Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty to Five Criminal Charges [ Crypto Espresso 3.31.23 ]

And welcome to crypto espresso your Teeny tiny daily shot of caffeinated Crypto headlines your normal host Andrew Is out today but luckily you have a World-class ASM artiste to fill his Shoes My name is dingley And I intend to give you all of the Tingles as I whisper the news and delete The juices in your brain Unfortunately I can't do light triggers Because this is Audio Only but feel free To glance at a light bulb occasionally For a similar effect anyway it time to ASMR the news First up Sam bankman freed has pleaded Not guilty to five fresh criminal Charges including allegations that he Paid up Blur bribe to Chinese government Official The new charges are in addition to the Eight counts that were initially against Him meaning the Fallen ntx founder is Now facing a 13 count indictment oh no That's a lot of indictments spf's lawyer Mark Cohen has questioned the validity Of the five new charges that have been Added since flown from the Bahamas to The US He told the judge we wish to note by Pleading not guilty our client is not Acknowledging that he can be tried on The new counts that were brought after

His extradition will be the subject of One of our emotions to your honor well He did say that but he didn't whisper it Like I did fdx's New Management is Pushed back at spf's request what's Request for access to directors and Officers liability policies worth 10 Million dollars The 31 year old has argued that these Funds are needed so he can mount an Effective defense in the 16 cases that He currently faces Enough has warned that he would suffer Substantial and potentially irreparable Harm He was denied access to the funds but uh There's a plane there's a plane flying Overhead I'm gonna wait for it to pass I'm gonna wait don't find the plane Okay I think it's gone but the committee Representing creditors said directors And officers insurance policies existed To protect And its directors and officers in Situations where they make honest Decisions in the ordinary course of the Business this is not the case again they Didn't whisper this this is just Leave it they've also argued that he's Unlikely to win the cases as other Executives have pleaded guilty and Finally coinbase's CEO has spoken out Against Plans to pause experimentation With artificial intelligence

Laughs More than 1800 people including Elon Musk who is just Mr popular these days Have signed a letter calling on AI labs To pause the Powerful systems beyond gpt4 for at Least six months it reads should we let Machines flood our information Channels With propaganda and untruth should we Automate away all the jobs including the Fulfilling ones Sorry there's a garbage truck outside Just let's wait for it to pass Let's wait for it to pass I'm still there anyway should we develop Non-human Minds that might eventually Outnumber outsmart Obsolete and replace Us We risk loss of control of our Civilization I hope that's very dramatic But Brian Armstrong argues that this is A bad idea and said committees and Bureaucracies won't solve anything Wrote as with many Technologies there Are dangers but we should keep marching Forward with progress because the good Outweighs the bad again he didn't Whisper that that's just me tingly mad And speaking about the good outweighing The bad it's just just like having a new ASM artist host that's gonna outweigh The bad of not having Andrew around Your host dingley man humbly requests That you like this video subscribe to

Our YouTube channel and click on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever A new crypto espresso video goes live And what did you think of the news Whisperer today Let me know in those comments below Because Andrew he's gonna read the money Comes back tell me one more tingly man In your lives do you have any questions About our headlines or perhaps crypto in General well take the plunge and ask Alex in that description below Alex is Always a great resource for all things Wipe 3 and the metaverse and that wraps Up today's news I have once again been Your host dingley man find me on patreon And these have been your headlines Ladies and gentlemen Mohegan Andrew will see you Monday Take care take care take care


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