Sam Altman Fired and then Rehired #openai

On Friday November 17th Ilia Sato Invited openai co-founder Alman to a Board meeting where he was informed that He had just been fired CTO Mira morati Was subsequently named as interim CEO Soon after openai president Greg Brockman and many other senior execs Decided to resign in solidarity with Al Microsoft which reportedly has a 49% Stake in open AI was quote unquote Furious with the decision and began Working to have Altman reinstated on Sunday Altman returned to open AI Headquarters to negotiate his Reinstatement however the board hired Former twitch CEO EMT Shear Instead This LED Microsoft to hire Alman and Brockman For a new Advanced AI research team the Open AI board finally caved and at 10 P.m. PST on Tuesday evening announced it Had finally agreed to rehire Alman as CEO but why did all this happen it might Have something to do with a letter Reportedly written by several staff Researchers warning of a powerful Artificial intelligence discovery that They said could threaten Humanity


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