Sam Bankman-Fried gets 25 years

How long will s SPF actually be in Prison former FTX CEO Sam bakman freed Has been sentenced to 25 years in prison For multiple felonies sparking various Reactions judge Lewis Kaplan condemned Banken freed liking him to a thief and Accusing him of perjury bankman freed Currently 32 could serve around 21 years With good behavior ending in 2045 the FTX bankruptcy case is ongoing with a Proposed plan to repay users Additionally an 11 billion forfeiture Judgment aims to ensure that any future Earnings by bankman freed benefit the Government and the victims hindering his Financial recovery Post Release this Sentence has drawn attention to the Severity of punishment in non-violent Crimes with some questioning the Appropriateness of a 25-year term for a White collor offense for all the latest Crypto news and updates subscribe to the Official coin Telegraph YouTube Channel


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