Research Firm believes Bitcoin could rally to $45,000 next month! [ Crypto Espresso 4.17.23 ]

Ah a fresh start for the work week I'm your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines at least Now that I'm older the entire work week Just goes by so quickly and I can't even Dwell on my hatred for Monday anymore First up the future's looking bright for The two biggest cryptocurrencies at Least if analysts are to be believed K-33 researches vettely Lund believes Bitcoin could rally to forty five Thousand dollars next month as a painful Bear market ends while Bitcoin has Enjoyed a strong start to 2023 some are Expecting a pullback in the second Quarter and in other developments Coinbase believes that eath will Continue to show strength until the end Of April at the earliest prices have Remained buoyant despite validators Beginning to withdraw their state ether Coin market cap data shows that Bitcoin Has fallen just below 29 500 as of the Time of writing while ether is still Trading at about two thousand seventy Five dollars they're up by four percent And 12 over the past seven days Respectively on man who stole fifty Thousand to bitcoin from the Silk Road Marketplace has been sentenced to a year Behind Bars that's despite police to Avoid prison time James zong had Discovered a flaw in the dark net site

And the stash he stole was worth 620 000 at the time of the theft in 2012 but It's not 2012 anymore its value Ballooned to 3.36 billion dollars the 32 Year old was spared a more severe Sentence because of truly unique Circumstances in the case the judge said That he was determined to deter other Cyber criminals this was one of the Largest seizures of stolen crypto in U.S History Zhang had stashed the Bitcoin in An underground floor safe and also on a Single board computer concealed under Blankets and a popcorn tin stored in a Bathroom closet Nema momenti the man Accused of killing cash app founder Bob Lee has appeared in court prosecutors Claim the pair had a bit of an argument About the suspect's sister it's alleged That momenti stabbed him three times in A secluded Street and left him to slowly Die leaving the kitchen knife at the Scene detectives believe that the attack Was pre-planned and momini made an Initial appearance in court on Friday he Did not enter a guilty plea Lee was Stabbed three times including once in The heart his death sent shockwaves Through the crypto industry drawing Tributes from block CEO Jack Dorsey the 43 year old had most recently worked as Chief product officer on mobile coin and Finally lawyers representing FTX Investors in a class action lawsuit say

They've finally served papers to Shaquille O'Neal Adam Moskowitz claims The former basketball player had been Running from his Law Firm for months but Late on Sunday he confirmed that the Celebrity was served outside of his House and this was recorded on his home Video cameras O'Neill and other Influencers have been accused of Misleading investors through their Promotions of the now bankrupt exchange Tom Brady Larry David and Kevin O'Leary Have also been named in court documents With controversial YouTuber bitboy Crypto accused of harassing the law firm That's spearheading the case and Speaking of spearheading let's go it's Time to organize and Tackle this in Engagement Spiel like this video Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live thoughts on today's Episode well drop me a line in that Comment section I always read them and I Always take them a bit too seriously and It's honestly eating me alive inside Questions about our headlines or crypto In general why not ask Alex in that Description below Alex is always a great Resource for all things web 3 and the Metaverse and that about does it for Today again I've been your host danger These have been your headlines and we'll

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