Revealed: How Much Tesla Lost on Its Bitcoin Investment in 2022 [ Crypto Espresso 2.1.22 ]

Well somebody told me that you had a Strong desire for this Tuesday news day Well cool down your hot fuss because I Am your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines oh come on At least look excited smile like you Mean it first up a coin to ported Examiner has accused Celsius network of Lying to its customers manipulating the Price of sell tokens to enrich Executives and using ponzi-like methods Shoba pillay said the bankrupt crypto Lender conducted its business in a Starkly different manner than how it Marketed itself to customers in every Key respect it's also alleged that Celsius used customer funds to fill Holes in its balance sheet and prop up Its native token in other developments Customers with custody accounts will Soon be able to withdraw 94 of their Balance up to a value of 7575 but this will be of little Comfort To 600 000 earned customers who continue To face uncertainty if they'll ever get Their crypto back a crypto air quotes Here entrepreneur by claiming he had Invented a digital asset backed by gold Will be jailed for eight years Randall Crater raised 7.5 million dollars for my Big coin and falsely claimed that his Project had struck up a partnership with MasterCard U.S attorney Rachel Rollins

Said his lies and deception inflicted Real trauma pain and hardship on the Lives of 55 individual victims and their Families who funneled their money into Bank accounts Mr crater controlled and Used to finance his extravagant Lifestyle just some of the purchases Included a house cars and over 1 million Dollars in jewelry art and antiques in Court crater said I did not set out to Steal money from anyone that does not Mean I am not remorseful oh I think he Learned his lesson can we just let him Go Tesla suffered a 140 million dollar Loss on its Bitcoin investment in 2022 And SEC filing has revealed the bad news Came in a largely positive earnings Report in which the company reported Record earnings and revenue up 37 Percent beating forecasts even when its Margins fell you'll remember that Tesla Hit headlines when it snapped up 1.5 Billion dollars worth of bitcoin in Early 2021 a move that's widely been Credited with sparking a dramatic bull Run but the company actually sold 75 of Its Bitcoin last July for just 936 Million dollars if you have a calculator Handy that's a substantial loss and a Move that musk attributed to a need to Strengthen its cash position due to Uncertainties over the impact of covid On its Manufacturing in China the British government is unveiling

Ambitious plans to protect consumers From the risks of crypto ministers want To ensure that this sector is regulated Like traditional financial institutions It's hoped that this approach will Tackle some of the more significant Risks associated with crypto while Allowing the UK to take advantage of the Technology last year Britain unveiled Plans to become a global crypto asset Hub and make stable coins a valid Payment method the governing Conservatives have been criticized once Again by rivals in the labor party They've described crypto as the wild West and say consumers need urgent Protection because their savings have Been put at risk and scams have hit Record levels and finally after an Outcry from fans the Publishers of Dungeons and Dragons have backtracked on Plans to ban derivative nft projects the Game has a decades-old open game license That allows fans and other companies Alike to make Games books and digital Content using the dnd's core rules However Wizards of the Coast the company That owns Dungeons and Dragons had Planned to impose restrictions on crypto Collectibles and web 3. on the other Hand nfts are being embraced by the Jim Henson Company the company is launching Fraggle Rock nft trading cards based on The hit 80s TV series about dancing

Singing cave dwelling Muppet creatures a Fraggle Rock reboot has just been picked Up for a second season by Apple TV plus And you know that's that's all right but I don't need nfts to use my imagination Let me just close my eyes and imagine a Beautiful fantasy world oh look there's Elves there's dwarves and is that is That wizards of the Coast's intellectual Property lawyers oh no get me out of Here oh all right let me try that again I'm seeing a perfect Utopia where crypto Espresso viewers like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto's personal Video goes live well what'd you think About today's episode maybe discuss Amongst your DND group because I'll Never know because comments are still Disabled because Bots oh it just makes Me sad questions about our headlines or Crypto in general why not ask Alex in That description below Alex is a great Resource for all things web 3 end of Them ever send that about does it for Today again I've been your host Andrew These have been your headlines and we'll See all of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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