Roxanne Varza describes Flatmates, the Station F co-living space

A few months ago you announced and you Launched flatmates what is flatmates so Flatmates is essentially a massive Co-living space for 600 of the Entrepreneurs at station F uh many People may know that housing is very Complicated in Paris it's even more Complicated when you're an entrepreneur So usually to be able to find a flat in In Paris you would have to gain you'd Have to make three times rent a salary You'd have to have a fixed term contract Which is impossible if you're founding a Company Um You probably have to have somebody Local as a guarantor this is just stuff That as an entrepreneur and especially As a foreign entrepreneur you would Never have one third of our population Is actually non-french so we actually Built this to really respond to bad Demand and how does it work they just Rent a bedroom in an apartment so uh Each apartment has six people living in It obviously get a private room you can Get shared bathroom private bathroom we Have different options starts at 399 Euros per room per month so it's very Affordable and it's essentially once you Get accepted to a program at station F You can also get accepted to the housing So for the past few weeks there's been a Lot of talk about work-life balance uh For instance away the luggage company

They've come and they're under pressure Because people have been noticing that


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