload inside it And the entire vehicle is 3D printed and Can wait almost 60 kilogram only it's a Spy agnostic can sit on any vehicle can Sit on a SpaceX 15 inch aspiring and can Sit on a virgin orbit system as well and With that we can get you to a specific Destinations or bring back a payload The market for that in the next 10 years Is anticipated to be 15 000 satellites To be launched out of that 15 000 Satellites we are expecting to charge About 500k for each of those satellites Or launches and that comes to a 8 Billion dollar market We move fast Um I move fast to the United States but Also the company is moving fast from the Ideation to to where we are we built a Very special engine which hasn't been Done uh before it's working in electric Mode and chemical mode so sort of like Prius in a space and the idea with that

We designed it we manufactured it we Tested it it works and now we are Manufacturing the first spacecraft which Is being demonstrated on 10th of February exactly one year after I have Got to the United States and we are Launching this system in January 2024 to A space to demonstrate its capability So Everyone is invited Thank you All right thank you Ali Emily knows a few things about reusable Spacecraft so uh let's start with her Yeah sure um thanks so much for Presenting this is an awesome Presentation Um I have a question about how you think About the role of this the product a Third stage like this Um relative to space tugs which there Are a lot of companies that are building Tugs that stay in orbit and will Rendezvous with a satellite to take that Satellite to a higher orbit and you Don't actually need to launch that like The pitch is essentially you don't need To Lost That launch that extra mass and Um so I'm curious how like the economics Differ like why have you gone with a Third stage rather than actually a tug That exists in space and does repeat Missions um yeah would love a little More color on that yeah so um I think

Those companies have a great Mission but I also see that there is it's pretty Hard when I look at companies that Manufacture satellites and when I go in Their clean room and I'm like oh you Know always hit this is really hard to To move it's very sensitive equipment That you you want to touch on the center Of gravity in every satellite is is Different so when you look at those Elements I I saw a heart shape in Designing a universal system that can Grab any satellite and and Tow them to Another destination so I said well why Don't we you know build a spacecraft That is super lightweight or spacecraft Is very light and integrate things on on The earth launch it to a space and then Bring back the spacecraft so customers Don't have to pay for an entire system To get up there which is probably what's Going to happen in the first you know Years of these tugs being launched so I Wanted to to be kind of a bit greedy in The business economics to say I want to Get the revenue while we are proving out Even the concept so even if the reusable Part doesn't work the system is is very Cheap because the engine tanks the whole Thing is printed in one print 170 hours So for us it's like well let's make that With the engineering manufacturing side Of it uh efficient enough so we can get Value out of it it and on the other side

We can deliver things in where they want To go and bring back our system And the economics are actually very Interesting happy to dig into the Details of that as well Mark Well you've got my interest particularly That you've you've already built and Sold another business thank you so uh That that that's good I like the way That you're seemingly doing everything Very quickly Um it's quite incredible the uh the time Frame that you've set for yourself which I which I fully support doing things Quickly Um one of the things that you said that Really interested me was about Um bringing the payload back did you Mean that this same vehicle can actually Um come come back to earth Yeah so um that's a big Market in its Own right I believe it's a big Market in Its own and it has got since we started Pitching this concept as a generic Concept we've got customers that are Actually interested to say hi I'll give You the spoiler you can do on orbit Servicing with it and you can bring it Back or we can give you this payload you Can bring it to another destination Since you can land it in a controlled Way so it's it's both big markets we are Really focused on building that

Universal technology that can land my Focus my background is also partially in AI so my interest is to get the data for Re-entry kind of double down on that in A long run so we know how to how to deal With re-entries and if we can handle Re-entry on Earth from orbit we can Handle re-entry on any other planet as Well so that's kind of my vision for Very far-fetched future so the re-entry Is something much further down in your Development plan absolutely Test I first want to clarify that your demo Day wasn't February isn't February 9th 2022 it's next year right yeah 23. we Haven't missed it no no demo 23. yeah Yeah but February February 9th Sunnyvale Okay okay yeah it's coming up just want To make sure we did that's it What about the Handful of folks already go public pay Paths what makes What makes plasmos different than some Of the others that space tug and help Deliver satellites to them so most of The companies that are in this area and Thanks for the question Um such as launcher impulses space and Momentous and others they are focusing On delivering your payload into a Specific orbit which is great this is What we are also interested to do but They are not reusable of each VR so

That's the main differentiator So we bring back our system They don't Great anything else any other questions All right how much money are you Planning to raise for uh for this and is The money required in order to deliver Against your ambitious plan So 13 million dollar uh for the first Launch if that's what you're asking Um but for the entire you know to get to The profitability we are counting on uh Close to 60 million dollar to get the Company on its own wheels Thank you all right great thank you very Much Ali have a round of applause


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