Revolution Chairman & CEO Steve Case touches on the focus on open source in AI | StrictlyVC

I I am not you know arguing in favor of Big Tech I'm more in favor of little Tech my passion my focus like many of You is on startups the next generation Of lachers that can create the next Companies and they can only do that if They have a real shot if they have a Level Playing Field AOL would not have Existed if it hadn't been for that Decision to open up the networks and and Provide Open Access so if you don't have Uh essentially open source in in the in The area of AI even though I acknowledge There's risks associated with the open Source including National Security risk I I I I I'm not naive about that but I Think the biggest risk would be not Enabling you know kind of this whole new Generation of innovators and Entrepreneurs to participate and just Allowing the big tech companies to uh to To get bigger so it's important that we Support the bigger companies allow them To you know take actions that do Maximize the likelihood America continue To lead but not just rely on them we Need to make sure they have platforms That are are open but at some point when They become leaders and maybe in some Cases even become dominant they tend to Close things down and put tollgates up Uh and so right now things tend to be More open although I would say open AI Is not really open


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