Something ‘Very Big’ is Happening Today in Crypto.. [Polygon, BlackRock, Worldcoin]

Polygon has been chosen by Italian Central Bank to bring traditional Finance deeper into crypto and deeper Into defy the aim is to create an Environment where more traditional Finance institutions can get involved in D5 polygon is being chosen by a Consortium of companies receiving Support from a research Hub backed by Italian Central Bank in a bid to develop An ecosystem for traditional Finance Institutions to Wade deeper into D5 why Is this Italian Central Bank doing this We strongly believe this is a key moment To position ourselves as a leading Ecosystem player in this emerging Security token Market it seems like BlackRock is causing a little bit of Fomo among institutional Players let's Not forget Larry Fink talked about this First now everyone is talking about it This is one of the reasons why I'm Focusing on the whole idea blockchain For 6 Securities I look forward to the Day when we can tokenize stocks and Bonds That every stock and every Bond we could Identify immediately who is the Beneficial owner and this is why we're Working on it and every beneficial owner From an individual to an institution Have the ability to vote to democratize Every single vote and that's where we Want to take this and and we're leading

That effort I believe the Next Generation for markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will Be tokenization of Securities and if we Could have that distributed Ledger that We know every beneficial owner every Beneficial seller we all have our our Code of who's buying who's selling Instantaneous settlement I mean the Transformation think about instantaneous Settlement Bonds in stock no middlemen We're going to bring down fees even more Dramatically as for me I don't have to Vote on any shares anymore because the Beneficial owner will do all the voting Polygon is the only blockchain in town At least if you're talking to 18 million Reddit digital collectors Reddit Launches more polygon nfts after already Minting 18 million avatars Cool Cats Aku Are in the mix for the new collectible Avatar nft drop with prices ranging from A couple bucks to 200 a piece so far Nearly 18.2 million of polygon nfts have Amended to date with some 14.25 million Unique wallets holding these Reddit Polygon avatars so 14 million unique Holders broadly speaking this polygon Reddit digital collectible experiment Which has been so successful the project Is seen as an example of how Brands can Onboard users into nfts into blockchain Via accessible platforms and free Giveaways this is a big deal for Reddit

This is a bigger deal for polygon this Is the biggest deal for crypto a rising Ship raises all dog coins shibarium is One step closer to launch and dog-themed Meme coins are reaping the benefits ship Devs begin testing shibarium to ethereum Bridge shibarium if you're unfamiliar With the shib extended universe is an Upcoming shib-based layer 2 Network That's being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain now it has a test Net bridge that allows tokens to be Transferred between the two networks Shiba Inu shib is the 15th biggest Crypto asset by market cap it is a meme Coin based on the same internet meme as Dogecoin and the launch of the shibarium To ethereum test netbridge appears to be Giving dog-themed tokens a big boost Ship Dogecoin even Shiba swap bone have Been seeing big gains you tell me do you Like shib is shibarium something you're Looking forward to great news for Ethereum dystopian news for people of The world optimism hits a new all-time High for daily transactions amid World Coin launch data indicates that activity On the layer 2 net Network optimism has Been increasing since Q2 2023 Accelerated by the launch of worldcoin Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution Optimism surpassed arbitrum in Daily Transactions for the first time since January 2023. the spike in transaction

Activity was first recorded July 24th The same exact day the highly Anticipated worldcoin token went live on The optimism mainnet the number of Transactions on the optimism network has Continued to rise since World coins Launch reaching a new all-time high of 944 668 nearly 1 million transactions in A day again great news for ethereum Great news for ethereum layer 2 scaling Solutions like optimism but I don't Think most people realize how quickly Worldcoin is onboarding new users Worldcoin is in the process of Onboarding hundreds of thousands of People here they are scan getting eyes In Barcelona some kiosks offer you a Coupon for free fries some a 10 rebate On an in-store purchase some a chance to Win a shiny new car your eyes will be Scanned you will give up your biometric Data you will accept your Ubi in World Coin is World coin going too far France And Germany are coordinating efforts on A world coin investigation on Friday French privacy Watchdog cenille said the Legality of world coins approach seems Questionable European Regulators are Stepping up their increase into World Coin with France and Germany becoming The latest countries to investigate the Controversial crypto project co-founded By openai's Sam Altman worldcoin has Embarked on an ambitious drive to scan

The irises of millions of people giving Them a digital passport in return the Project claims that these World IDs will Be crucial as artificial intelligence Becomes more influential and allows Humans to prove they aren't robots quote The legality of this collection seems Questionable as do the conditions for Storing biometric data the French Privacy Watchdogs said with that senile Officials said the agency has begun an Investigation that is now coordinating With the Bavarian State Authority in Germany after all data breaches happen All the time and people get hurt but When biometric data gets leaked Especially in the poor countries where Worldcoid's been operating people's Lives are on the line by the way today Marks ethereum's eighth birthday happy Birthday ethereum July 30th 2015 Ethereum's Genesis block was first Loaded [Music] Coolest thing about fatalities That's it that's the whole song Big Win For The Sandbox the sandbox and The British museum are bringing art and History to the metaverse the partnership Between the sandbox and British Museum And La Collection intends to make Artifacts in the Museum's collection More accessible this partnership aims to Create new immersive experiences for

Users to discover world history a range Of digital Collectibles will be Generated that reflects various Collections within the museum co-founder Of sandbox Sebastian Bourget says this Is a great opportunity for the sandbox Players regardless of where they are to Learn about and enjoy the amazing Collection of human art history and Culture in the British museum by the way If you follow us on Twitter I encourage You to subscribe to us on Twitter our Twitter subscribers had a say in which Coins we talked about in today's video And we're always posting exclusive Content for our Twitter subscribers Bitcoin Barbie Big Ken energy Barbie Actress Margot Robbie says her husband Talking about Bitcoin is big can energy And that's a good thing we're going to Keep you updated with all of this make Sure you subscribe if you're interested In making money in cryptocurrency join The altcoin daily team subscribe to the Channel video every day that's so funny Because when we were like in prep for This movie Two of our wonderful producers one of Whom is also my husband when David and Tom would like start talking about like Bitcoin or something like Greta and I'd Be like they're being such cans they Talk about golf we're like stop being Ken so it's hard to Define what makes a

Can but it can also be there can also be Big can energy and that's a good thing Whereas Ryan says It's not something you can Define it's Just something you can sense and you Know it


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