Social Influencer to Watch – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

This award honors those individuals who Use their social media channels to bring Real value to the crypto Community Crypto is fast and complex but these People inform illuminate and help us Navigate the crypto world with much Greater Confidence here are the nominees for the 2024 crypto social influencer to [Music] Watch our first nominee is look on chain What do you think they might do you Guessed it they look on Chain this influencer superpower is Dissecting blockchain analytics and Transforming complex data into simple And actionable Insights their expertise is tracking Successful Traders and whale wallet Movements providing exclusive Information to their committed Fans their followers are often the first To be told about airdrops haacks and Onchain Trends if the information is Onchain you bet look on chain will find It Our second nominee is Zach Xbt with almost half a million followers On X this crypto influencer is a Relentless watchdog or watch penguin in His case after falling victim to a rug Pull himself Zach xbts become the Onchain detective sniffing out scam Projects exposing rug pools and Shining

A light on all areas of crypto Criminality he successfully worked Alongside exchanges government Institutions and crypto projects to Uncover and prevent scams worth hundreds Of millions of Dollars up next is cryptos R Us a YouTuber with fast growing audience and Influence welcome back to cryptos R Us I Am George we're all George crypto R Us Provides in-depth analysis news and Seriously engaging content the market Bell has just rung this influencer is a Friendly crypto voice for newbies Simplifying complex Concepts and making Them accessible for those taking their First steps into our web free world with Over 2,000 videos on all things crypto And a loyal Community crypto's R Us has Added real value for many this Year our fourth nominee is crypto's Wendy O host of our own daily crypto News and educational show welcome back To the O show everything crypto and nfts Every day I'm your host with the most Wendy O Wendy O is always on the pulse Of the dynamic world of crypto with live Shows and humorous shorts chart analysis And educational insights like oh my God Roses are red violets are blue and Everything is fine as always however we Do need to break above 287 after working In healthcare for 7 years wendyo switch Careers and is now one of the biggest

Most watched and trusted female crypto Influencers in the space thanks for Watching send in love and light Bye-bye finally we have edgy from the Defi Edge the x-based defi Market Maverick dives into the complexities of Decentralized Finance protocols Unraveling their Mysteries and providing His quarter of a million followers with Unique and valuable information his Weekly Newsletter on the defi space is Like a cheat sheet of decentralized Finance insights an edgy is one of the Most respected influencers in the game Now it's your turn cast your vote now by Clicking on the link or simply head to [Music]


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