‘SEC Chair Gary Gensler Allowed FTX to Fail’ [ Crypto Espresso 11.24.22 ]

Happy Thanksgiving to our us viewers I Hope you eat a lot of food to the point Of becoming a horrific amorphous blob Consuming everything that you touch Because isn't that just the most American thing ever don't read too much Into that subtext because we have news To get to I'm your host Andrew and this Is crypto espresso your teeny tiny daily Shot of caffeinated crypto headlines Let's dig in shall we first up a tasty Appetizer of self-promotion in a special Edition of coin Market recap Connor Sefton and Molly Jane Zuckerman dive Into the crisis that has engulfed FTX we Find out what led to the exchange filing For bankruptcy the bombshell allegations Against Sam bankman freed and other Executives and what this all means for The thousands of people who have funds Locked up on the platform plus we take a Look at what will happen next as Bankruptcy proceedings wind their way Through the courts and how this will Affect the wider crypto sector you can Find us on Apple podcasts Spotify and Google podcasts next a crude detail of Justice served ice cold as the justice Department is being urged to investigate Ftx's lapse and to bring prosecutions if Necessary two U.S senators are calling For the Flesh and Blood victims of the Exchange's demise to be remembered Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse

Went on to allege that Sam bankman freed Deployed intentional and fraudulent Tactics during his time as CEO Galaxy Digital's Mike novogratz told CNBC that SBF certainly did things with our coins That were illegal and slammed the 30 Year old for running around the Bahamas Giving press conferences and expressing Confidence that the embattled Entrepreneur will face consequences he Added I think his day will come next up Here's another slice of Sam bankman Fried hmm oh sorry freed uh who isn't The only one being blamed for what Happened at FTX one crypto-friendly Politician Tom emmer has argued that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is almost as much To blame he's accused the regulator of Giving SPF and his business special Treatment telling Fox News that the SEC Has been ineffective where was Gensler On Celsius where was he on Voyager where Was he on Terra Luna and narrow where Was Gary Gensler on FTX not all of his Colleagues were as tough on Gensler Senator Cynthia Loomis pointed out that It can take years to develop enforcement Action against complicated firms her Republican colleague Pat Toomey also Pointed out that much of FTX was based In the Bahamas would you like a refill Here in henmir cup the World Cup that is With the World Cup now underway there's A lot of Buzz surrounding football or

Soccer if you're reading this in the U.S Cristiano Ronaldo has just launched an Nft collection in partnership with Binance coming in the same week as his Sudden departure from Manchester United Meanwhile it seems fan tokens are being Used to vent anger at the performance of Some national teams the Argentine Football association's ARG fan token Plummeted about one-third during its Shocking upset by Saudi Arabia falling From 7.26 to 4.90 on the other hand the Floor price of the Saudis nft collection Jumped 50 during the game with sales Volume up almost a thousand percent top Nft site open C reported and finally to Finish your your meal no sweet desserts You're getting the bitter taste of crime As the metaverse nfts and web 3 will Become a bigger and bigger playground For cyber thieves Fishers and scammers Cyber security firm Kaspersky said the Russian firm's crimeware and financial Cyber threats in 2023 report has warned These attacks will become more prevalent In the entertainment and gaming sectors That said Kaspersky also believes that People are getting wise to the simpler Scams like give backs in which someone Often posing as a celebrity offers to Send anyone double the Bitcoin or some Such they send in a way of giving back To the community another prediction is That some ransomware blackmailers will

Turn away from increasingly traceable Bitcoin in favor of privacy coins like Monero or Z cash what kind of host would I be if I ended your meal with something So bitter here's something sweet you're Breathtakingly wonderful well flattery Will get me nowhere but maybe it'll get You to like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that little Bell icon to get buzzed whenever new Cryptos espresso video goes live and What are you thankful for let me know in Those comments below because I read them And I'm thankful for the people who make Them and I'm also thankful for Alex ask Alex in that description below for more Info on today's headlines or crypto in General Alex is also a magnificent Source of info for web 3 and the Metaverse end that does it for today Again I've been your host Andrew and eat Hearty today for tomorrow we descend Into the retail Madness of Black Friday Enjoy your Thanksgiving


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