Raoul Pal’s Thoughts on Solana – His Prediction

Very bullish soul for this cycle of Course there will be others that Outperform but I find it harder when you Go further at the risk curb to smaller Tokens with less proof so you don't know Those first cycle tokens what's going to Do well it's much more speculative but Salana survived much like ethereum Survived in 2018 when it went down 97 a Half% salana was down 98% in a very Similar circumstance and what I saw from The community is they rallied behind it And they continued to build and that was A signal to me that something different Is happening when I looked at it I could See that there was a chart pattern that I started to like to make me think that It was going to outperform bitcoin so I Started buying salana all the way Through from June till November 2020 Since then been looking at the network Activity all the things being built on It how it's happening and this is a fast Reliable consumer-based chain where Which we could see Mass adoption


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