SBF Lawyer comments: trial was “almost impossible” to win

David Mills the lawyer responsible for Sam bankman Freed's criminal defense has Admitted that the trial was almost Impossible to win from the outset in a One-on-one interview with Bloomberg Mills recounted how spf's reluctance to Follow his recommendations and the Damning testimony of his former Associates had the FTX Founders back Against the ropes I thought it was Almost impossible to win a case when Three or four Founders are all saying You did it Mills told the publication The report also outlines how Mills had Recommended that bf's legal defense Admit to the allegations and try to Convince the presiding jury that SPF Intended to save the company from Bankruptcy the experienced criminal Attorney businessman and academic also Described SPF as the worst person I've Ever seen do a cross-examination as the Former FTX CEO unsuccessfully tried to Refute that he had made several damning Statements that eventually saw him found Guilty of all seven Charges


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