SBF Just Got DESTROYED in Court

So starting from former president Donald Trump releasing his own nft collection All the way to Sam bankman freed Neglecting legal advice and surprising His own lawyers in court this week is Turning out to be pretty insane to give You a quick recap okay Sam bakeman freed After a week of fighting extradition has Finally agreed to waive his rights to Continue this legal battle and he could Be shipped back to the U.S as early as Today alongside all the Christmas Presents that are getting shipped he Looks like he's going to be in one of Those packages on the way to D.C in Order to finally get some justice after Court hearing his lawyers had also Mentioned to the press that they didn't Even know that Sam changed his mind and What he did was against the strongest Legal advice possible so what in the World is going on what did Sam do what Are the current negotiations Conversations happening behind closed Doors and is there something that the People don't know about now if you're Liking these Market updates be sure to Like this video down below we haven't Done one in a while subscribe if you Somehow aren't subscribed to the channel Already and let's go over today's video Update so all three of the major Wall Street indexes were up yesterday Following about four to five days of

Downward price action they weren't up a Lot it was about point four percent to Point five percent and the NASDAQ up 0.1 Percent nothing crazy Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside many of the other all Coins they haven't been doing much Bitcoin's still right under 17 000 Ethereum is at about twelve hundred Dollars this bear Market is really just Giving us the plain definition of a bear Market not seeing much movement happen And things aren't going up things aren't Really going down now there is one asset Though Dogecoin which went down just a Little bit more it is down about 18 and This is actually because Elon Musk had Hosted a Twitter poll asking users Whether he should step down as the Twitter CEO now the reason why out of All the cryptocurrencies Dogecoin went Down is because a lot of people are Still afraid that dogecoin's plans and Expanding are now shut down and over if Elon Musk is now not going to be Personally involved with Twitter with The Twitter poll Elon Musk asking this It looks like we're getting more results That people do want him to step down so It's only a matter of time to see how They're going to move forward in that Direction little quick thing too if you Ever want to get verified on a social Media platform trust me Instagram uh YouTube that stuff you gotta grind a

Little bit more Instagram I had it on my Vision board journal for like five years That I wanted to one day get verified on Instagram Hallelujah because it ended up Happening today at like 2 A.M all Sleeping last night but if you guys want To get verified on an account you can Actually do that on Twitter Twitter Right now by just subscribing for Twitter blue it's either eight bucks or 11 bucks and they just review your Account and they give you a blue check Mark there I feel like still seeing that Blue check mark brings a bit more Credibility I don't see everyone who Still has it on Twitter even though the Option is available for everyone so just A little fun fact if you guys ever want To try something like that now going Into the major headlines of this story Well let's talk about it FTX CEO Sam Bakeman freed what's going on well Basically he was arrested earlier last Week by the Bohemian authorities this is Following notification from the United States that it has filed eight criminal Charges against him including wire fraud Securities fraud money laundering and More and while svf is residing in a jail Cell within the Bahamas his lawyers have Been trying to get him released on a 250 000 bail claiming that he suffers from Depression and insomnia and then he Doesn't possess any prior criminal

Record so they should at least ease up On them SVS lawyers also went a step Further and even requested that the Prison provided him with a vegan food Now I'm not sure what's going going on There was also a headline talking about How svf had also gone to the hospital And I think a lot of the details on that Are still not yet clear the facts However are this while SPF had the right To ask for bail the court denied the Request claiming that he would still be A major Flight Risk now basically SPF And his team of lawyers have now been Fighting for about a week to reverse the Extradition and are doing their best to Keep him in the Bahamas you know SPF he Is full of surprises and there are new Developments happening every single day In a court hearing yesterday SPF threw His lawyers off guard when he announced He was ready to waive his right to fight Extradition to the U.S where he faces Fraud charges over the collapse of FTX And if he goes to the US I think pretty Much he's he's doing this because he's Going to be stuck in the U.S he's going To go through the legal process there's No way he's going to worm his way out of This one and he knows the inevitable Truth of what's happening so I think he Thinks it might be a bit better in the Bahamas right now than facing pretty Much his life spent in prison now on top

Of that there's a team right now Overseeing ftx's bankruptcy proceedings And they've actually warned that the Donations made by the former CEO Sam Bigman free the guy who was in prison Right now that all of you all know he is Right now going through a process where All those donations he made might Actually have to get returned so we Talked about this a bit earlier on this Channel but we got to mention it again Because SPF was reported to have donated About 46.5 million dollars in donations to the Democratic party on top of that as you Guys know Voyager digital filed for Bankruptcy in July a lot of people were Affected by this people still have their Money locked up same with Celsius but Right now it looks like things are Moving forward because binance is coming In to save them they're coming in for The rescue but at the same time what Brings up in my mind a lot of sketchy Stuff is just the fact that FTX is known To be bailing out a lot of these other Companies and then you know we had the Whole collapse of all this happening and Then there was a lot of fun also known As fear uncertainty and doubt happening Within the past a week regarding binance That they could also be shutting down so I'm just navigating these Waters a bit More carefully now just especially the

Fact that binance is a partner that I Still trust but I don't want to risk Anything at this point because it's Really just hard to tell what's Happening with some of these crypto Exchanges that are more International on The more positive side though and being A little bit more optimistic it seems Like if we are able to wait out a couple More months binance alongside their Smaller American entity a if They're able to have a successful Acquisition I can hopefully see people's Money amongst Voyager getting unlocked And people starting to get some of their Bread back it is worth noting though has emerged as the highest And best bid for voyagers assets and They're pledging about one billion Dollars but it's also worth noting the Deal won't be officially executed until The bankruptcy court approves voyager's Request to do so on January 5th so it's Going to be about two weeks from now now Last but not least the story on President Donald Trump former president I mean releasing his own nft collection That can be found on openc any one of You guys watching this could buy this Because there was a lot of them there's 45 000 nfts that were selling for 99 Each and buyers of these collectors Items would be entered into a raffle for A number of prizes including a dinner

Alongside Trump a zoom call with him and Even some autographed memorabilia now The launch process on this was pretty Comical in its success because the nft Ended up selling out within 12 hours and It netted him over four million dollars Amongst one of the worst bear markets That we've seen as of this morning the Nfts are selling for 0.24 eth which is About 290 dollars but that's still about 190 increase in less than a week so it Just goes to show that even in the worst Of times in the worst recession right Now right before the new year and the Holiday season where everyone feels like They're broke from spending too much Money on their family members it is one Of those times where we're seeing people Still finding success by setting up the Right businesses knowing how to move Forward in confidence recently I heard a Good quote it's like when someone leaves You say okay I'll see you later be Careful drive safe but instead of saying Be careful you say be confident rather Than being careful where it puts your Mind in a state of fear where you know You think things are going to go wrong Being confident moving forward allows You to be more prepared and live in that Abundant state of uh safety of of Confidence of you knowing that you are Confident you all know what I mean Hopefully you all know what I mean

Anyways guys that is going to be the Video for today if you did enjoy just a Little bit of crypto talk on this Channel let me know Down Below in the Comments it really does help um and if You guys are at the end something that We always do I feel like we haven't done In a while we do a little secret code Word so comment down below comment down Below centipede if you guys made it all The way to the end don't forget to check Out the links Down Below in the Description follow me on Instagram if You haven't done so already follow me on Twitter if you haven't done so already And that's about it love you all see Y'all later peace out


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