As a community driven company we believe it is essential that all stakeholders understand
the many changes we hope to implement over the next few months. It's essential we get feedback from you.
Let us know what you think of what we have in store for Zappermint.
These are key features and milestones we wish to accomplish.
These are not fixed and can shift depending on the need of the project and feedback.

  • Preannouncement

    We are super proud of the work that already has been done to make Zappermint a reality and want to thank all the people that have helped us. We are glad to announce that Zappermint will hold a token sale in the near future and would like to get people onboard from the beginning to start our journey and create our community of users and developers that want to get rid of advertisements on mobile gaming platforms.

  • Starting the marketing engine

    The Zappermint ecosystem works better and better with every app that integrates Zappermint. Due to its built-in network effect every user and developer will make the network stronger and stronger. In this phase we will start contacting our network and influencers to get the ball rolling and prepare for our token sale launch.

  • Whitepaper Version v1

    Release of our whitepaper v1 to the public. This document describes details about our manifesto, the Zappermint ecosystem, Zappermint’s tokenomics, planning, business model and team.

  • Continue our marketing efforts

    Throughout the preannouncement and token sale we will be conducting marketing. We will try to contact as many people as we can in order to reach our soft cap.

  • Explainer video

    On this day we will finish our first explainer video for the Zappermint platform.

  • Deep link Test

    Concept game to test the Zappermint deep linking on IOS and Android.

  • Token sale smart contract

    Working on our token sale smart contract to receive funds.

  • Token sale launch

    On this day we will open the token sale and start accepting Ethereum. This will last for one month.

  • Token sale end

    On this day the token sale will end. If our soft cap is reached and there are tokens that are not sold, we will burn them.

  • Zapp Wallet and the Zapp Website

    In this phase we will start the development of the Zapp Wallet for iOS and Android. At the same time we will be developing the website.

  • Claim your ZAPP tokens

    We want to make sure we apply by law and therefore will take 1 month, starting from the token sale end date, to allocate ZAPP tokens in the correct manner to all the people that contributed.

  • Researching and simulating the ecosystem

    There are some black holes in terms of choosing the right formulas to mint/burn ZAPP tokens and dynamic app NFT generation. Because of this we are going to simulate some behaviour to make sure we get it right.

  • Token distribution and Uniswap launch

    Token holders that bought during the token sale will get their tokens first. After the token distribution the ZAPP token is scheduled to be on the Uniswap DEX.

  • Zappermint smart contract

    Development of the Zappermint smart contract

  • Zappermint Unity plugin

    Development of the Unity plugin

  • Zappermint's Beta phase

    Developing a template app where the Zappermint's login system is integrated.

  • Scaling solutions

    Zappermint will need to dynamically change app NFTs of developers in order to keep track of how much their app is played/used. In order to do this we need to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and this costs us gas fees. In this phase we will be looking to integrate scaling solutions to relief users of this burden.

  • Launch of the Zappermint's ecosystem

    On this day we will write history and launch the first adless revenue model in existence. We will start our journey together with our community and try to evaporate advertisements. It is time to get your head out of your ads.

  • Future platform development

    From this point forward we will start developing our plugins for other platforms. The choice of which platform will depend on developer needs.

  • Governance

    In this phase we will start working on how governance can and should be applied in the Zappermint ecosystem.

This is not financial advice. Neither Zappermint protocol nor USDN inherently provide any guarantee for profits, token price and system or protocol stability. Staking USDN is subject to a variety of risks. Prior to obtaining the token, users must get familiar with the underlying technology and adhere to applicable laws to ensure they are authorized to legally obtain and interact with the token.