SBF ruins Christmas, Silvergate faces class action lawsuit, and more!

Welcome to the Christmas crypto minute I Cannot believe you ruined Christmas That's supposed to be my job sorry man Okay do the Trump entities actually use Stock images it is next level right Click save doing my part to orange pill Santa celebrate faces a class action Lawsuit for their electoral with 50x it Looks like Carolina and Gary Winger Taking plea deals the co-founder of the 1.4 billion dollar pyramid schemes Guilty where are you bull run the Lightning Network created a lightning Address you can crowdfund on bitcoin Without running a node for Anthony Started posting from healthfini's Twitter to keep it from getting Deactivated what's the bear Market but Do you have to serve Ramen for Christmas Dinner a South Korean Court freezes 92 Million for the fastest linked to Terror Token Boris Johnson's brother steps down As an advisor for binance and the Bots Really might get the last laugh on Twitter it's really dumping out there so We're getting a white Christmas oh no Dear I mean in the markets Manchester United launches an nft collection is a Bankruptcy court to allow users to Withdraw their assets the former Blizzard president is gonna be the new CEO of Yuga lab the best way to spread Christmas cheers spreading Fun For All Two years

[Music] Keep tracking and happy holidays


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