Sam Bankman-Fried will spend at least 21 days in court as part of his criminal trial

Former ft CEO Sam bankman freed once Described as the Golden Boy of crypto Will spend at least 21 days in court as Part of his criminal trial which will Begin on October 4th and last until November 9th in mid November 2022 Bankman free suffered one of the most Rapid and public reputational declines Of all time when his crypto exchange and His sister hedge fund Alam research Collapsed in file for bankruptcy leaving A 10 billion hole in its wake bankman Free Will face a total of seven fraud Charges some of which including Committing wire fraud on FTX customers Committing wire fraud on Alam research Lenders conspiring to commit money Laundering to hide the proceeds of wire Fraud on FTX customers the former FTX CEO has been serving pre-trial detention At the Metropolitan Detention Center Since August 11th SPF who pleaded not Guilty to all counts of Fraud and Conspiracy faces a statutory maximum of 110 years in prison for all the latest Crypto news and updates subscribe to the Official coint Telegraph YouTube channel


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