Recap: Samsung Unpacked 2020

On Tuesday Samsung hosted its Semi-regular unpacked event where the Company showed off all of the devices It's been working on behind the scenes Lately Samsung made three big Announcements during the event a flip Phone style folding smartphone called The Galaxy Z flip three new additions to Its top tier Galaxy S line and an Upgrade to its wireless earbuds the Galaxy beds mashing up 90s design with Modern tech the Galaxy Z flip takes a 6.7 inch display and lets you fold it up Into something that should fit into your Pocket a small display on the outside Lets you check in on notifications or Take selfies without actually opening The device and you can prop up partially Unfolded for hands-free video calls Samsung says that fibers inside the Hinge should help prevent the issues Seen in early prototypes where dust and Debris were able to sneak into the hinge And damage the screen from behind the Galaxy Z flip should start shipping on February 14th on the more standard Non-folding front Samsung is jumping From the Galaxy S10 all the way up to The Galaxy s20 there are three models to Choose from here the s20 the s20 plus And s20 Ultra with base prices on each Model of 9.99 1200 and 1400 respectively All three phones offer up displays that Run at 120 hertz and 1080 pixels and

Support those 5G networks that are Slowly starting to come online Samsung's Main focus this time around though is The camera all three models can shoot Video at 8K a feature Samsung calls Space Zoom lets the s20 and s20 plus Zoom in up to 30 times the ultra Meanwhile bumps the maximum zoom up to An absolutely ridiculous 100x the new S20s should hit the shelves starting March 6th and finally Samsung's Galaxy Buds are getting an upgrade with the Galaxy buds plus sound quality is said To be improving across the board with The company shifting from a single Driver system to dual drivers and from Two microphones to three sadly there's Still no noise cancellation Samsung says These new buds should last up to 11 Hours on a single charge with a Companion charging case packing an extra 11 hours of charge on the go buds plus Are expected to ship on February 14th For 149 dollars Foreign


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