Sam Bankman Fried JAILED!!! Visa Goes ALL IN on Ethereum! Coinbase News!

Breaking news Sam bankman freed has been Jailed ahead of his trial for tampering With multiple Witnesses looks like Things have gone from bad to worse for Our body Sam bankman freed as you may or May not know I'll update you the Disgraced crypto Mogul SPF had been Living under house arrest at his parents Home in Palo Alto California after Posting an eye-popping 250 million Dollar Bond and his bail has been Revoked banished back to jail bankman Freed widely known as SPF awaits a trial Set to begin October 2nd so what exactly Did SBF do to Witnesses allegedly Intimidate Witnesses and taint the jury Pool quote there is probable cause to Believe that the defendant has attempted To tamper with Witnesses at least twice The prosecutor said apparently now what He's doing is he's using a VPN and an App like signal to try to leak documents To the New York times to basically bury Carolyn Ellison as the criminal Mastermind behind the FTX fraud or Debacle or whatever we want to call it I Prefer to call it a fraud because it was A disgrace Carolyn Ellison in December She entered into a plea bargain Agreement she pled her up to 110-year Jail sentence down in exchange for Essentially testifying and supporting The investigation into how FTX collapsed Now though you've got Sam begman free

Trying to bury her suggesting she's The Mastermind sbf's lawyers say they intend To appeal the decision we'll see if There's any leniency for SBF considering He donated so much to so many in a high Places of power in the government of Course that doesn't counteract nor Should it counteract the fraud that SBF Committed or just the deception in General did you know that FTX deposits Were used to pay off Alameda creditors Uh Uh I don't know if FTX deposits being Used to pay off Alameda creditors Actually when we're all tickled to hear You say that you know to my knowledge I Have basically nothing left Um you know basically everything I had Was invested in the business I expect I'm gonna have nothing at the end of This I ain't got a hundred thousand Dollars left in my bank account last I Checked and I I think I have you know uh One credit card working with that right Now earlier this summer you thought you Had what 32 billion probably 20 but uh a Whole lot more than I do now I can't Imagine what it feels like to go from 20 Billion dollars to a hundred thousand Dollars yeah it's I mean it's been a Really it's been a really humbling fall In in a lot of ways sbf's trial begins In less than two months it will be one For the history books speaking of making

History Visa trials ethereum gas fee Payments using their cards global Payment technology giant Visa has Successfully completed a test that Enables users to pay ethereum gas fees While using credit or debit cards this Is a continuation of their work with Ethereum this comes after their report Last year auto payments for Self-custodial wallets and you can see It talks about his blockchain adoption Increases what they have to do they talk About ethereum specifically talk about The problem and a whole huge report on What exactly they're doing with ethereum So what visa is doing with ethereum Should not go unnoticed they've put out Report after report after test after Throwing money into this and really Developing what will eventually be using Ethereum rails for your credit and debit Cards payment solution provider Visa has Unveiled an experimental Solution on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users To pay fees using their Visa credit or Debit cards the initiative aims to Streamline the process of interacting With decentralized applications built on The ethereum blockchain according to the Company the trial quote helps to set the Stage for a more accessible and User-friendly approach to digital Transactions see Visa has taken the time To address the problems that ethereum

And crypto users have and we acutely Know about see traditionally users need To acquire eth from exchanges or on-ramp Services then transfer the coins to Their wallets to cover the fluctuating Gas fees for transactions on the Ethereum mainnet or when transacting in Stable coins such as usdt or usdc this Often leads to overspending or Insufficient eat balances increasing the Complexity of the user experience Visa's Technical team utilizes a combination of Cutting Edge Technologies to facilitate This experiment including paymaster Smart contract agreements account Abstraction as well as ERC 4337 standard You should read this whole article on Decrypt and what you'll see in which You'll begin to understand is that Visa Understands the problems with Transacting with ethereum they Understand what users want and they're Making great strides so their credit and Debit cards can be used with the Ethereum rails and you can use defy Applications and products with your Credit cards and debit cards of course Summarizing the experiment Visa said That quote the intricacies and Complexities of blockchain-based Transactions have been a significant Stumbling block for many users creating A challenging learning curve and Increasing user friction the experiment

The researchers added offers a promising Approach to substance essentially Addressing these challenges what visa is Doing with ethereum should not go Unnoticed comment your thoughts on this In the comments section below hey join Us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th this is an epic Bitcoin conference Use code altcoin daily 10 off tickets Get this ticket or get this ticket Ticket prices increase as we get closer To the event so many awesome speakers Are being added every single day use Code altcoin daily for 10 off hope to See you there cardano who is still into Cardano cardano blockchain transactions Jump almost 50 percent in Q2 on network Upgrades and new users cardano Transactions Rose as several upgrades Went live earlier this year attracting Both users and developers to the network Such metrics usually proceed an increase In token prices as they indicate growing Demand and usage such metrics usually Proceed an increase in token prices I Want to believe a report by analytics Firm massari shows that cardano Blockchain activity in the second Quarter grew in both value locked and Transactional metrics from the first Quarter amid technical improvements and A rise in developer interest while Decentralized exchanges on cardano like Minswap showed the largest absolute

Growth several new decentralized apps or Dapps on cardano also contributed to the Increase take a look at cardano's Growing ecosystem total value locked of Top D5 protocols on cardano in Q2 Cardano experienced an increase in Stablecoin value tvl and average dap Transactions Min Swap and indigo were The most popular dapps in Q2 but new Contenders such as VI Finance liquid Finance djet and Optum Finance are Gaining dominance by the way make sure You subscribe to our channel daily Videos just like this keeping you Informed on the entire cryptocurrency Market if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency subscribe to our Channel daily videos coinbase's layer 2 Network base is doing pretty well for On-chain summer hitting 136 000 daily active users I don't know if You're minting any of these cool nfts Here Brian Armstrong is showing off Which ones he minted I don't know if you Know you can try this out and not Contribute any money by just linking up With coinbase's test net faucet and They'll basically drop you some test net Coins to go along with this network and You can try it out this is on the test Net but if you're wondering hey what Exactly can I do with base the ethereum Layer 2 the coinbase is launching well Pretty much what you can do on any

Ethereum Layer Two so you can Bridge Tokens which means take your tokens from Ethereum bridge them over use them on The eat layer 2 and you don't have to Pay those High exorbitant fees that you Have to pay with the base layer of eth You can swap tokens or provide liquidity Of course you can do swaps like they Have a few different dexes you can use Or provide liquidity on those dexes and Maybe earn some coin yourself you can Make payments of course you can register A decentralized username they're really Pushing the dot base you can launch a Decentralized autonomous organization Dow just like you can do on any dap Platform in crypto or you can mint and Collect non-fungible tokens nfts which Is what Brian Armstrong was showing off Finally my friends I wanted to let you Know about this Solana's one thousand Dollar crypto Saga smartphone sees a Price reduction by four hundred dollars In order they're hoping Solana phone People are hoping to get wider adoption Of this crypto native phone the cost of Solana Saga an Android based smartphone Made by Solana mobile has been Significantly reduced from its original One thousand dollars to six hundred Dollars the Solana Saga smartphones made Of App Store initially included 16 Decentralized applications giving Customers a mobile first method of

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