Solana Price Prediction AFTER The Bitcoin Halving | Expert Interview

For a beginner that's just entering the Crypto Market what is the value prop of Solana um I think it could be shown with A little bit of data um first of All you take things like product Market Fit best cheapest fastest solution most Breath of daps uh people go to where the User experien is best towards most Features where they can trade Frictionlessly or play with meme coins Or whatever else uh you want to find That chain that has all of that and one Thing you know in crypto as well users Are very fickle they will bounce from Madic to arbitrum to Bas from weak to Weak to weak there's no loyalty in Crypto none whatsoever H and we're we've Seen a lot of that happen too we saw one Of the things that I spend a lot of time Working on is you know the older Technology the older names even though They have the Lindy effect which should Give them staying power in crypto it Doesn't matter because the newest Technology does best again best cheapest Fastest most secure is uh the place Where things are at and I know that like Salana for example it has more daily Active users uh than far more like four Times the amount of daily active users Than ethereum and a lot more than some Other chains it does more transactions Than all other chains combined and my Thesis was back in 2021 there would be a

Black hole that consumes everything Because the way markets work you don't Have many winners like how many Amazon Are there how many Googles are there how Many Apple iPhone makers are there um The Winner Takes most and the same thing I assumed would apply to crypto despite Many people saying it probably wouldn't And here we are so that's kind of how I Think things will shake out it's clear That the developers the users are Choosing Solana from everything we've Seen this year and prior years the fud On Solana is it's more centralized than A cardano or something else does that Matter in the long run well it depends How you uh Define centralized it shuts Down and or they can shut it down when It gets overloaded no they they Can't yeah this this is part but and you One of the rumors that was flying around From some silly person last year they Say oh there's a switch to turn it off No there's not there's validators And one of the key things to look at When you look at a chain is what's Called Nakamoto coefficient and that is The minimum number of validators you Need to control to control half of the Chain okay so the Nakamoto coefficient For salana is about 22 right now for Cardano I think it's about 20 for Ethereum it's gone down since they moved To proof of stake away from the mining

Uh world the most decentralized chain of All is Bitcoin by far but one of the Challenges that they've had with outages Is it takes so long to get all the Valders to reboot if there's a problem Like a bug and code and most of the Stuff the outages have been caused by Bugs and code because they're focused so Much on on Speed I think of it as you know people Going around the track and bicycle and Then you got a Formula 1 car going Around the track at 220 M hour the odds Of the faster car crashing is much Higher than the bicycle going around at 15 miles hour and that's the way to Think of this so when it comes to them Turning it off they can't they need Consensus from the validators and that Takes sometimes four hours five hours Eight hours to do to get the majority to Reset or reapply a patch or a bug and The issue right now is there's one and a Half million people hitting the chain Every day they're doing about 60 Transactions each on average and that's Making it very busy uh there's also Other stuff there new mining protocols I Think there was a validator that I Created a new mining protocol called or Which is bringing things to a halt the Meme coin Revolution is driving a lot of Traffic but it's good that they are Being battle tested now to get to the

Place where you have a billion people in Crypto and that is what's important and That's you always have to look ahead to Where the puck is going to be 3 to 5 Years down the line And that's what they're getting ready For right now my audience is is a Long-term audience we're looking for Like what's going to have value in 5 Years 10 years would you James humor me And steal man why something like a Cardano or an algrant would win over Solana um I'm not going to say anything Bad about any other chain because that Just results in a lot of toxicity but I Just look at data we have spent years Building models that analyze Every Chain Across 60 to 100 different parameters And the key is um you know you said the Key point you said was for the next five Years we don't know what chain will be There six months from now I mean Bitcoin Could go to zero Salon could go to zero A new chain could be developed by some Kid in a basement with some AI help and Develop this new chain that runs at 1 Million TPS uh cost is free and it's Completely decentralized and everybody Loves it that's that's what we have to Prepare for I always say people need to Keep their tap dancing shoes on because We don't know what's coming next and What's super scary is this whole AI Societal impact that's happening

Everything is changing very fast the World today will be radically different In 24 months and the world is not ready For that nobody can wrap their heads Around it if Bitcoin clears at least Your conservative price projection for This cycle where does that put Salana things got crazy so myig like I Bought a lot of salana at eight bucks During the big dip and crash my bull Target was $100 back then I said this I See salana going from $8 to 100 bucks And now it's 175 180 and when I look at uh my super Conservative Target for Sala is 360 uh and that's making 3% of crypto Market cap and crypto market cap goes to Trillion that's a simple back of the Napkin model uh in terms of other price Targets if the big game changer here is We've already seen what happens with a Chain that is full of flaws but still Handles more transactions than users Than any other chain or even all chains Combined what happens if that chain gets 10x Faster that is the scary situation so This thing called fire dancer they're Working on if they pull that off Um that becomes you know instead of have Running at what they are 3,000 TPS right Now it'll go to 50 to 100,000 TPS and When you get to 50,000 TPS that's enough To support you know that billion users

Technically as long as they're not doing More than a 100 transactions a day so I Want to talk about AI but is there any Slides or charts that I'm missing for These l1s or can we move to AI uh we we Can move to AI it's just data slides Which Kind of aren't that interested well I Have one slide if you want give me one Give me one let me see Um portion of screen hopefully it still Remembers the portion this just shows You the perspective of just year to date Of the amount of transactions on salana It's just up and to the right where Everything else is kind of Flat there is a new chain coming in There as well one of the s's below They're actually growing but what's Super interesting is BAS how Bas has Come from obscurity it's a one node Centralized Layer Two on eth from Coinbase I think it runs at around 26 TPS and they are doing very well they Are actually smoking a lot of the other L2s so that's an interesting one to Watch but there is no token for it and People think oh I'm going to go buy base But you can't at least yet people love People love that coinbase brand name I Would guess is why they like that yeah And and people should be upset with Coinbase because you know during the Most important Market times it's often

Not Available and there's a lot of a lot of Tin hat theories Regarding why that is But we won't go into that the full Interview drops in a few days click Subscribe we drop one video per day Keeping you informed see you tomorrow


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