Russia Preparing for a Total & Complete Crypto Ban

Breaking news Russia is preparing for a Total and complete crypto ban announced Earlier today if you hold crypto hit the Like button Bitcoin holders need to see This the details are as follows Russia Will now enforce a strict ban on the General circulation of crypto assets Such as Bitcoin allowing only digital Financial assets within its jurisdiction I.E Russia this initiative led by the Chairman of the state Duma committee on The financial markets is part of a Broader governmental effort to control The crypto ecosystem amid Rising Geopolitical tensions Russia released This statement in explanation stating That the forthcoming legislation aims to Restrict non-russian crypto operations To reinforce the rubles dominance Explaining digital Financial assets Issued in Russian jurisdiction and Digital rubles will be allowed the need For a ban is due to the fact that today Cryptocurrency is a quasi currency that Replaces the ruble in the country but Only the Russian Ruble fulfills the Mission of the monetary unit so this Decision has been made this is so weird That Putin would do this this is so Weird that Russia would ban Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency because when you look at Their history with Bitcoin not only do They seem to like it Russia accepting Bitcoin and crypto donations for their

War against Ukraine a number of Pro-russian groups have raised crypto Assets to the tune of 20 million to help Them fight Ukraine so they were using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for its Intended purpose but not only that Putin Has always demonstrated a mindset Massively ahead of Western leaders when It comes to bitcoin listen to this 30 Second clip a Russian citizen asks Putin Will Russia have its own cryptocurrency And Putin seems to truly understand what Makes Bitcoin valuable for I don't think the news here is that Russia is preparing for a total crypto Ban I don't think the news here is that Russia is going against Bitcoin because They understand Bitcoin they use Bitcoin I think the news here is that Putin is Going after the US dollar Putin wants to Strengthen the ruble as the US dollar Weakens and this is congruent with Exactly what he was talking about on That recent Tucker Carlson interview Listen to the way he talks about the US Dollar keeping in mind what we know Today you know to use the dollar as a Tool of foreign policy struggle is one Of the biggest strategic mistakes made By the US political Leadership nevertheless it is the main Weapon used by the United States to Preserve its power across the world as Soon as the political leadership decided

To use the US dollar as a tool of Political struggle A blow was dealt to this American Power I would not like to use any strong Language but it is a stupid thing to do And a grave mistake look at what is Going on in the world even the United States allies are now downsizing their Dollar reserves seeing this everyone Starts looking for ways to protect Themselves but the fact that the United States applies restrictive measures to Certain countries such as placing Restrictions on transaction Freezing assets Etc causes great concern And sends a signal to the whole world I Mean look truth be told some people even Speculate that Putin created bitcoin to Destroy America I do think Putin wants To one up America I don't think Putin Created bitcoin but Putin's always been A fan of Bitcoin and people recognize This you know who's behind Bitcoin Putin it's a rooky conspiracy to up The American economy in the world it's a Long range plan he started 78 years ago He's going to see the demise of the Western Financial World while he's still The head of Russia and he's already Hacked into the brains of all the Morons you so what's the takeaway here Well in my opinion if you've been in Cryptocurrency for a long time like I

Have we always used to see that China Fud China's Banning Bitcoin every year They did it and I think this Russian News is in a very similar vein to that Tell me what you think of the Russia Banning crypto news in the comments Below do you agree with me do you Disagree with me or do you agree with Michael sailor that Bitcoin is still at A point where everybody in the world Needs it nobody in the world can stop it And almost nobody understands it 10 Years ago it was Apple and Amazon today It's Bitcoin the best idea if you want To make 10 extra money is you buy Something that everybody in the world Needs Nobody in the world can Stop and almost nobody understands Perfect okay so in 2010 that was Amazon or that was Apple or that was Facebook or Google these are all Dominant digital networks that everybody In the world needed that nobody could Stop but if you'd ask the typical Mainstream investor is this a good Investment they would all say oh it's Very scary it's overvalued Amazon doesn't make Money you know uh mobile phones used to Cost $50 you know it's like am Apple's going To sell an iPhone for $600 it's they Said it's too expensive the iPhone $600

Is too expensive no Kia will sell me one For $30 they said Apple it's going to go To $30 and of course what happened is Apple went to $1,500 and so so the conventional wisdom Was against these big tech companies now Where one country falters another Country picks up the slack and shines Bitcoin ETFs coming to Australia this News was first broken by Bloomberg and The info is as follows Australia gearing Up for major Bitcoin ETF rollouts in 2024 these are spot Bitcoin ETFs Australia one of their largest and most Prominent Securities exchanges has just Revealed that they're strongly Considering approving their first spot Bitcoin ETFs by as soon as the end of This year this happens in 2024 now even Bigger news ETF issuers some of the Biggest in the game are backing them They have ETF issuers like beta shares And vanac leading the charge for Bitcoin ETF approvals in Australia these two Issuers in their corner at the very Start is a big deal now this is a Bullish metric and the same can be true About the American market so consider This Australia's 2.3 trillion pension Sector could be a significant driver of Demand for these new ETFs so the pension Sector in the US as well as Australia as Well as almost any place with a spot Bitcoin ETF this will create incredible

Demand for Bitcoin and Michael sailor Here articulates why because of all this Bitcoin is primed listen it's the first Time in human history that we created a Commodity with a hard Supply Every money in history glass beads and Bales of tobacco and stone coins and Copper tokens and paper currency and Cigarettes and fiat currency all of Those things were uncapped every other Commodi soybeans and oil and natural gas And gold and silver uncapped we can Create more of Them land Timber real estate you can Even extract Land from the sea you can Create more Bitcoin is the one commodity that you Can buy and you can hold where it is Absolutely Capp 21 million so if the Price goes up by a factor of 100 the Supply is invariant there is no other Commodity where the supply is invariant To the demand or to the price that makes It perfect money it makes it the best Store of value Asset most other Commodities are much worse if a Commodity has a stock to flow ratio of One and you produce you know twice as Much you know the equivalent Supply Every year it's not going to be good Money if the stock to flow is 50 it Might be better money if you only Inflate the supply by 2% a year like Gold but it's still not great because

Every 30 years you cut your money in Half if you inflate 2% a year so this Leap from the idea that there should be A 2% inflation rate to the idea that There should be a 0% inflation rate That's a profound idea also important to Note that Australia wants to launch Ethereum spot ETFs as well and this info About Pension funds in the pension Sector totally true people don't even Think about this people don't even think About the fact that a lot of ETF buyers Like wirehouses have yet to even come on Yet Kathy Wood talks about this in our Business what's interesting is the Wirehouses which dominate our customers So Morgan Stanley all the advisers at These warehouses Morgan Stanley UBS Maril Lynch at BFA Well Fargo not one of Them has approved Bitcoin on its Platform that hasn't even happened yet And those are our primary clients when That happens explosion the fact is There's a lot going on in cryptocurrency Right now overall I'm bullish I mean so Much is happening this is a good thing There's a lot of interest in crypto Right now people are embracing it people Are skeptical of it guys 2024 is shaping Up into a great year subscribe to the Channel join our team we keep you Informed on crypto on a daily basis feel Free to watch any of our videos from the Past 6 months all of these are chocked

Full of information but my name is Aaron See you tomorrow my friends


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