Record High 100k Points Offer | Chase Ink Business Preferred

All right so for the first time ever the Chase Inc business Preferred Card is Offering the highest welcome bonus offer In the history of offers now this offer Here got better in two ways first they Reduced the 15K minimum spent to eight Thousand dollars and the points also That you can earn went up significantly To give you a quick breakdown all this Means is you have to spend 266 bucks a month and you'll be able to Get an extra 100 000 ultimate reward Points now the biggest hurdle when it Comes to business credit cards is the Fact that a lot of people believe it's Harder to get approved for business Credit cards just because it's not a Personal car well I got some great news For you because first of all I made a Brand new updated guide just a few Months back walking you through step by Step in order to get approved for a Business credit card for this year now If you already own a business you pretty Much made the process even easier but That video is going to open the door for Anyone who may have been newer to the Space now on top of that we got some Multiple reports of people getting a Approved for this card even over the Infamous 524 rule which seemed to have Been like that Golden Rule no one could Get around and some people even getting Approved instantly for this card with

Less than a 700 credit score so often Times when credit card ensures increase The value of those welcome bonus offers They're incentivizing you guys to sign Up and they usually allow even more Applicants which they may not have done Before it's moments like this where I Highly encourage you guys to take Advantage of the offer because first of All you are getting a much higher offer You have to spend less money to hit that And on top of that your odds of getting Approved is going to significantly Increase now if you already own a card Like this as I do keep watching because There's an industry secret that I bet You don't know either so the one cool Thing about business credit cards is the Fact that you're not limited to just Having one business your whole life so Just take me as an example I had Multiple businesses before starting my Current company Jung media where you Know we have four employees right now we Hired a new intern from Wooten High School by the way if any of you guys Ever want to work with us partner with Us or intern for us to send me an email Get you on board in but before the whole Media company stuff I had an e-commerce Store private label brand I also had a Digital marketing agency working with Companies all around this area running Ads specializing in content Creation in

The last four to five years I can name Just a number of different businesses And eins that I've had and I could Actually go ahead and apply for multiple Business credit cards of the same kind Because I had different businesses so I Did a bit more research going through Some of the fine print on these cards Because there's a lot you got to know if You've ever received a welcome bonus Offer on the Inc business Preferred Card For the same business within the past 24 Months you wouldn't actually qualify Again for this new offer but the Workaround like I said is if you have a Separate business with a new Ein you Could actually get this card as long as You have not gotten it within the past 24 month period or two years so I Currently have three of the chase in Cards which I've gotten more than 2 Years ago the time I gotten those were When I made review videos if you look at Some of my old videos that's when I had Them I think it's been over two years Guys and anyways those cards were all on My older company so I started a brand New company with the new Ein I could Actually go ahead and apply for this Card right here and still get qualified The benefit of also having multiple Cards not only are you getting a Boatload of welcome bonus offers and Points on things that you're gonna spend

Anyways but you're also going to be able To manage your expenses better on your Different businesses another example That comes to mind is I have a different Credit card for the restaurant that I Own here in Rockville Maryland if you Guys are ever looking for a really good Japanese barbecue a restaurant to dine In at check out guzo located in Rockville Town Center here in Maryland I Have a different business credit card For that one compared to my business Credit card that I use for you know all This YouTube stuff as soon as we build Up my next company I'm actually going to Go ahead and create a bunch of different Business credit cards and accounts for That one because I do like staying Organized and at the end of the year When I'm doing taxes my accountant and My bookkeeper usually thanks us because We don't have everything just jam-packed Under one umbrella now it's also Important to note that business credit Cards don't get added to your 5 24 count Of recently opened cards now this year Is a huge rule of Chase and one rule That has impacted a lot of people in the Way that they apply for different cards Now that's because most business credit Cards from Banks don't actually show up Onto your personal credit report that Uses the 524 count now by the way guys If you want to learn more about the

Chasing business Preferred Card I have a Link Down Below in the description that Will get you hooked up with that 100K Bonus offer so at this point if you guys Are interested in this card let's go Over what the actual benefits are let's Go over the downgrade paths what you can Do in order to maximize the benefits and Also how you can improve the chances of Getting approved so first of all this Card here actually has a 95 annual fee For the primary card holder and no Annual fee for additional card holders With this card you can earn three points Per dollar on travel including airfare Hotels car rentals cruises Subways Trains tax these tolls parking Airbnb Lift Uber and more I don't know how much More it could be than that that is like Every method of travel that I can think Of but on top of that they'll actually Be giving you 5x back on Lyft which I Think is a great benefit that wasn't Around when I first got this card many Years ago and if you're not team Uber And your team lifted it's pretty solid With this card you'll also get three Points per dollar on internet cable and Phone services and this can include Streaming services like Netflix or more You also get three points per dollar on Shipping purchases so if you're using Any type of inventory sending packages Out to customers something that we're

Doing a lot this was actually the Primary card that I used and you also Get three points per dollar on search Engine and social media advertising so If you do any type of Ecom or even if You're doing just marketing agency stuff If you can get whatever company that You're running the ads for and allow Them to reimburse you for the ads that You're paying and you make sure they Actually pay you because that'll be a Headache if they don't you're going to Be utilizing 3x points back this is how You can rack up millions and millions of Points if you hold this card for a Certain period of time now by the way Way you can only get a Max of a hundred Fifty thousand dollars annually by Spending on this card anything after That you're not gonna be getting 3x or Even the 5x on lift it comes back down To the regular 1X you'd get on a card Now going back into the welcome bonus Offer of eight thousand dollars within Three months or about 2600 some bucks if You find that you don't spend that much Money there are still additional ways That you can get a ton of credit card Points one of my favorite methods is to Actually pay your federal taxes you pay A small 1.8 to even two to three percent Fee depending on which credit card Processor you use but this is something That I've done for many many years in

Order to get new points if I wasn't able To hit the welcome bonus offer this is Because oftentimes taxes you have to pay It anyways and this is just an easy way To still get positive Roi on a huge Amount of points you can earn with this Card you also get cell phone protection Back a few years ago when I was still Holding the Chase Ink business Preferred Card I actually still hold it now I Damaged the crap out of my iPhone back Then and I was able to file a claim and Get it completely repaired the cell Phone protection I think is really solid With the chasing business preferred I Personally use this one and the business Platinum version normally Amex is Superior in all ways customer service Related but I think when it came to Filing this report the insurance for my Cell phone was a lot smoother with the Chasing car this is because I had to go Through AIG for AMEX platinum and they Just asked for so much and back when I Was using the chasing business preferred I don't know if they changed their Insurance lenders but I remember back Then the process was a lot more smoother On top of that this card also gives you Primary rental car insurance in every Country when the rentals used for Business purposes you get extended Warranty which adds a year of coverage Up to ten thousand dollars per claim you

Get purchase protection for items damage Or stolen within a 120 day period or up To ten thousand dollars again for claim And yet a trip delay reimbursement which Covers 500 per person for reasonable Expenses this includes Hotel food Toiletries medicine or more you get trip Cancellation coverage for five thousand Dollars per trip and ten thousand Dollars if you have multiple Travelers And you get trip Interruption coverage And then on top of that you get travel Accident coverage you get five hundred Thousand dollars per person you get lost Luggage insurance which covers three Thousand dollars per person and then you Get baggage delay reimbursement which Covers a hundred dollars per day per Person for a Max of five days for Essential items like clothing toiletries Chargers for delays that last for more Than six hours I don't know about you Guys but it seems like more often than Not when I travel my plane ends up Getting delayed if it gets delayed for More than six hours and you're going on A business trip using this card you can Get free coverage on essential items so You know if I need to eat I'm gonna eat I'm gonna put on this card and then I'm Gonna go ahead and file for that Reimbursement or if I need an extra Charger for my phone this is where this Perk really starts shining all right

What I love about this card here though Is mainly the fact that it's with Chase And you get access to the Ultimate Rewards portal if you have some of the Cards like the Chase Sapphire preferred Or the Chase Sapphire Reserve this here Means instead of just getting a hundred Thousand ultimate Reward Points which Adds up to be a thousand dollars in cash Back that you could get you could Essentially stretch the value of those Points more so they are more valuable to You now I've been finding a ton of great Redemptions and this is because Chase is A Transfer Partner with Hyatt I love Staying at hide hotels I actually have Not yet globalist I have explorists but Even for the next like two three trips I'm taking I'm staying at Hyatt Hotels Which I'm really excited for and this Card seems to shine through with finding Great solid redemptions without having To spend hours and hours on the computer Trying to get a huge Redemption on say With other issuers like the AMX card Sometimes all I have to do is just go on The Ultimate Rewards portal and I'll Find that I can get a Redemption of two To even three cents back easily now Between the trifecta of the Chase Ink Card so we have the Chase Ink business Cash the chase Inc business unlimited And then obviously the chase Inc Business preferred the one we're talking

About now the other two don't have Annual fees they have zero dollar annual Fee to hold this one is the only one With a 95 annual fee but say for example You're not getting the ROI what you Could do is add actually downgrade this Card into one of those different Products I would say with a card like This you could go ahead and cancel it And you're not going to see a huge Repercussion because it already doesn't Impact your personal credit report this Is not something that I would do with my Personal credit cards that quick I would I would have to think a bit more about It but with business credit cards you Definitely have a lot more leeway on What you can do now keep in mind you Would want to hold the card for a Minimum of 12 months before ever Converting it back down to a different Product if you end up you know holding This card for three months you get the Welcome bonus offer you call them up hey I want to downgrade it or cancel it it's Going to look fishy they may even claw Back those points so be careful in doing That now by the way if you guys didn't Know you could also pair up this car get A little Wombo Combo action with the VISA savings Edge program what I also Like to do is if I'm shopping online I Use Ebates also known as racketon and if You guys use my link Down Below in the

Description you'll be able to pick up Thirty dollars all for free with the VISA savings Edge program you have Access to get additional points from Places like budget autos Zone MGM hotels Windham Hotels even I'm seeing like five Percent from Microsoft here Tax Act you Get two percent at Panera Bread if You're all about scraping the little Cash back that you can if you pair this Up with even Ebates you might find that You can get a ton of cash back back cash Back back now ladies and gents if you Are already building out something like The chase Trifecta I think this is just A great staple to have within the wallet Especially if you're just looking to Hold it for a year just because of that Elevated welcome bonus offer and some of The other perks that you get with this Card by the way if you guys do want to Learn more about getting this card check Out the link Down Below in the Description anytime you use that it Supports this channel a lot like always Though make sure the offer is Competitive if for some reason it's not Giving you the 100K offer do not use my Link go on Google find one that gives You the 100K offer but check down below In the description first to see if You're able to qualify for the offer First now guys if you did enjoy today's Video If you appreciate the credit card

Content do me a favor drop a like down Below subscribe to the channel already And by the way if you guys want to go Ahead and join our Facebook group the Credit Society the link for that will be Down below in the description in Addition to getting hooked up to our Newsletter where I'll be sending you Credit card tips and tricks every single Day because actually our newsletter Members got hit with this offer like a Week ago before I even made this video Here on YouTube so if you guys don't Ever want to miss out just in case Offers come and offers go real quick be Sure to check out the link Down Below in The description for that if you have no Idea how to get started with business Credit cards I also have that linked at The end of this video here on this Screen as a card and also Down Below in The description that you guys can check Out now thank you all so much again for Watching today's video have an amazing Blessed day and I'll see y'all soon Peace


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