I wrote 17 Rose jokes out okay okay I Had a date last night and I canceled it Because I wanted to dedicate time Writing these jokes nfts are Single-handedly going to liberate Comedians and artists and filmmakers Right we are going to be taking control Of our content and our finance and our Careers Mona let's Jump Right In let's Roast crypto [Music] Hey welcome back everybody to altcoin Daily my name is Austin with stand-up Comedian Mona Shake who I'm doing an Event with Aaron and I will be at web3 Is a joke Friday the 16th in Santa Monica link down below gonna be a huge Event if you love comedy if you have Love on nfts Mona thanks for joining me Thank you so much for having me I'm so Excited to be here so why you so you've Been into [ __ ] you're a stand-up and Then you got into crypto now you're Merging the Two Worlds yes that's right I feel like you know I feel like Um I feel like comedy is an outlier in Many ways and I feel crypto currently is An outlier and I feel like I felt like a Similar kind of synergy in these two Worlds Um also Um you know I think maybe uh a lot of People a lot of comedians maybe don't Understand this uh from the kind of

Business aspect of it but nfts are Single-handedly going to liberate Comedians and artists and filmmakers Right we are going to be taking control Of our content and our finance and our Careers right now we rely on YouTube and You know Instagram and Tick Tock to Determine the worth of our content but Nfts are single-handedly going to change All that and I am super duper excited The moment the technology evolves a Little bit further and kind of Simplifies for mainstream adoption Because Um you know I I think a lot of people Don't know like stand-up comedy unlike Acting doesn't have an HR we don't have A union like comedians are not protected In any form or shape like we are Constantly at the mercy of the Bookers And the producers and I just feel like What you know the blockchain technology Is going to do for us and what nfts are Going to do for us Um is going to be really groundbreaking And I'm like super duper excited about It so that's why I wanted to be kind of Ahead of the curve and learn everything I can I definitely am no expert in any Anyway because so much of the time goes Uh spending on fixing my hair as you can See it's a lot of hair uh but uh but Yeah I am kind of taking the time to Learn and to educate myself and wanted

To you know really kind of delve into it And what better way to kind of delve Into it is by giving back to the Community you know who are your Influences like comedians I really like Or you know back in the day Anthony Jeselnik still love him Tim Dillon new Guy that's I think insanely hilarious Who I loved him Dylan he's great yeah He's awesome he spoke at Bitcoin 2022 Last year 2021 Um but when you started coming up who Are the people that you look up to and Said damn I want to be funny like them You know Um my top two hands down have to be George Carlin and um Chris Rock hands Down like even before I became a state Of com stand up comic like I memorized Bigger and Blacker like I memorized it By heart like that's how much of an Impact it had on me so I feel like I Always kind of really gravitated towards What George said what Chris said and you Know if I can be even quarter as good as Them I'll die happy And our audience can judge this Friday The 16th in Santa Monica before we jump Into the jokes explain the event because We're in the event but we're doing a Panel portion where more education You're the comedy but there's also Dinner and networking what are the Components yeah yeah yeah so

Um this event is uh happening like you Mentioned on Friday December 16th 6 30 P.m at Fame cast in Santa Monica it's Called Mona and friends what three is a Joke and uh the objective with this is Because what I wanted to do an Educational and entertaining and in a Networking event so 6 30 p.m it's a red Carpet event people come in Walk the red Carpet Austin you're I know you're gonna Like look dapper and amazing as always Right I I know that you're gonna Actually take a shower that day and show Up and I have so much faith in you we'll See we'll see okay at least Aaron what Exactly he will he will for sure okay Um then at 7 30 you guys are going to be Part of the panel so you're Gonna be part of the panel Cheryl Lazar Is going to be moderating uh Phil Renta Who's the CEO now of we are verified do You know so renter I don't look forward To meeting him he's wonderful he's Wonderful you're going to love him Um and then it's going to be followed uh We're gonna have a q a then it's gonna Then it's gonna be followed by a Stand-up comedy show I'm going to be Hosting Um we have two hilarious Comics uh Francisco Ramos who just came back from Just for Laughs he was um and yeah he's Gonna be one of the comics and uh Erica Rhodes and other hilarious comic of you

Know I love these guys Um and Erica Rhodes has like two comedy Albums on like comedy Dynamics right now And um we have DJ red from 93.5 KDAY I Don't know how much of a Payday fan you Are but I am it's a whole old school Hip-hop I'm a big big fan Austin's like Oh yeah that's what I used to listen to In Ohio like that's yeah exactly yeah That was that was it I wake up to that Are you kidding me thank you um yeah and Um yeah it's a it's a fantastic Networking event Um we got artists we got filmmakers we Got you know what three folks Um and uh that people are gonna be we Have some awesome goodie bags can I say Cannabis goodie bag Hell yeah hell yeah it's illegal it's Legal in California oh damn Oh damn all right bring it on Austin all Right fantastic we got amazing um Sponsors we have amazing cannabis Sponsors that have come and sponsored These fantastic goodie bags so us who You know everybody's gonna have a good Time yeah we have sponsored drinks we Have delicious food Um and just all around a really really Fantastic event that you don't want to Miss I'm excited link down below and in Preparation for this event I asked you To prepare some specific jokes on the Crypto Market yeah this is just like

Audience you know it's 11 A.M a.m in the Morning think of this more as just like A test set so give us your feedback down Below but Mona let's Jump Right In let's Roast crypto the heat is on the heat is On no it's more going to be Conversational it's awkward you know It's awkward to ask you to do this in General so everybody's you know no Worries listen I just wrote These jokes Like last night like I mentioned to you I skipped something important to sit Down and do this so This clearly means a Lot to me so here we go this is what I Came up with all right you ready Austin Yes okay all right all right most people Are super confused about crypto and what Blockchain technology is and I get it I Mean I'm still learning about the space But it turns out so were Voyager Celsius Three hour capital and now FTX so They're all just learning the same way As I am I'm going to come up with an Exchange called the Houdini exchange uh We make your money disappear poof that's You know what these exchanges have been Doing so that's what we're gonna do Um accurate yeah thank you thank you as Anyone who has a pulse um and is Following the news about FTX and SPF Debacle SPF took those billions of Dollars and got the fud out of there Okay I mean that's the kind of money you Want to dial for

Come on these are these are jokes they Can't all be winners Austin come on Let's go let's go these jokes the jokes People okay also my smile hey This is great I'm laughing on the inside Off he's like I'm laughing on the inside Mona yeah exactly Also uh Also may I say for someone like SBF Being worth a billions and you can't Afford some hair conditioner and a Haircut like he looks like a frobo bro Like come on dude get some conditioner In that freaking hair okay boom roasted All right roast also forget the Taj Mahal talk about spending money for love SBF let his mousy looking girlfriend Blow eight billion dollars of other People's money away Carolyn must have a incredible mouth on Her Oh Put your mind out of the gutter Austin I Was referring to her BJ skills what were You talking about oh I don't know I mean Her speaking skills atrocious BJ's Skills right on point God bless you know Good for her Sam comment Down Below in The comment section if you wanna your Take on that SPF yeah SBF come on down In one of the viral videos she was Talking about using basic math To compute gains and losses if that was The case why isn't an Indian or Asian

Kid from middle school running crypto Exchanges I mean I don't know if you Heard but we're really good at math Um I didn't get that memo that's why I Do this for a living so that's kind of Where I'm at Um in the new Netflix show Wednesday Um they should have hired Carolyn Ellison as the thing that's just my take On that Um yeah I haven't seen the show okay all Right other people might have all right That's great Austin Um some people have resting [ __ ] face Uh Carolyn has resting I smelled a fart Face uh probably the smell is coming From SBF [ __ ] bricks for being Called out on being a thief so maybe That's what's happening oh [Music] Nice not for nothing Gary Gensler looks Like Mr Burns from The Simpsons He does he does he while SP S like he's got a permanent sea urchin On his head doesn't he like all the Swimming in the Bahamas now he just has A permanent sea urchin Um according to Wikipedia sbf's net Worth peaked at 26 billion dollars yeah But his puberty is still peaking so That's very interesting to see Um SBF is vegan uh how could you eat so Healthy and be so out of shape at the Same time how does that even work I mean

I know people are gonna try to cancel me For this but that piece of crap wiped Out people's life savings I mean he Really deserves what's coming his way Okay SBF claims to be vegan but if he Goes to prison the inmates are Definitely gonna feed him a lot of their Meat Who am I kidding he's not going to Prison he's bad immunity using his Investors money come on people let's be Real come on okay come on let's be real By the way who comes up with these Crypto uh terms I I mean I thought nfts Stood for uh non-focal titties that's What I thought right uh like the ones SPF has uh they're definitely bigger Than Caroline's though Um it's hard to miss those [ __ ] tits it Really is Um okay uh terms like Moon mooning I Thought it was when you showed someone Your bare ass that's what I thought it Was uh terms like pump and dump isn't That just every teenage boy hitting Puberty's average Friday night isn't That what that is Um also metaverse you know how many Virgin nerds are about to have Girlfriends in the virtual world they Will never be able to touch Um much like in real life actually much Like in real life only their girlfriend In real life is their right hand so so

There's that in all reality though they May they say like me unique shall Inherit the Earth but I really believe That nerves are going to inherit the Earth that's really what I believe you Know whenever you go to these uh crypto Mansion parties uh there are three types Of people three types of people Bros hot Girls and nerds That's it that's the entire joke there's Nothing else to it um ideally uh I was More of an observation ideally I would Love to see a metaverse of U.S and Foreign presidents uh in a wet t-shirt Contest that's really what I would love To see Um imagine like Trump and Putin together Uh As Trump slips out of Putin's ass uh And ends up in prison which he's going To I can't wait It's gonna be so great uh wouldn't it be Hilarious if Satoshi turns out to be Someone like L Woods from Legally Blonde That would be hilarious like I would pay Bitcoin to watch that movie okay I mean what asks how did you come up With Bitcoin she's like what like it's Hard Um the exact words SPF used right before He [ __ ] as investors so that's um That's what happened too soon too soon Too late actually too late Austin that's Fine thank you thank you Um I must confess uh I'm definitely

Diamond hands when it comes to crypto uh And by that I mean uh I can't afford Dutchmans because all my money wasn't Putting on events and shows like web3 is A joke uh so I can tell some jokes and Get the validation my parents never gave Me so that's kind of where my life's at Um there might be some people who might Say I went too far today Mona you went Too far But not as far as screwing people out of Their money like crypto Crooks like SPF Um these are just jokes people you're Gonna be okay Um I believe in blockchain technology And I believe crypto is the future the End Guys throw a comment down below moaning Not easy uh not an easy setting to do Comedy but I loved it I'm excited for Friday well thank you final thoughts Um come to what three is a joke come if You're in Los Angeles come watch Austin He's going to be a moonwalk in the red Carpet which he's never done anywhere by The way never now's the time though Now's the Time now is the time so I Really uh well Austin you're gonna be There Aaron's going to be there but I Hope your followers are gonna come and Uh watch us and watch you in action and Uh get to enjoy some of our comedy and Mingle and have a great time so those Are those are my final thoughts gonna be

Great can't wait Foreign


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