Something just changed… BIG TIME for BlackRock Bitcoin ETF (9 altcoins I really like)

This is the First Global uh Digital Private rules-based Monetary system in history wow upon Analysis of the open blockchain data That is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency new Data has revealed a 237 surge in the number of Bitcoin Wallets holding at least $1 million in 2023 this means two things people who Accumulated in the bare market now their Portfolio size has risen to over 1 Million cuz the Market's gone up and two Financial institutions generally are Actively accumulating Bloomberg Intelligence Bloomberg analysts still Are doubling down on their prediction 90% chance that the spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals will happen by January 10th 20124 the fact they're putting their Reputation on the line for this is a big Deal and when you talk to to those in The know it seems like a damn sure thing Listen to Kathy Woods here on what's Changed what are you hearing from the SEC at this point are are you know There's a January deadline I know that People have been looking to how Confident are you that you're going to Get approval well something has changed So we had put in a number of times a Filing and we were just denied never got

Any questions really never got any Response this time uh this summer We got questions back from the SEC now Normally when you get questions from the SEC you're just saying oh my goodness we Were thrilled to get questions back Because it means they're engaged now now We have met uh a number of the research People at the SEC on the research side And they are extremely sophisticated They know what they're talking about and The level of sophistication of their Questions suggested okay Now they're moving deeply into this and We answered those questions we have not Heard back that's a good sign too they Never tell that tell you that you've Satisfied them but if you don't hear From them uh they they uh that usually Means that you have satisfied uh the Answers to the uh to the requests so That was New and uh the we also know that black Rock got questions uh we we put our Answers in first I think they have Followed and I'm not sure uh about Anyone else um that was different and it Says okay there's movement and we are The first in line just because we kept Refiling others gave up and so but we Just kept refiling we just kept and we Became first in line so David against Goliath right um and that's January 10th Is the final deadline

Guys please prepare now for this because When this happens everybody's going to Be trying to buy as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as they can I'm buying as much Bitcoin and ethereum as I can right now Before this happens and quality altcoins Which I'm just about to go over I'm Showing this though to my friends and Family because I don't want them to miss Out either because it's no longer a Matter of if this happens it is a matter Of when this happens so we are altcoin Daily it is my mission to share with you Legitimate projects in the space so Let's jump right to it polygon just Recorded its highest Dex volume in over Eight months polygon Dex volumes are up Over 200% in the last 30 days look at This I love this Phantom alternative L1 A lot of people think Phantom is done Guys Phantom is just getting started They've just added this brand new tech Stack super interesting they're calling It Phantom Sonic it's an evm compatible Blockchain showcasing brand new Technology created by Phantom closed Sonic shows the upside potential of this Tech on simulated traffic open Sonic Allows user interaction and smart Contract deployment listen to the chief Research officer explain this and then You tell me is Phantom on your radar I Think it's the best to kind of start off By explaining Sonic's new technological

Stack can you walk us through that so we Were very busy the last one one a half Years uh trying to set up a new Engineering team and the idea there was To really revamp the technological stack Of phantom making it the fastest chain Out there which is evbm compatible and It started really with measuring uh what Is going on so we applied a technique Which we call Performance engineering so We have had to rewrite the virtual Machine it's now the Phantom virtual Machine and and um the last bit here U Which is outside of uh the block Processing component is more related to The consensus component and we had to do Major changes in the transaction pool to Make things really really fast so it was Really a concerted effort between the Engineers and the researchers of our Company and it was executed beautifully Delivering amazing results next up is Ethereum guys ethereum continues to Update itself the news here is this Nocturn Launches on mainnet bringing Private accounts to ethereum big if true Big if true this is what you need to Know privacy protocol nocturn has Deployed its V1 on the ethereum mainnet Introducing the concept of onchain Private accounts to ethereum the Protocol functions as another account Rather than a distinct tool or ecosystem Unlike existing blockchain private tools

Which often exist as separate entities Nocturn integrates privacy directly into The account layer functioning similarly To a Smart contract wallet okay nocturn Is compatible with any dii protocol that Represents State via output tokens such As Unis swap tokens a tokens compound Tokens privacy on ethereum this is just The beginning as they plan to extend This compatibility to a broader range of Decentralized applications over time Creating private user accounts on layer One and layer 2 that are fully Compatible with existing ethereum Accounts one of the reasons why I think Chain link has such a bright future is Because they're out of the proof of Concept stage people are using chain Link as intended this is generating Revenue for the chain link ecosystem Chain Link's future is bright because of This one reason Sergey nazro the market Infrastructures that you mentioned like Swift and dtcc definitely see sign ific Demand and all of these um Infrastructures as well as Banks and Asset managers and various institutions They are fundamentally driven by demand The demand of their user base the demand Of their clients will fundamentally Drive them to adopt blockchains as a Superior format for value and Transactions of certain types in rwa is Indeed a place where that transition is

Actively happening and moving towards Production Readiness and we're in Multiple conversations with large Banks And asset managers that are in Discussions with us about production so Not po not pilot but production real Value transactional usage of the system On a consistent growing basis for Significant asset classes Disney Launches nft platform with Dapper Labs Disney that's big IP so what's the token Associated with Dapper labs I'm going to Tell you Disney has created a Non-fungible token nft platform together With blockchain and metaverse firm Dapper Labs according to the November 14th announcement Disney will tokenize Its iconic cartoon characters from the Past Century onto its nft Marketplace Dubbed Disney Pinnacle the platform will Also include icons from Pixar as well as Heroes and villains from the Star Wars Galaxy uniquely styled as collectible And tradable digital pins quote fans Everywhere will be able to collect Dynamic IC pins on their phone and trade Instantly and securely with each other No matter where they are in the world According to Dapper lab's CEO the nft Platform will launch later this year on The Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android and on the Web Currently only a wait list and Landing Site exists on its official page

Disney's Pinnacle is built on layer one Blockchain flow flow is the token which Dapper Labs also created previous L Ticket Master elected to Mint nft event Tickets on the flow blockchain as well Speaking of available on Android Unis Swap launches an Android wallet app with Built-in swap function the Unis swap Android app has finished beta testing And is now publicly available good job Unis swap good job I'm Bullish on Crow token in a Bull market granted Dubai Crypto license the license is pending Operational approval and allows Dubai entity to offer Exchange broker dealer and lending and Borrowing Services I see no reason why This wouldn't get approved Dubai is so Forward with this stuff another lesser Known altcoin I think is booming with Potential I need you to know about it It's associated with a fighting Professional like fighting League karate Combat it's a brand which promotes the First professional full contact karate League hosting worldwide events since 2018 this is like a mini UFC which Continues to grow and I kind of agree With moond Daddy here they're talking About the karate combat token if you Paired a token with MMA or UFC I'm sorry UFC right the infant stages where would Be now right I think it would have to

Still be at a lower rate just in regards To how many people as it got more Popular you would want the token to not Be worth a dollar I think it has Potential to I haven't sold one of my Tokens right when I when I bet on the The matches I just keep it in my wallet So wow I think it's a good investment Opportunity it's not going to light the World on fire but you'll definitely get Some gains as you can see if you you Know you look at this chart that's at Least a if you look at that big green Candle that's at least a what would you Say Seth just eyeballing that that's at Least a five Sixx right that's amazing Yeah since the last karate combat event I was at which was in Miami which is 30 Uh 39 or now call me biased but I still Think a big salana crash is coming in The next couple months I think salana Probably will pump a little bit higher But it's just going up so high so fast Do not buy the top check out this video If you haven't that being said I'm very Bullish on salana this cycle I like to Buy in the dips though the number of Active users on salana overtook the Ethereum main net on November 11th Following a sharp uptick in activity Salana hosted 350,000 unique users on Saturday surpassing ethereum's nearly 330,000 by 10% the milestone was driven By a sharp uptick in activity on salana

With a network hosting only about 200,000 active addresses on November 7th For comparison ethereum consistently Hosted between about 300,000 to 350,000 Users daily over the majority of the Last 3 months with two brief spikes Above 400,000 and surg to more than 1 Million wallets guys Bitcoin just made Another yearly high it's going to be a Great Thanksgiving post this video on Social media comment your thoughts below We're just getting started in this cycle Join our team


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