Solana Price is About To EXPLODE! (Top 7 Airdrops April 2024)

Sana's price is about to get very Volatile 100% this is happening I'm sure Of it this is me trying to give you good Information keep in mind I like salana I Hold salana I want to see salana keep Going up I want to see salana win and I Think salana will keep going up and will Win in a continued bull market realize However that salana is already up 1,000% Since its bare Market lows we were Talking a lot about salana down here Around $10 we were talking a lot about Salana here around $20 and of course we Still cover it regularly make sure you Subscribe for daily crypto updates if You're interested in making money Subscribe to altcoin daily for daily Videos keeping you informed and giving You an edge I see a lot of people Excited about salana right now because The price is up so much and there's good Reason for the price increase I'll Update you on this in a second however I Think a lot of people are being fooled And don't see the change that's about to Happen hey question at what price did You buy most of your salana are you up On your salana primarily or are you more Down on your salana it's going to be Interesting to read some of your Comments for me I bought a lot of salana Last cycle at around $125 per coin I bought more salana when It was around $20 in in the bare Market

You remember me telling you that I was Buying salana here here's the thing Though I think a lot of people more than Some like to admit bought most of their Salana around here I think a lot of People aren't up as much as they'd H to Be hit the like button if I'm talking About you or actually hit the like Button if you appreciate videos like This let's get into it the good and bad Of salana and the top airdrops to watch For Max profit there's really two main Reasons why salana is doing so well Number one it's booming ecosystem salana Dex volumes surge with over 5.8 million Traders driving growth and then hand Inhand with this their mem coin Ecosystem is exploding dog with hat Rises to become the third largest meme Coin in existence why does salon's price Continue to go up well salon's defi Landscape is witnessing an unprecedented Surge with its decentralized exchange Recording Monumental trading volumes and Liquidity figures throughout this whole Year from the Stellar growth inex volume Reaching a staggering 26.7 billion in March to the DraStic rise in the number Of organic Traders the evidence points Towards a thriving ecosystem this Revelation underscores the sophisticated Dynamics at play Within solano's defi Ecosystem so both salana users and Salana volume is just booming right now

This is just amazing to witness I think Most people think of Solana's ecosystem As what it was like around here but Really salana is orders of magnitude Better than it was salana is seeing Record high monthly Dex volumes monthly Volume on salana has surpassed the $50 Billion Mark the monthly Revenue has Also surged above 20 million in March From roughly 7 million in February Although this activity is likely driven By the mcoin Mania remember this but Speaking of Revenue because we're still Talking about the bullish ass ects of The salana ecosystem and again reminder I'm a salana bull I think salana is Going to do very well this bull market It has done well I think it's going to Continue to do well we'll get to a Couple bearish catalysts in just a Second but still bullish sana's revenue Revenue is so important to these crypto Protocols cryptos with great Revenue High Revenue have a much better chance Of making it and sana's revenue from March of 24 just surpassed 30 million Salana even overtook D5 blue chip maker Dow whose Revenue was just 23 million For the same period maker Dow kind of Seen as one of the ones that does really Good Revenue well salana just flipped it Token terminal predicts that salana will Overtake ethereum in fact salana will Overtake ethereum in Daily fees within

The next 30 days this is the chart of Daily fees you can see salana down here Token terminal predicting that sana's Line chart will be higher than Ethereum's line chart salana will Overtake ethereum in Daily fees within The next 30 days what do you think with All that being said let's get into why This could be the end of sana's price Run and obviously not the end of the Price run in total but like for instance Right now it's corrected salana but it's Really only been about a 21 22% Correction and you'll recall earlier This year salana saw an almost 40% Correction with salana being up about a Th% since this bare Market bottom we're Starting to see some things that usually Occur when there's a local top and more Than that a lot of people don't realize Some fundamental pieces of news some Different things that I think are really Going to impact the salana ecosystem so First of all at the same time when SP SPF has been sentenced to 25 years in Prison FTX has begun to initiate the Selling of their 7.5 billion locked Salana or what was locked little Information for you the FTX bankruptcy Estate is selling 41 million lock salana Tokens for 7.5 billion according to Reports from the Block citing multiple Sources with knowledge of the matter a Little information about these sales on

Wednesday Canadian crypto infrastructure Firm Neptune digital publicly announced That they had completed a strategic Acquisition of 26,00 th000 salana at a Price of $64 per token representing a 67% discount to its market value at the Time Neptune said that 20% of these Tokens will be released in March 2025 With the rest on a linear release Schedule until January 28th so basically What's about to change is there's going To be more sell pressure while these Tokens were once locked now they are Sold OTC and these OTC buyers Have the option to sell them now the Form we just went over is basically Going to be selling them linearly Throughout the next year meaning that They don't get all of them at once to Sell they just a slow trickle throughout The next year and you know then they Basically can sell and if the price they Bought the tokens for the price of what Was all the way down here they're going To be up a lot so the question is will They sell and it's obviously not even Just them another one of ftxs creditors Said FTX had sold some of their 10 Billion sold tokens at a 70% discount Like I mean you tell me I think that This is significant I don't think a lot Of salana holders know about this does This mean that after each OTC deal the Buyers of the discounted salana are just

Going to immediately sell doesn't Necessarily mean that but they could Sell some of it they could sell the Majority of it we just don't know you Tell me what you think but hey sana's Ecosystem still doing well the metrics Speak for themselves you can't take that Away from Salana true but I think we're seeing a Shift that a lot of people have not Realized salana meme coin trading frenzy Slows as base heats up remember one of The big reasons why Solana's price hit $200 is because of stuff like this and Now volume on Solana's decentralized Exchanges has plummeted over the past Week trading on the blockchain is Dominated by mem coins well the meme Coin frenzy is kind of going to ethereum L2s now that ethereum just had that Dencon upgrade which made creating Tokens on l2s so cheap so Solana's mcoin Frenzy which saw the blockchain briefly Overtake ethereum in terms of Transaction volume appears to be Fizzling the volume generated by dexes On salana has declined 61% over the past Week the drop is particularly steep on Radium decks Solana's largest Decentralized exchange their trading Volume fell 72% over the past week and Aside from stable coins and aside from Salana itself meme coins have been Sana's most popular tokens in March so

And again I'm just trying to keep things Real with you that's what we do on this Channel this could be the end in the Short term of salon's price run or at Least maybe we need a 40% correction Like we saw back here either way expect Volatility the only saving grace that Salana might have in the short term is This I I really haven't seen this Happening on base I'll be looking for it I'm excited about salana airdrops still I don't participate in all of them Because there are certainly so many of Them but one or two great airdrops can Really you know set you up so top salana Airdrops for April 2024 get these on Your radar check them out do more Research I'm going to make a video in The future specifically how to claim These and not just these but other air Drop so make sure you're subscribed but These are the ones I'm looking at right Now meora with the tagline make salana Liquid again it aims to transform salana Into the premier trading hub for Mainstream crypto users setting the Stage for unparalleled growth also Blaze Stake it's a fully non-custodial stake Pool protocol supported by the salana Foundation users would potentially Receive the blaze Stak Soul B so tokens When they stake soul on Blaze stake Which can be worked with different daps Into the salani ecosystem Sharky it's an

Nft lending space that allows it users To borrow and lend nfts and buy and hold The sharkx nfts the reason for the Airdrop could be the shark token Generation event also Camino Finance It's a protocol that combines lending Liquidity and leverage into a single Product the kmn token launch is the Reason for the upcoming airdrop there's Zeta Market Zeta Market is a DEX that Offers the speed and user experience of A centralized exchange while giving full Self- custody and transparency for users By working on a public blockchain Network Zeta launch might trigger the Upcoming airdrop by the platform so Understand some of these platforms can't Say we're definitely doing an airdrop But we've just seen in crypto so many Times if you're an early user of these Platforms they give their Community an Airdrop parcel it is a salon based Perpetual Futures Trading Focus X that Supports cross margin Perpetual trading On real estate markets prcl token is Scheduled to launch in April and it will Be huge backpack is the first known Wallet for X nfts where users can swap Tokens trade nfts and message apps and Connect them to Ledger the airdrop will Happen to promote the backpack Network Let me know which airdrops you're Participating in below remember guys This is Risky Business anything in the

Early token stage risky business so Always be careful my name is Aaron at Altcoin Daily subscribe to our Channel Join our team see you tomorrow


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