Raoul Pal’s LATEST Solana Price Prediction (insane.)

For Solana you mentioned fire dancer for The folks at home could you explain what That Is so fire Dancer is basically a validator of Salano it's in testnet right now it's Basically another way of accessing the Salana network it was built by jump Trading which is a high frequency Trading firm that's deep into Crypto and they built It to be fast enough but frequency Trading high frequency trading is Basically limited so the game in high Frequency trading is to be the fastest With seeing the order flow and putting Your orders in that uses massive Fiber Optic Cables of the shortest possible Length because what they're using is the Speed of Light so they say well it's impossible To do that in ethereum or salana or Anything so you need something that Operates at a Quantum change a step Change CH in speed so they built a new Version of salana which will run which You can choose as your Validator if sana's theoretical Transactions per second is 65,000 this is theoretically 1 million So it's like it's a it's an entire game Change so what does that enable why am I Interested in it Because things like some of the two

Initiatives from SL one was compressed Nfts allow you to create a million nfts For 100 bucks we're seeing that on layer Twos as well like Bas but we're not at L One level okay salana is a whole Different game so that makes it very Cheap so you can use nfts for other Things not high-end art or stuff you can Use it for tickets or whatever high Frequency stuff now if you've got a Chain that operates the speed of Financial Markets well now you can tell iiz Exchanges you can put exchanges on the Blockchain like NASDAQ okay that gets really interesting Now this Tex Stack's not ready it won't Be this cycle but we'll see people using This new speed and low latency for Interesting stuff and it'll build a Narrative next cycle we'll see the Launch of stuff on it so that's how I Think about this this is like we've just Unleash two Superpowers and we will start to see People experimenting with it and the Narrative building next cycle we Actually see projects coming out on it But it is a game changer for the entire Crypto space and most people aren't Aware of it yet I saw this thing on Twitter a week week or two ago maybe you Did that it was maybe it was fud I don't Know but like 70% of all transactions on

Solana fail or something like that have You seen that and does this solve it so No it doesn't solve that right now the Network's overwhelmed because of massive Use because of mean coins and other Stuff and we've seen this in eth in the Past as well um where it just gets Overwhelmed with activity so they're Putting through fixes now to increase The bandwidth essentially the ability to Deal with um all of the transactions That need to happen um I think the TPS is the basically the speed and Number of transactions without it Getting clogged but you need compute Power behind it as well so yes we've Seen salana transactions failing right Now only because of the sheer demands of The network much like you can over Overrun a Broadband Network or a mobile Phone network it's all the same thing um And so what you need is more compute so You need more compute you fixes make Things a bit faster so it's not broken Per se it's just being tested to its Limits which I actually think is very Bullish particularly if they put a Decent patch through and before you know It opens up the network again and to be Fair salon biggest haters the cardano Community the avac community whatever Wish they had a problem like this but Then they can easily snipe at you when All the uh when all the energy is on the

Salon blockchain yeah remember we had The same in eth back in 2021 right The nft Craze that happened On E it was massive and it just over Plus D5 plus everything else suddenly Overwhelmed e the gas fees went up the Network was clogged you couldn't get Transactions through That's actually a good sign it shows you Got product Market Fit your thesis for Bitcoin earlier Discussed earlier in this conversation Was at least a $200,000 Bitcoin top of Cycle for Solana is that as that is your Biggest bet in crypto today where's that Put Salana look we don't really know but I I Would assume that if Sal is at 200ish Today right for it to go up 100% would be in crypto summer would Be highly unusual at least 300% would be Pretty standard that would be eth Alltime highs versus the previous Alltime highs of that high so that will Put it 600 so let's mark that as like That's a reasonable spot you know if I Use a few charts and a bit of you know Log charts I get somewhere between 800,00 in a in a complete bubble cycle I Think it can go above 2,000 in a short Stunted Cycle 750 something like that but it's Still all to play for is the point what Is your investor thesis for eth this

Year given this is an Institutional Cycle people like Bitcoin now but Eth so if Bitcoin is the gateway drug The ra Everybody else you can kind of get your Data across the line with Bitcoin um you know and you can just use Digital gold or you know store of value Or something pretty Straightforward eth really is the Settlement layer for all of the lay Twos but also I think a lot of the Financial services industry will build On top of it because it's deemed to be The safe bet it's like using Salesforce For your CRM and other stuff it's like Using AWS right it's the thing you don't Get fired for now I think salana will Grab part of that market because of fire Dancer which is much faster we can talk About that later but generally speaking Eth is the Easy Choice it's like you Work for a large corporation they'll Give you Microsoft Office eth is Microsoft Office interesting okay and but you you So you think they'll eth's the safer Play but Solana is like the easier play So if you could like Solana and eth For this cycle what are your thoughts Well proof is in the pudding I'm 90% Salana that's been my big bet for this Cycle so last cycle my bet was switching

Bitcoin into E um a little bit later in the cycle After the bottoming of that Bitcoin eth Cross and that really paid off because It massively outperformed and this cycle I switched my eth into salana last year About August and that's really really Paid off and I think it continues and so Fire Dancer the biggest game in town However is what is the salana of this Cycle so what's the next salana to watch The full conversation click subscribe Full interview drops very very soon if You remember salana last cycle was huge Join the 1.4 million members of The Altcoin Daily community that are going To watch it and if you got value from Today's video hit the like button and Send this to a friend they may thank you Someday


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