Roxanne Varza describes some of the best Station F companies

Or even thousands of startups by now Yeah we have so many so what are you Looking for so from the top 30 this year There were quite uh that the top 30 is Essentially our our best performing Startups Um we have Vitality which is a e-gaming Esports company that has made a lot of News in France they're working with stat De France uh they've done some Significant rounds of funding I think They they just released a 20 million Round of funding not too long ago Um we've had a company called Kronos Care uh that they actually do Post uh Sales service so after you make a Purchase online on an e-commerce site They actually go through with a lot of The stuff that happens after making the Sale they were acquired a tiny team but Actually a lot of companies that are Making are getting more attention after The future 40 event for example Um we have a lot of medical Diagnostics Companies uh one called agency that's Testing for Alzheimer's so we have really we run a Whole gamut of different of different Topic some stages at station F very Interesting


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