SBF found GULITY on ALL 7 Fraud Charges! (DAMNING leaked audio)

A jury has found FTX founder Sam bankman Freed guilty in his closely watched Fraud trial the former crypto King was Charged with two counts of Fraud and Five counts of conspiracy over the Month-long trial prosecutors argued Bankman freed stole billions of dollars From customers to back his crypto Focused hedge fund Alam research FTX Declared bankruptcy a year ago with Customers racing to withdraw funds the Collapse shocked cryptocurrency markets Bankman freed is more than 100 years in Prison in a landmark verdict with the 12 Members of the jury only requiring about 4 and 1 half hours of deliberation Sam Bankman freed the former CEO of Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has been Found guilty on all charges seven out of Seven in the FTX fraud trial a tentative Sentencing date has been set for March 28th 2024 s bankman freed could could Spend decades in prison and potentially His whole life as it's up to 115 years For this 31-year-old criminal justice Has been served for the cryptocurrency Community hit the like button share this Video with a friend and what a fall from Grace it has been Larry David tried to Warn us like I was saying it's FTX it's A safe and easy way to get into Crypto I don't think so and I'm never Wrong about this stuff Never it's truly surprising yet amazing

That it only took the jury about 4 and a Half hours to reach a consensus and Convict SPF on seven out of seven counts I got to say for a relatively Complicated fraud you know white colar Case where you're looking at at numbers And books 4 and a half hours on every Count is wow this is stunning that it Was so quick and it speaks to the fact That the government rolled up they took His closest confidance his ex-girlfriend Who worked for him the top lieutenants In his company they all cooperated with The government and they turned on him And what was stunning was in the last Week that Sam bankman freed who you know Is not necessarily the best Communicator Doesn't present well chose to take the Stand and what did the prosecution do Hit him right between the eyes and Showed up with receipts they used his Own words and his own lieutenant proof And said no sir this is what you did the Jury deliberation was so short this was Such a simple decision for the jury Props to the prosecution and the way They presented it to the jury listen to Cnbc's legal analyst explain all this The jury found it more simple than Complicated John and that is because the Prosecutors were very smart about how They presented it you did not have to Understand how cryptocurrency works you Did not have to understand even what it

Was because in order to do that you Would have to have been taught a very Arcane subject it's a subject that most Of us really do not understand so what The prosecution did was it looked at it In the Aggregate and really made it Simple fraud is fraud stealing is Stealing if you have access to billions Of dollars Of other people's money and you decide That you're going to use it for your own Purposes that is uh a multi-million doll Home in uh the Bahamas political Donations charitable donations financing Your lifestyle that what the government Made it look like was just apparently What the jurors believed it was stealing It was fraud and he intended to do it it Was not something that was so esoteric That he somehow was in above his head And he made a mistake which was his Defense I just wish I could have seen Spf's face as the verdict was revealed I Just wish I could have seen spf's Parents face listen to this journalist's Recap of everybody's reaction right After it happened how they were feeling What did they act like John I can tell You after stepping out inside the court Room where Sam Sam bankman freed stood And learned his fate he was Reactionless standing stoically as the Floor person read the jury's decision Guilty on all seven counts one by one

Unanimous decisions um I have the the Actual uh verdict in my hands here and S Bankman Freed's parents were St uh Seated about two rows in front of me Holding each other in anticipation of This verdict as soon as each verdict was Read guilty one after another I watched To Sam bankman Freed's father's head Fell into his hands and then effectively Into his lap as his wife uh uh Mr Bankman Freed's um mother put her arm Around him so his parents certainly Showed a level of Devastation and shock From this ruling Sam bankman freed Himself appeared emotionless as he now Found out that this jury of 12 New Yorkers um over the past five plus weeks Heard his testimony and didn't believe Him and returned a verdict which found That in their view he did not tell the Truth and he is a fraud and did you see This the attorney and prosecution team Has a message to any other fraudster any Other Huer still out there chills but You can see them the the entire Prosecution team lined up here outside Of 500 Pearl Street Here Comes Damen Williams he is the let's see I'll uh We'll go right to him he's about to give A press conference here good evening Everyone my name is Damen Williams and I'm the United States Attorney here in The southern district of New York Sam bankman freed perpetrated one

Of the biggest Financial frauds in American history a multi-billion dollar Scheme designed to make him the king of Crypto but here's the thing the Cryptocurrency industry might be new the Players like Sam bankman freed might be New but this kind of fraud this kind of Corruption is as old as time and we have No patience for it when I became us Attorney I promised that we would be Relentless in rooting out corruption in Our financial markets this is what Relentless looks like this case moved at Lightning speed that was not a Coincidence that was a choice And it's also a message it's a warning This case to every single fraudster out There who thinks that they're Untouchable or that their crimes are too Complex for us to catch or that they're Too powerful for us to Prosecute or that they could try to talk Their way out of it when they get caught Those folks should think again and cut It out and if they don't I promise we'll Have enough handcuffs for all of them so Why was it so easy for the jury to Convict SPF seven out of seven why was It so easy they only took 4 hours I'll Tell you why spf's proclivity to Thinking that he can talk his way out of Any situation sunk him his own team put Him on the stand a hail Mar move usually Against best practices and while he

Somewhat held up against his own team's Questioning when they switched to Cross-examination SB F flopped and the Jury saw through him listen I love the Way this reporter describes it what's Interesting John is watching the Testimony over the past several weeks it Was clear that from the prosecution Standpoint they had a slam dunk case Effectively you had three of Sam bankman Freed's lieutenants pleading guilty to The charges of money laundering and Fraud each of them took the witness Stand to detail how first when they Found out that customer money was being Used to fortify all these other funds And projects they disagreed with it they Brought it up to S bankman freed and he Told them each step of the way to keep Going but when Sam bankman freed took The stand in his own defense which was An incredibly Brazen thing to do Considering that he put himself at risk And made himself susceptible to the very Well prepared cross-examination from the Prosecution it was clear that his Behavior in front of the defense when They delicately walked him through how It was overwhelming for him and how in Good faith he didn't realize he was Misusing funds but when the prosecution Gave him pointed questions based on the Testimony based on the evidence based on His own words to the press to investors

And to the general public through his Tweets and um you know voluminous Interviews that he did with just about Everybody he couldn't remember things Ultimately in closing arguments John it Came down to this the prosecution said Said when Sam bankman freed was being um You know asked questions by the defense He knew things he was quick he was Knowledgeable he was speaking in a very Long-winded um with sentences he could Define 50 separate terms but his Demeanor completely changed under Cross-examination they said more than 140 times he couldn't remember details Conversations or the the the the Allegations that he was up against it is Apparent that that to the jury made it Seem as if he wasn't telling the truth Which means he purged himself on the Stand the judge continuously had to Interrupt him and say just answer the Question and it appears he did himself No favors the Man known for taking Massive risks on the off chance that Maybe things would collapse but perhaps There's a huge upside took a gamble on His own fate here during this trial and It most certainly did not pay off so It's just crazy everybody including the Jury saw right through spf's lies and His obvious deceit but I think it's Crazy he said he didn't know that the Hedge fund ala that he was chief

Executive of was giving $8 billion to FDX the other company that he was the Head of of course he knew I mean come on Obviously I just hope that people Realize that this fraud is just basic Fraud and has absolutely nothing to do With crypto itself the the core of the Crime was not complex right Okay you just hit everything cuz people From the outside are like oh crypto I Don't get it this isn't about crypto Right it's about stealing it is about Saying uh oh I'm losing money over here I got all these customer funds over here I'm going to move exactly I'm going to Move a and stick it over to B right ding Ding ding you have just right Sam Bankman fraud right there right this Isn't about how crypto works and the Market went up and a margin call uh uhuh Guys make sure you subscribe to our Channel we're going to keep you updated With this and everything in crypto like Always we end things with this Independent journalist Tiffany Fong she Used to visit SPF and he used to give Her exclusive interviews she asked him Before the trial ever happened what do You think about the possibility of Spending the rest of your life in prison This is what he said if you Hypothetically were in prison for life I'm trying not to think about it I don't Think it's helpful to think

About and I when I but when I do Ruminate like my ruminations are half Ruminations half Daydreams and they Always have some component of like ways That I can make Things ways that I can make things Better ways that I can do something for The world ways that I can like have some Impact Um if my life ended now I would almost Certainly have done that harm to the World And I know it's hard to spend that how Does that thought weigh on you like That's something sorry it doesn't weigh On me that people think I've done that Harm that the fact that I have done that Harm weighs enormously on Me


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