SBF’s Bond Co-Signers Are Stanford Professors

Founder and CEO of bankrupt FTX bankman Freed is facing eight charges relating To his alleged use of 10 billion dollars Of his crypto exchanges clients funds to Bail out his trading firm Alameda Research he is believed to have lost 8 Billion dollars of that so on Wednesday The trial judge acceded to Freedom of Information law requests from various Press outlets and the two people who Co-signed his bond were revealed to be Friends and also colleagues of his Parents at Stanford University so Joseph Bankman is a professor at Stanford law School whereas Barbara freed was a Professor who has recently retired so Aside from their Palo Alto home the Terms of a bankman Freed's bail required Two additional co-signers of Considerable means and one could not be A relative Larry Kramer Dean Emeritus of Stanford's law school put up 500 000 Andreas papsky a senior research Engineer in computer science at Stanford Put up 200 000


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