Saylor: Charlie Munger is ‘Western Elite’ Who Hasn’t Had Time to Study Bitcoin

Michael Saylor has just Shrugged off Charlie munger's criticism Bitcoin Saying that the billionaire investor is Just part of the western Elite Charlie Munger compared Bitcoin to gambling in a Recent op-ed by The Wall Street Journal Saying a cryptocurrency is not a Currency not a commodity and not a Security instead it's a gambling Contract with nearly a hundred percent Edge for the house entered in a country Where gambling contracts are Traditionally regulated only by states That compete in laxity as a rebuttal in An interview with CNBC Michael Saylor Said that the 99 year old billionaire Investor doesn't understand Bitcoin Entirely and if he devoted more time to Actually understand the problem he would Become a bigger Bitcoin believer than Michael Saylor himself quote if he was a Business leader in South America or Africa or Asia and he spent a hundred Hours studying the problem He would be more bullish on bitcoin than I am


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