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Salana based memec coin Bon up 13,000 in 2023 Bon actually like saved Salana defi Solana now being flooded With thousands of new tokens as Traders Hunt for the next 1000x well we're we're The ones trying to build Windows 2000 While everyone else is still stuck in Windows 95 today let's find the next 1000x on Solana peel back the curtain on What the hedge funds are doing what They're buying and even look look into The other chains and maybe find the next Bonk on mantle top coins in the Injective ecosystem but if we ask Ourselves why is Solana winning why has This blockchain been moving up the ranks Making a push to overtake ethereum Salana is really a multi- application Operating system I think of the the Difference between salana and ethereum Is much like the difference between you Know like Windows 2000 and Windows 95 if People remember what that what that was Windows 95 in those early days could Only run one application at a time so You would run the the window that was Facing you it would run that app it Couldn't really run more than one so it Was a single thread OS built for CPUs Like processors that only had one core And when Hardware vendors realized that They cannot make a single processor any Faster they started adding cores the Problem was that operating systems just

Couldn't deal with that they couldn't Really actually manage to run more than One application at a time so it took a Big pile of work to rewrite all of this And like Microsoft spent you know like In ungodly amounts of money tens of Thousands Engineers hoting over all the Stuff to Windows 2000 which is a proper Operating system that can run multiple Applications on different cores and Stuff and that's a hard engineering Problem so Solana is just that like that Transition and I like Solana meme coin Bon and it has been coming down but I Want to find the next Bonk so you and me Together let's look through other coins But on a recent episode of the pomp Podcast I thought it was so so Interesting him having on billion macro Hedge fund owner manager Joe mccan Explain why Bon went wild why it was Successful in the first place and you Know this of course started off with Dogecoin which was a fork of of Bitcoin Proof of work Network and it was a Literal joke right and it went up to I Think $85 billion market cap at the 2021 Peak it is unbelievable right for Something that's supposed to be a joke I Think investors should take something Like this seriously and Shino same thing Went up to about a $45 billion 42 Billion market cap in the last run it Was supposed to be ethereum's Dogecoin

Killer and most recently U with the rise Of what's happening with all the Activity on salana there's one uh on a Salana called bon and and Bon what's Interesting about the Bon story whereas Dogecoin was a joke shenu was supposed To be this Dogecoin killer Bon actually like saved Salon defi right So a lot of people don't understand the Story behind this on Christmas Day 2022 They aird dropped this token to loads of Wallets and a lot of these wallets were Developers on salana and some of those Folks live in um I would say Economically challenged areas where a $10,000 airdrop is worth quite a bit of Money and it enabled a lot of these Developers and Builders and creators to Keep building and creating on the salon Um uh Network while you know the the the Kind of Fallout from FTX and everything Else that had happened in 2022 and Salon Was you know trading like eight or n Dollar right since then um you know Bon Has uh actually shipped products um What's interesting about Bon to me is That uh you actually have like this Super high-powered startup wrapped in a Meme or culture coin and uh they have Multiple products that they've shipped Um the team recently did this uh 12 days Of Bonk Miss where they got more people You know utilizing other aspects of the Salon ecosystem and these are these are

Guys that you know they just got Together and said let's try to you know Kind of re revamp and restart the the Interest and passion behind salana and It's working I mean uh Bon is literally The most integrated project throughout All of salana and I have a lot of Startup Investments in salana and Bon is By far the most integrated so I'll link The full episode Down Below check it out Like it but for example Joe founded Asymmetric capital A modern-day crypto Fund we can go to websites like chain Broker see what different crypto funds Or non- crypto funds are invested in I Was not able to find a symmetric Although it would be nice to know but For example Deli digital definitely one That's sort of a name brand we can see The year it was founded the last time They disclosed an investment they made So honestly this is 6 months outdated But we see their best investments thus Far thorchain zun and injective both did Over 100 X's I think both of those will Do very well in 2024 I hold some Injective but again I'm looking for the D gen plays so this is a good tool for The more established cryptos and how I Would use this to do more research on Any Al coin I may or may not be Interested In find a Hidden Gem that you're bullish On in this case by economy I do hold

Some we could go down and see the key Metrics that the common public just may Not understand is available for example Funding round who are the funds that are Backing them coinbase Ventures that's Interesting we can also look at the seed Round binance Labs again interesting and Then for me this is always one of the Main tools resources I use vesting Schedule meaning the early backers of The project when do their coins get Unlocked for example me I invested Through coin list if we look at today Are the coins unlocked yet if we were Around here we would know there's a lot More to go if we were in 2025 we'd be Golden but we're a little bit over Halfway there so just something to note And again you can always go to recently Added and find the new stuff the real Info on the new coins and then of course If we're really dejing go to sites like This which are just data analytics for The ecosystems today we're looking at Solana we could easily go to arbitrum Bas B&B Etc we see the coins that have Already pumped but just trying to find That next one we can see what has the Highest 24-hour volume so Solana I've Heard of it stable coins I've heard of It a derivative of soul don't care next One Interesting used car this is the 15minute chart we see this is very new

Days old if we go to the day chart whoa Volatile launch as they all kind of go And it's interesting to me because Actually when I was looking at deck Screener yes right there used car is Number one a gently used Honda Civic Let's go over to the Twitter check it Out and again I have no affiliation with This coin do your own research and I Loved this perspective golly just got Rugged in the Solana poop coin casino Play safe and don't risk more than You're willing to lose meaning be aware Of all outcomes let's look at some tools And tips and tricks and some stuff I do To find quality altcoins so scrolling Down to analytic sites number one we see The top 10 holders only control 12% Which to me that's a green flag I like That typically we see the top 10 holders Controlling anywhere from 30 to 50 if Not 60% so it's all a spectrum but to me Pretty good how do we know if a coin is Quote unquote safe well oh by the way Here are the top 10 hodlers so number One only has 1.6% then 1.5% so again something like this Tommy Whoever is number nine Tommy two clubs Is the ninth biggest holder but other Metrics I like to use and I'm no coder But again look at what the audits say is It mutable is it minable for minable Meaning mint function enables contract Owner to issue more tokens and coin

Cause the coins price to plummet so can The founders mint more tokens this says No again do your own research if you Know a coder is it mutable yes which is Negative negative some of the info is Able to be muted the token information Such as name logo website address can be Changed by the owner just something to Note and again what's the current market Cap the fully diluted market cap this Says 29 this says 34 now I like that the Fully diluted market cap is the same as The more Standard Market Cap this is Really more important long-term but also Understand that because some of these Coins are so new we're getting different Data also Pro tip make sure you have the Correct contract address they usually List that very publicly on the Twitter Or their pinned tweet but because Anybody can just take these pictures and There's no copyright from meme coins Anybody could just upload their own also Call it used car use the same picture And then scam you so honestly if you're Looking for the next Solana meme coin we See the ones that have already pumped Greatly Bros long Saab used phone a gently used Nokia Phone probably will not be here in two Years in two weeks let alone two years But people like to gamble for me Personally I would say the Solana Ecosystem not that it's not done but

It's already popped off so much already I would look at those new ecosystems That you're bullish on that may pop off In the weeks to come or months to come For example injective the chain has been Doing well but what are those upcoming Altcoins on the Chain honestly karma is The one I think I may have heard of that Went up 7,000 per in the last day so That's already pumped not that it can't Pump more but again just something to Note this is the hour chart okay so very New maybe we go to near protocol again There really hasn't been that much Height On the coins on top of near anyway do Your own research I will be going into Those ecosystems in the future so make Sure you click subscribe you do not want To miss a daily video keeping you Informed about crypto


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