Roxanne Varza on work life balance at Station F

Um a few weeks there's been a lot of Talk about work-life balance For instance away the luggage company They've come in there under pressure Because people have been noticing that They've been making people work on New Year's Eve to ship bags Um and it feels like you kind of selling This lifestyle where you eat sleep Breathe take all the time how do you Feel about that so the truth is it could Not be farther from the truth because Actually station F uh we actually Launched it uh with the idea in mind That it would be full 24 7 and that is Definitely not the case uh We've noticed That people take Holiday Station F we Still probably have several hundred People that will stay in the evenings And on weekends but it's definitely not The majority of people that choose to Work uh later hours or extra hours so Actually we tend to find that we're Actually surprised by how quote unquote Little the entrepreneurs actually end up Working compared to the cliches that we Have in mind okay so you don't think You're participating in this kind of Lifestyle no I don't I don't think our Entrepreneurs are necessarily uh that Style of entrepreneur great let's switch Gear and talk about some of the


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