SBF (FTX CEO) ready to DESTROY Caroline! (She is FREAKING OUT)!

Samuel bankman freed the former CEO 
of FTX this man responsible for one   Of the largest frauds in history is now 
walking free on the streets of New York Sam bankman freed after being extradited to the 
U.S from the Bahamas seeing a judge has now been   Released on a 250 million dollar bail secured by 
his parents in sbf's first court appearance since   Being extradited from the Bahamas the former CEO 
was told that he can live with his parents on 250   Million bail secured by the parents Palo Alto 
house if you live in New York if you live in   California if you live across the United States 
in general Sam bankman freed is walking Among Us Be on the lookout for this face one of the reasons 
the judge agreed to let SBF post bail according   To the judge Sam bankman freed has a face too 
recognizable for him to flee question is how   Did we get here last week we announced charges 
against Samuel bankman freed for a sweeping fraud   Scheme that contributed to ftx's collapse and for 
a campaign Finance scheme that sought to influence   Public policy in Washington as I said last week 
this investigation is very much ongoing and it's   Moving very quickly I also said that last week's 
announcement would not be our last and let me be   Clear once again neither is today's first I'm 
announcing that the southern district of New   York has filed charges against Caroline Ellison 
the former CEO of Alameda research and Gary Wong   A co-founder of FTX in connection with their roles 
and the frauds that contributed to ftx's collapse   Both Miss Ellison and Mr Wong have pled guilty to 
those charges and they are both cooperating with   The southern district of New York give this video 
a like if you remember who Caroline Ellison is   You use a lot of like Elementary School math for 
those who don't Caroline Ellison the CEO of ftx's   Sister company the trading arm Alameda research 
if you subscribe to our channel altcoin daily   By the way make sure you subscribe to stay up to 
date with everything going on in cryptocurrency   Subscribers of our channel are already well 
informed two weeks ago we alerted you that   Caroline Ellison spotted Getting Coffee in New 
York the reason this is interesting not only   Because she was walking freely among regular folks 
like you like me the reason this is interesting is   Because she was spotted about six minutes away 
from an FBI headquarters it was thought she   Was working directly with the FBI against Sam 
more information continues to come out and it   Appears what we thought about Caroline Ellison 
was true breaking news Caroline Ellison please   Guilty to seven charges and faces a maximum 
sentence of a hundred and ten years Gary Wang   And FTX slash Alameda associate Gary Wang pleads 
guilty to four charges and faces up to 50 years it   Seems both Caroline and Gary Wang working with 
the FBI against Sam bankman freed come on guys So let me get this straight Caroline Ellison 
commits one of the greatest cases of financial   Fraud ever gets a 250 000 bail has to surrender 
all travel documents in exchange for all charges   Waived contingent on cooperation with authorities 
this might be Caroline's best and only profitable   Trade trying to think of a good example 
of a trade where I've lost a ton of money  

Um well I don't know I probably 
don't want to go into this So understanding that Caroline Allison and 
Gary Wang both have agreed to cooperate with   Authorities against Sam bankman freed Caroline 
Ellison and Gary Wang both have bail agreed by   The doj the Department of Justice at a quarter 
million dollars this is a ridiculously offensive   Low number given all their assets for comparison 
Arthur Hayes the CEO and founder of bitmex this   Was one of the largest most used derivatives 
cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet at its time   Arthur Hayes was charged with failure to establish 
proper anti-money laundering kyc rules and Arthur   Hayes had a bail of 10 million dollars make no 
mistake about it Caroline Allison and Gary Wang   Are getting sweetheart treatment by the Department 
of Justice Caroline Ellison plea agreement 250   000 bail surrender of travel documents forfeiture 
of assets the plea agreement would waive Allison   Of any charges except criminal tax violations 
provided she fully cooperates with the U.S   Attorney's Office the SEC including SEC chair 
Gary Gensler very happy to take credit for this   Tweeting out the SEC today charged Caroline 
Ellison and Gary Wang for the roles in a   Multi-year scheme to defraud Equity investors in 
the crypto trading platform FTX Ellison and Wang   Are cooperating with the ongoing investigation 
congressional representative Tom emmer reminds   Us Gary Gensler and the SEC had more meetings 
with Sam bankman freed and ft acts and Alameda   Than anyone else in crypto allegedly to craft a 
special regulatory framework designed to benefit   FTX alone making back room regulatory deals with 
Bad actors should not be a tool in the sec's   Toolbox so that lands us here Sam bankman freed 
released on 250 million dollar bail secured by   His parents Remember When SBF publicly stated that 
he only had 100 000 left if that to my knowledge I   Have basically nothing left um you know basically 
everything I had was invested in the business I   Expect I'm gonna have nothing at the end of this 
I ain't got a hundred thousand dollars left in   My bank account last I checked and I I think I 
have you know uh One credit card working with   That right now earlier this summer you thought you 
had what 32 billion probably 20 but uh a whole lot   More than I do now I can't imagine what it feels 
like to go from 20 billion dollars to a hundred   Thousand dollars yeah it's I mean it's been a 
really it's been a really humbling fall in in   A lot of ways now he has 250 million for bail 
the US government is openly rewarding bribery   Now they don't even care to appear impartial it's 
a message that says if you take care of us we take   Care of you this is spitting in the face of FTX 
victims let me update you on the latest details   Again make sure you subscribe this is a developing 
story we're going to keep you updated like we have   Been this is what you need to know a federal judge 
has agreed to release former FTX CEO Sam bankman   Freed after he appeared in U.S federal court in 
New York on Thursday on charges that he was The   Mastermind behind the fraud and illicit movement 
of customer funds inside his former crypto Empire   FTX the judge set bail at 250 million bankman 
freed who was brought to the U.S overnight by the  

FBI after his extradition from the Bahamas cleared 
on Wednesday arrived at the courthouse in New York   To face U.S felony charges for the first time the 
case in the U.S District Court for the southern   District of New York centers on accusations 
of fraud money laundering and campaign Finance   Violations bankman Freed's release was secured by 
equity in his parents Palo Alto California home   And a long list of requirements was included for 
him to remain free while he faces charges he's not   Allowed to make Financial transactions for more 
than one thousand dollars he can't leave the house   Except to exercise and must go through substance 
abuse and mental health treatment according to the   Agreement so that's how he was able to do it 
Barbara and Alan bankman freed have agreed to   Put up the equity in their 4 million California 
home where he will live during his house arrest   As part of the bail two other people one relative 
and one non-relative will fulfill the rest of the   Bond so spf's friends and family are helping him 
make bail again it must be nice to have so many   Friends in high places so sbf's parents posted 
his bond that is true reminder the current CEO   John J Ray the current CEO of FTX said that his 
parents spf's parents received payment from FTX   Is there any evidence of his parents involvement 
in the operations well well certainly clearly   You know I get our first day papers we indicated 
that Mr bankman had given legal advice okay had he   Been an employee of FTX has been reported uh you 
know I don't know if he actually had an employee   Status but he certainly received payments from uh 
the family did receive payments okay that sounds   Like employment to me you got a payment for okay 
I still think FTX customer deposits are being used   To get SPF out of jail even if it is not directly 
coming from him in summation Sam bankmanfried the   Former CEO of FTX steal billions from customers 
go down swinging and lying play League of Legends   In your Bahamian Mansion for weeks afterwards 
claim you're broke and sad get arrested somehow   Make 250 million Bond spend Christmas at home 
chilling make this face on the way to Mom's car   By the way if you're planning to attend Bitcoin 
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story out there let's get this information out   There like the video if you got value And 
subscribe to our channel so much information   Continues to come out we're gonna have a doozy of 
a video for you tomorrow and the rest of the week


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