SBF pleads ‘NOT GUILTY’ in EPIC FRAUD CASE! Biden Admits FTX’s Pandemic Plans!

Breaking right now FTX founder Sam Bankman freed pleading not guilty to all Counts Sam bankman freed the disgraced Former CEO of FTX pleads not guilty in The FTX fraud case an October trial date Has been set SBF pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to criminal charges that he Cheated investors in his now bankrupt FTX cryptocurrency exchange causing Billions of dollars in losses in what Prosecutors have called an epic fraud The 30 year old defendant entered his Plea through his lawyer to eight Criminal counts including wire fraud Conspiracy to commit money laundering Before the U.S District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan federal court look At Sam bankman freed enter the Courthouse comment your thoughts Gotta get in I gotta get in Thank you This morning It is common for criminal defendants to Initially plead not guilty they may Change their plea later bankman freed Now clean shaven sporting a blue suit White shirt and dotted blue tie carried A backpack into the courthouse and out Of the courthouse the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate MIT Graduate could face up to 115 years in Prison if convicted anyone else seeing Striking similarities between the Sandbank and freed Ponzi versus The

Bernie Madoff Ponzi Thank you Guys come on guys What do you say to your investors have Lost so much There are two different details that are Rather Suspect with SPF and this Criminal trial number one SPF gets to Keep bail cosigners secret just like his Lawyer did for jalane Maxwell so he has The same lawyer as jelaine Maxwell Sam Bankman Freed's legal team successfully Argued Tuesday that the names of two Signories backing the disgraced FTX Founders 250 million bail bond should be Hidden from the public so we know his Parents helped him out with the bail Bond two people are being kept secret Comment your thoughts who do you think They're protecting suspicious detail Number two because it costs money to do What SPF is doing suspicious detail Number two did Sam bankman freed Secretly Cash Out 1.5 million dollars There's suspicious on-chain activity Sandbankment freed may have cashed out a Significant sum from his on-chained Wallets 1.5 million by crypto briefings Calculations on-chain data shows that on December 27th a wallet associated with Bankman freed sent .66 eth to a newly Created ethereum wallet starting with Ox73 we know that the original wallet Belonged to SPF because he tweeted that

Wallet address out September 2020 the ox 73 wallet received a total of almost 600 Eth from dozens of wallets and more than A hundred transactions within the space Of five hours some of these wallets are Tagged on etherscan as belonging to Alameda research you can follow the On-chain activity yourself but adding All of it up it seems like whoever Controls these wallets cashed out Roughly 1 million five hundred thousand Encrypt data was this necessarily SPF no Somebody else could have discovered These SPF linked wallets private Keys Especially since bankruptcy filings seem To indicate that the FTX group wasn't Particularly careful with security On the other hand it appears unlikely That the funds removed on behest of law Enforcement since the wallet activity Indicates the owner was mindful of using Relatively censorship resistant methods To cash out finance and Pharma bro Martin shkreli who went to prison for Price gouging life-saving prescription Drugs and he famously said that his only Regret is that he didn't jack up the Drug prices even higher because he had a Duty to his shareholders to make as much Money as possible Martin scorrelli is an Expert in this kind of stuff and he has Some legendary prison advice for SPF Sam Isn't exactly Gonna be somebody that fits into prison

You know my advice for him includes Shaving his head my advice for him Includes uh deepening his voice Sam is Gonna have a lot of issues because he's A bit of an in feminate Guy and Um his his sort of demeanor um some People say autistic sort of sense uh or Sensibility is not something that goes Over well in prison he also doesn't know Anything about Streets and sort of criminal culture Which my advice to him is to pick those Things up as quickly as he can he should Be listening to as much rap music as Possible he should be trying to learn Everything there is to know about gangs About the tough neighborhoods in every Major city this sounds funny but this Could save your life now of course SBF Is going to try to wiggle out of this Epic fraud in any way possible could SBF Paint his case as one of the biggest Business failures versus fraud Martin Scorelli thinks he could here's the wild Scenario plus a similar crypto Ponzi Case that was sentenced by spf's newly Assigned judge Jeremy Spence who was sentenced to Um about 48 months I want to say he was 25 year old kid he did a classic Ponzi Scheme he raised rum three four million Dollars and he basically just you know Did a classic Ponzi 42 months not bad at

All could have been a lot more and it's Crypto related this is a much much Bigger scheme but in many ways this is a Business failure As much as it is a crime and even if one Could color it as a crime which Certainly it's that's the attempt being Made here and it sticks you still can Sort of say look judge I messed up this Is a business and I yeah I used the Wrong money but I didn't use it for me I Didn't like go sock this money away I Didn't have cyenter I wasn't clearly Like planning on this I was just trying To build a successful company and made a Bunch of dumb Investments all the Money's gone I [ __ ] up but you know am I a criminal and I think if you look at That story versus this Rhode Island guy Who more or less sounds like he had Criminal Intent to begin with you know They're not that crazy apart obviously The size of the money is so much more And the impact to the victims is so much More but the fact that Captain looked at This guy and said yeah 42 months is About right when you could argue I uh Theoretically committed a similar crime And got 84 months from also a Theoretically very nice judge I think That Kaplan is lack of being a Prosecutor is he's an older guy AI Sometimes some people think that that Creates a little bit of leniency he if

Sam behaves himself throughout this Trial and puts on the respectable case I Think he could be looking at a Potentially 20 or less possibly kind of That ballpark of 20 years if if he um Plays his cards right with the judge and I think he the judge is sort of somebody That could if he's lucky if Sam's Lockheed could look at Sam's younger Version of himself or try to identify With him emotionally those are the kinds Of things that certainly I tried to do Uh with my jury and judge you have to Show The Human Side of you you know the Judge is going to read a lot about you They're going to be talking about you as The defendant for the next two years so To humanize yourself and show who you Really are is going to matter a lot if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Altcoin daily we keep you updated on the Entire cryptocurrency Market on a daily Basis and we're going to continue to Keep you updated on this story Specifically in the coming weeks and it Just gets weirder and weirder now White House spokespeople are are saying that Their meetings with SPF were focused Entirely on pandemic prevention last Week's visitor love release showed the Most recent meeting between Sam bankman Freed and a White House official Steve Buschetti in this case this was his

Fourth meeting of the year and wondering Uh given this first briefing since then If you can give us any sort of summary Of what has been discussed in Mr Beckman Creates meetings with the White House Over the course of the year yeah so let Me give you a couple of a couple of a Few rundowns here Um so as we've previously confirmed as You know I know you're following this Very closely these meetings included Steve rashetti and Bruce Reed the Meetings focused on pandemic prevention Related to Sam Beckman Freed's Foundation and general information on The cryptocurrency industry and crypto Exchanges again this meeting with Sam Bankman freed was focused on pandemic Prevention related matters and Cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges get Your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year Use code altcoin daily 10 off this is The biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices continue to increase As we get closer to the event use code Altcoin daily 10 off get your tickets Now


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