SEC, CFTC and SDNY attorney’s office charged FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried with defrauding investors

Sam bankman freed was arrested in the Bahamas Monday after the United States Charged the FTX founder with defrauding Investors the Attorney General of the Bahamas said it would hold bankman freed In custody until a formal request for Extradition is made as we've previously Reported bankman freed secretly Transferred 10 billion dollars in FTX Client funds to trading firm Alameda Research though he's repeatedly claimed Ignorance of any wrongdoing the SEC said He's also being investigated regarding Other Securities Law violations and Noted that there are ongoing Investigations pending against others Involved as well the former billionaire Was scheduled to testify today as a Witness before the house committee on Financial services but we're guessing His RSVP for that has changed


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