Something ‘Very Big’ is Happening Today in Crypto..

Is as I said the broader Market is lower Bank stocks really taking it on the chin Today and yet digital assets are Outperforming this is the idea that Digital assets actually benefit when the Banking system is not so secure Something very big is happening in Crypto today as the FED again raises Interest rates as the banking system Continues to show cracks there are some Altcoin news as well as bitcoin news That you need to be aware of as an Investor so as you've heard Federal Reserve raises the fund rate by 25 basis Points and for the first time in a very Long time signals a possible pause Americans are about to pay more again For their mortgage car loan and credit Cards the U.S federal reserve hiked its Benchmark interest rate for the 10th Time in a row This Time by a quarter Percentage point but now the FED Chairman is hinting hinting that rate Hikes might take a pause next time Around a decision on a pause was not Made today you will have noticed that uh In the in the statement from March we Had a sentence that said the committee Anticipates that some additional policy Firming may be appropriate that sentence Is is not in in the statement anymore we Took that out instead we're saying that In determining the extent to which Additional policy firming may be

Appropriate to return inflation two Percent over time the committee will Take into account certain factors so we That's a that's a meaningful change that We're no longer saying that we Anticipate and uh so we'll be driven by Incoming data meeting by meeting and uh You know we'll approach that question at The June meeting now is this too little Too late because the exact same day as The FED announcement breaking Regional Bank stocks are crashing just hours After pacquest major regional Bank says That they're looking for a buyer pack West now down 57 percent Western Alliance Bank not on 30 Metropolitan Bank down 20 percent all this just two Hours after the FED said the system is Strong and let's be very clear that the FED caused all these problems in the First place because yesterday the had to Choose between capitulating giving up on Cooling inflation or letting the global Banking crisis grow to systemic levels They chose the latter they chose screw The banks we still need to focus on Inflation which they caused make no Mistake both these problems were Directly caused by the FED in the first Place first by flooding the system with Money for a decade plus also Quantitative easing and then rugging Everyone by rapidly reversing course so Jerome Powell giveth and then Jerome

Powell taketh away so the FED raises Rates to try to tame the high prices you See when you go shopping or you pay for Services but it also means you end up Paying more for things like a new Mortgage a 30-year fixed mortgage was 4.16 percent back when the rate hike Started over a year ago now it's 6.43 Percent so what does that mean on a 500 000 loan with twenty percent down that's An extra almost 600 a month now a new Car loan about four and a half percent Last year was the interest rate now Almost seven percent on a six year auto Loan that's another 63 bucks a month Credit cards average 14 and a half Percent before this rate hike campaign Began now they're record high above 20 Percent so if you pay just the minimum On a two thousand dollar balance it's Going to take you 11 more months to pay It off all because the FED is Raising Interest rates to try to lower inflation And Jerome Powell did address will there Be a possibility of a recession later This year but I do think that it that This that the situation in the labor Market with so much excess Demand yet You know uh wages are actually wages Have been moving down wage increases Have been moving down And that's a good sign down to more Sustainable levels so I think that I Think it's still possible I you know I

Think you know the the case of um of Avoiding a recession is in my view more Likely than that of having having a Recession But it's not it's not that the case of Having a recession is I don't rule that Out either it's it's possible that we Will have what I hope would be a mile Recession now the good news which most Other channels aren't talking about I Will Bitcoin is 75 of the way there to The next having but real quick breaking News Alibaba Cloud built a metaverse Launch pad on Avalanche so the cloud Division of the Chinese Tech Behemoth Alibaba has built a launch pad for Businesses to deploy metaverses on the Avalanche blockchain if you hold Avalanche here are the details named Cloudverse the Launchpad is designed to Provide an end-to-end platform for Companies to customize and maintain Their metaverse spaces to try and find New ways of engaging with their Customers and with Alibaba which some Deem the Amazon of China while Avalanche Will provide the technology for building The medever spaces Alibaba Cloud will Provide the Computing and storage so if You like Avalanche like this and a big Piece of news for defy wallet and Partner of the channel orocs gasless Swaps have arrived say goodbye to Needing eth for gas fees and welcome

Seamless defy with the orox wallet the Orox trade protocol allows users to swap Any asset without Ethan their wallet Possible with the help of chain link Price feeds so how does this work Because we know the problem that they're Solving we've all experienced this Almost every single person that has used A defy wallet has run out of eth at some Point you can't just trade stable coins You need to have eth in the wallet for Gas while orox has just solved this with Gasless swapping how does it work swap Token a for token B and the protocol Converts a small portion of token a to Eth for Network fees your swap is Executed seamlessly without any hiccups Even if you never owned eth so to Demonstrate this we go to the oryx Wallet yes it lists the price for Ethereum but in this wallet we only have 22 cents and let's go to uniswap Typically this is how it would typically Go for the average person if I do it Just through uniswap it's not going to Work you do not have enough ethereum to Pay the network fee but I go to the oryx Wallet which now has gasless swaps Just go to usdc swap for ethereum Click gasless feature And you can see they're using some of The usdc as a gas fee which will be Converted to eat instead of needing eth In the wallet boom gasless swap complete

Keep in mind this end total is less than One thousand dollars because of uniswap Slippage as well as Network fees that Were deducted if anybody wants to Download the orox wallet there's a link Down below video description check it Out and next piece of news for coinbase U.S court orders sec to respond to Coinbase on allegations within 10 days So now the ball is in the sec's court Legally as the SEC has been ordered by a U.S court to respond to coinbase's Complaint over how it applies to Securities laws to digital assets Meaning for you and me will get some Form of clarity within the next 10 days As the SEC has to justify are they truly Providing Clarity and the Bitcoin Protocol doesn't care the protocol is Ticking along either way Bitcoin is 75 Percent to its next having here's how Past Cycles looked at this stage so as We know every four years the Bitcoin Block reward gets cut in half meaning This is Supply getting mined into the Market and while Bitcoin has a fixed Supply there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoins ever the last Bitcoin Won't be mined for over a hundred years And every about four years that Supply Faucet gets cut in half and what's that Mean to me well as a Bitcoin holder we Know basic supply and demand if demand For any asset just stays the same say we

Gain no new Adoption if demand just Stays the same and Supply gets cut in Half price goes up and looking at a Comparison of past havings number one we Can see Bull Run tends to happen about 12 months 12 14 16 months after the Having and if this is the 2012 having we Can see 75 percent of the way in bit Going climbed to their next having then Bull Run 75 percent of the way after the 2016 having Excitement was actually kind of early Bitcoin topped out maybe a couple months After local top dumped pretty much into That having and then of course the rally To follow and that brings us to today we Are 75 percent of the way there be sure To click subscribe for daily videos Keeping you informed about crypto Be sure to hey be sure to click Subscribe because you want to stay up to Date on the crypto Market To join us in Miami Bitcoin conference For web3 is a joke link down below come Join us see you tomorrow


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