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Congratulations Sonos fans you are Finally getting your very own pair of Headphones the company this morning Announced the Sonos Ace there a $449 pair of headphones sonus is first Ever they're priced to compete with Apple's airpod Max and are $20 more than Bose's already very expensive QC Ultra As for whether sonas can compete in this Very crowded Market they're going up Against some established Brands and some Great devices like Sony's m5s which are $400 and in my estimation the best Sounding best noise cancellation and Most comfortable pair of headphones that You can currently buy the ace are a Great looking pair of headphones Certainly and Sony has a track record of Great home audio whether or not that's Ultimately going to translate into a Good pair of headphones remains to be Seen along with lossless and spatial Audio the headphones have uh 30 hours of Stated battery life which is more than Enough time to get you through the World's longest flight from Singapore to New York there's no reason to doubt Sonus is claims that the ace are its Quote most requested product ever Whether or not that kind of brand Loyalty is actually going to translate Into a successful pair of headphones Ultimately is an answer that we're going To find out when these go on sale on

June 5th


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