Raoul Pal’s Crypto Forecast AFTER The Bitcoin Halving 2024 (The NEXT Solana)

Crypto is growing at twice the speed of The internet in terms of adoption today I interview Global macro investor Raul Pal since the fastest adoption of any Technology in any asset class the world Has ever seen about his forecast for the Crypto Market in 2024 well crypto gets To a billion people by the end of next Year a billion active wallets and it Gets to 4 billion by 2030 we discussed The Bitcoin having the day of the Bitcoin having what should they expect His bitcoin price prediction by end of Year for this cycle how high range wise Do you see Bitcoin going what altcoin is The next Solana the biggest game in town However is what is the salana of this Cycle and watch the whole interview Because Raul pal ranks the crypto Market No I'm going to put Doge in a really Click the like button and let's start Raul with where is crypto today you know I've always been talking about this I Think last time I spoke to you talked About this there's a a lovely transition That makes it easy for people to Understand is like crypto is the best Performing asset in the world for three Years and then it's the worst for one Year that first year is known as crypto Spring sometimes it can be a bit choppy It could be like spring some days it Rain some days it's sunny but every day It gets a bit warmer we had a pretty

Decent crypto spring I mean Bitcoin was Up 150% then we started and we're in the Process of transitioning to crypto Summer and crypto summer is when you Start hitting alltime highs and things Start going Bananas and we're very close to that now You know we've got to the all-time high Bitcoin and we've been messing around so Whether by the time this video comes out Or not it's broken out or it hasn't we Don't know it doesn't really matter you Know it's pretty standard to have a chop Around for a bit and then then fireworks Happen and really the fireworks truly Happen when altcoin season comes And that comes in crypto summer and We're starting to see the first signs of That it's been mincoin season for a While now and I think it will drag you Know the big memes like Doge up and Before you know it even everybody I I Find it amusing everybody is writing off Ethereum right now and exactly the same Happened in 2020 um in 2020 ethereum was Underperforming Bitcoin in Spring as it Always does then it started basing and Then by the end of the year it just Never stopped outperforming and I think We're in a similar kind of pattern and That's typical of altcoin season let's Talk about eth let's talk about salana

But this video is definitely coming out Before the Bitcoin having so especially Especially for new people just entered The space in the last six months the day Of the Bitcoin having what should they Expect Nothing it's a coin flip between it Going up and it going down but what we Do know is the supply of bit bit coin From the miners will Harve so over time there's less new Supply and therefore the supplies to be Met by existing participants selling now Considering about 60 to 80% of all Bitcoin holders don't sell they just Hold there's actually quite limited Supply around so when you add in a kind Of Macro bull market it tends to then tilt The supply demand imbalance wildly in Favor of demand Not enough Supply too much demand add The ETF in and that adds more fomo it's Easier for people to get in and before You know it you start building this Banana Zone cycle so the Haring itself Is a Non-event um it's really it's the signal That you're about to come Into crypto summer which happens to Coincide with the presidential election Years every time and it also corresponds With what I call the everything code Cycle which is the debt refinancing

Cycle which is the macro cycle they're All the same thing So you get this kind of powerful Dynamic Of politicians giving out free candy Because they're going into an election Stimulous you tend to have a liquidity Cycle because of the business cycle Because they have to refinance the debts Of the governments and you tend to have The Bitcoin harving which is a reduction In Supply and that's why these periods Get really quite exciting if slash when The Federal Reserve Cuts rates for the First time in years later this year what Will that mean for Crypto I think it's been anticipated by The Markets um but it just at top level if You think of most people who've got Credit card debts or mortgages or Interest payments on cars it just makes Everybody's life a little bit easier and If you've got a little bit more Discretionary spending you might be able To put it into the market and so at the At the margin it'll help I mean Obviously it would help a lot if R went Down to 2% are they going to get there Or not certainly not this year maybe Next year depends what happens to Inflation depends what happens on a Number of different levels but really It's not interest rates that actually Drive the world it's

Liquidity liquidity is the money that The the central banks put into the System often in conjunction with the Government to try and D generate Economic growth or drive markets and we Bottomed in liquidity I think again last Time we spoke back in November 2020 uh 2 2022 that was the bottom of the Liquidity cycle happens to be the bottom Of the crypto cycle and bottom of Technology because those are the Forward-looking asset classes and going Forward my work suggest that liquidity Should continue to ease all the way into 2025 um so therefore if we've got Rising Liquidity against this backdrop it Should be positive and by the way to Your credit the last time I had you on Or back in end of 2022 I asked you are You worried about a recession coming and You said the recession's now you know People are the most depressed now it'll Only get better and you turned out to be Right it's your credit um so I want to Go forward thinking maybe in a longer Term time span are you in the Michael Sailor camp that Bitcoin will most Likely hit a million Dollars yeah so how I back this out is Two different ways one I just look at The log chart of Bitcoin that Trend you can extrapolate It and somewhere around 2030 it'll be a million dollars that

Sounds as ridiculous today as it did When I first bought it at $200 and I put A price projection of $100,000 uh I said it's actually going To a million but I'm going to Discount Myself for being an idiot by 90% so it Cost $200 it could go to zero at that Time certainly because that was 2013 but my price projections 100,000 And people said this is ridiculous I Said is the best macro trade of all time So the mill million dollars doesn't seem That Preposterous um the other way I back it Out is when I look at the adoption of Cryptocurrency so you use as a proxy the Number of active wallets now we all know That's not a perfect proxy because People have multiple wallets but you Compare that to IP addresses for the Internet start them at both 5 million Now people have multiple IP addresses as Well so it's very similar it's just Directionally gives you an idea Crypto is growing at twice the speed of The internet in terms of adoption so It's the fastest adoption of any Technology in any asset class the world Has ever Seen so if we just assume that growth Slows as it did with the internet Because once you get bigger and bigger Numbers it's hard to grow at such a rate So it goes from let's say 175% a year

Where it's been trending and goes to 43% A year which is what the internet did From year eight onwards Well crypto gets to a billion people by The end of next Year a billion active wallets and it Gets to 4 billion by 2030 well at 4 Billion the price will certainly be a Million dollars so it kind of backs out From the adoption of the technology and Of the log chart because the log chart Basically is the adoption of the Technology for this cycle this is Question just for fun how high range Wise do you see Bitcoin going It's difficult to know what kind of Cycle we're going to be dealing with There's a school of thought that says It's a left translated cycle which Means it goes up fast early and then Peaks early most would Finish in 2025 in December that's Normally how these crypto Cycles have Finished that that third year would be The a December November kind of period So could it come earlier and Peter out This year there's definitely a Probability of that what price would That be I would Say 200,000 something like that and that Would be okay that's gone very far very Fast the most likely outcome is a Standard bull market now the last one we

Had 2020 2021 was actually a stunted Cycle because really the final leg never Happened we had a huge final leg in 2017 And an even more enormous one in 2013 But last time around we didn't get one Which caught everybody off surprise Including Myself so somewhere that would be you Know Bitcoin gets to let's say 200 to 250,000 um Peak somewhere between the Summer and the end of the year okay that Seems pretty Reasonable the other probability is that We have a full bubble cycle because now There's more access to it by the ETFs There's more acceptance there's more Regulatory acceptance um it captures More mind share there's like 110 million Coinbase wallets and only about 10 Million are active right now so that Number can go up dramatically so we can See a huge Participation um and a final kind of Belief that this is this is it that Could happen and in which case then you Could see an extension to maybe 400,000 Plus in this cycle Um but I would give the short cycle and The bubble cycle roughly the same Probabilities and probably more earning Earning towards the bubble cycle but Let's call them both 20% probability and 60% for something Normal and in terms of when altcoin

Season starts Let Me Pitch this to you Or is this when is it when you know There's a wealth effect in crypto and Bitcoin bitcoin's hitting alltime highs People feel wealthier it spreads into Al Coins is that when it Starts yes and it typically starts when One of the other big layer ones starts Hitting all-time highs as well so now Everybody's celebrating in the Party and everything starts getting Recycled down the risk curve because now You're going well bitcoin's up 70,000 or 880,000 and maybe it only gets 150 so Only going to make 100% I mean in normal Markets these are crazy numbers but in Crypto it's like only 100% it's not Worth it so you start looking for where Am I going to make five times or 10 Times or 20 times and that's when people Go out the risk curve and it starts Getting crazy and stupid stuff happens Um and people ma make it and lose Fortunes I try and navigate it by you Know I I use this expression don't This up and really it's because this Altcoin season really has a tendency for Everybody to screw up because they Suddenly get the fomo they can't see Straight they want to use Leverage they Want to make as much money as possible They start going really far at the risk Curve with all of their Portfolio they start customing in stupid

Exchanges they should never do or Putting money into defi things that they Should never be involved in and before You know it all goes wrong so my advice Is always look put 90% of your assets in These core crypto call it brief and a The three biggest ones with proven Network effect are Bitcoin ethereum Salana and think of that as a risk Bitcoin the least risky salana more Risky it's earlier in its adoption it Should outperform all things being equal And then you can have 10% where you can Do all the stupid sh and try and make Your 100x that will end up being your Wallet of Shame you'll have a bunch of Stuff that goes to zero in there that You never get rid of um but you can't do Yourself damage if it's only 10% and if You get it right great you're going to Add you know another 100% onto your Portfolio but you can't mess it up by Doing it so so enjoy altcoin season Realize that it should move eth and Salana more so you should get some Really good returns out of that um but Don't overextend yourself when you go Too far out the risk curve what is your Investor's thesis for eth this year Given this is an Institutional cycle People like Bitcoin now but Eth so if Bitcoin is the gateway drug The raas everybody else you can kind of Get your D across the line with

Bitcoin um you know and you can just use Digital gold or you know store of value Or something pretty Straightforward eth really is the Settlement layer for all of the layer Twos but also I think a lot of the Financial services industry will build On top of it because it's deemed to be The safe bet it's like using Salesforce For your CRM and other stuff it's like Using AWS right it's the thing you don't Get fired for now I think salana will Grab part of that market because of fire Daner which is much faster we can talk About that later but generally speaking Eth is the Easy Choice it's like you Work for a large corporation they'll Give you Microsoft Office eth is Microsoft Office interesting okay and but you you So you think they'll eth's the safer Play but Solana is like the easier play So if you could like Solana and eth for This cycle what are your thoughts Well proof is in the pudding I'm 90% Salana that's been my big bet for this Cycle so last cycle my bet was switching Bitcoin into E um a little bit later in the cycle After the bottoming of that Bitcoin eth Cross and that really paid off because It massively outperformed and this cycle I switched my eth into salana last year

About August and that really really paid Off and I think I think it continues and So fire dancer yeah the biggest game in Town However is what is the salana of this Cycle if you remember salana last cycle Was Huge so was Avalanche so was polygon There was a few of them that really got The narrative and it really salana won Out that as the next big thing the Others are still fine they've got Activity and stuff going on but not the Scale of salana the question is is what Is that one of this cycle because you Can make some real money in that bet but This is where people start going too far Out the risk of you really need to see What is getting some real Adoption and a real narrative and real Developers working around it and stuff Like that that remains to be seen but That game is still to be played so I Actually was going to ask you this um Besides the eth ecosystem besides the Solana Ecosystem what is what is other Ecosystem on your radar and for example Go on sorry there's two please one and It's caveat um I I set on the foundation Foru which is um which is an incredible Project that and atos are both move Based uhu kind of rewrote the whole Thing from scratch and have built other

Stuff around it those I think you're Starting to see other people Chris bisy Melt de talking about evm svm MVM and I Think that's probably Right um so those are on my radar screen Obviously I'm on the foundation so I'm Somewhat biased but I I've see behind The the the curtain the amount of kind Of activity and who they talk to and how It Talks the other one is the cosmos Ecosystem so Celestia would be the Obvious one there there's a few others Within that Ecosystem um and that is a those are the Two ecosystems that look like okay what Is the next big layer One um ecosystem it's one of those two I Think unless something else randomly Comes out of nowhere we just did a Dedicated uh video for theu andu in General and theu ecosystem so a lot of Things to like they have a killer team So I definitely understand yeah um yeah They really are super high quality People I mean I'm Blown Away by by them Um so we'll see the Bitcoin ecosystem You're you're an nft guy doesn't have to Be for nfts but in general is that a Viable ecosystem you're looking At I don't use my judgment because what do I know I just look at the people being Involved in it I'm seeing more Venture

Capital I'm seeing the Bitcoin Maximus Getting kind Of pushed into less Relevance by people who want to build The more open interesting useful Bitcoin Ecosystem We're seeing incredible activity in Ordinals there is going to be some other Layer toos I think there'll be Bitcoin Mean coins which will really piss off The Maxis but I Think Bitcoin really needed This because it needed other types of Activity so I think it's good I think It's very positive um and you know the People I respect and Trust uh whether It's hedge funds I invest in or whether It's other people in the space and VCS They're all saying listen you got to Focus here I'm not really focused on it But I I think it's a very valid thesis And it's early and it's it is early um Yeah for Solana you mentioned fire Dancer for the folks at home could you Explain what that Is so fire Dancer is basically a validator of Salano it's in testet right now it's Basically Another way of accessing the salana Network it was built by jump trading Which is a high frequency trading firm That's deep into Crypto and they built

It to be fast enough for high frequency Trading high frequency trading is Basically limited so the game in high Frequency trading is to be the fastest With seeing the order flow and putting Your orders in that uses massive Fiber Optic Cables of the shortest possible Length Because what they're using is the speed Of Light so they say well it's impossible To do that in the etherum or salana or Anything so you need something that Operates at a Quantum change a step Change in speed so they built a new Version of salana which will run which You can choose as your Validator if sana's theoretical Transactions per second is 65,000 this is theoretically 1 million So it's like it's a it's an entire game Change so what does that enable why am I Interested in it Because things like some of the two Initiatives from Sal one was compressed Nfts allow you to create a million nfts For 100 bucks we're seeing that on layer Twos as well like Bas but we're not L One level okay Sal is a whole different Game so that makes it very cheap so you Can use nfts for other things not High-end art or stuff you can use it for Tickets or whatever high frequency stuff Now if you've got a chain that operates

At the speed of financial Markets well now you can tokenize Exchanges you can put exchanges on the Blockchain like NASDAQ okay that gets really interesting Now this Tech Stack's not ready it won't Be this cycle but we'll see people using This new speed and low latency for Interesting stuff and it'll build an AR Next cycle we'll see the launch of stuff On it so that's how I think about this This is like we've just Unleashed two Superpowers and we will start to see People experimenting with it and the Narrative building next cycle will Actually see projects coming out on it But it is a game Cher for the entire Crypto space and most people aren't Aware of it yet I saw this thing on Twitter a week week or two ago maybe you Did that it was maybe it was fud I don't Know but like 7 % of all transactions on Solana fail or something like that have You seen that and does this solve it so No it doesn't solve that right now the Network's overwhelmed because of massive Use because mean coins and other stuff And we've seen this in eth in the past As well um where it just gets Overwhelmed with activity so they're Putting through fixes now to increase The bandwidth essentially the ability to Deal with um all of the transac that Need to happen um I think the

TPS is the basically the speed and Number of transactions without it Getting clogged but you need compute Power behind it as well so yes we've Seen salana transactions failing right Now only because of the sheer demands of The network much like you can over Overrun a Broadband Network or a mobile Phone network it's all the same thing um And so what you need is more compute so You need more compute few fixes make Things a bit faster so it's not broken Per se it's just being tested to its Limits which I actually think is very Bullish particularly if they put a Decent patch through and before you know It opens up the network again and to be Fair sana's biggest haters the cardano Community the avac community would ever Wish they had a problem like this but Then they can easily snipe at you when All the uh when all the energy is on the Salana blockchain yeah remember we had The same in eth back in 2021 right the nft CRA that happened on Eth it was massive and it just over plus D5 plus everything else suddenly Overwhelmed eth the gas fees went up the Network was clogged you couldn't get Transactions Through that's actually a good sign it Shows you got product Market Fit your thesis for Bitcoin earlier Discussed earlier in this conversation

Was at least a $200,000 Bitcoin top of Cycle for Solana is that as that is your Biggest bet in crypto today where's that Put Salana look we don't really know but I I Would assume that if Sal is at 200ish Today right for it to go up 100% would Be in crypto summer would be highly Unusual at least 300% would be pretty Standard that would be eth alltime highs Versus the previous alltime highs of That high so that will put it 600 so Let's mark that as like that's a Reasonable spot you know if I use a few Charts and a bit of you know log charts I get somewhere Between 800 and 12200 in a in a complete bubble cycle I Think it can go above 2,000 in a short Stunted Cycle 750 something like that but it's Still all to play for is the point right You gave some of the best advice earlier This year on your channel don't F this Up meaning don't lose your money by Speculating in in the crap stick to the Quality stick to your plan I have Followed that advice thus far I'm not Effing it up what's another piece of Advice you have for Me well within that there's a few things One is don't use Leverage because the entire game in this Adoption curve of crypto where the whole

Market cap is going from let's say $2.7 Trillion today to maybe 10 or 12 Trillion the end of this cycle to maybe A 100 trillion by 2035 or something Right your the entire game is to be in The Game now when you use leverage if the Market pulls back you lose your coins You're out of the Game don't be out of the Game also don't get distracted from the Game the game is in the mass adoption of The big stuff the small stuff do that For fun another thing another way to Lose money is doing stuff you shouldn't Really be doing which is suddenly you See high yield somewhere and you're like Oh I want to get that right these Markets go up 100 200 300 400 five you Know 500% plus you don't need to earn 10% yield or 15% yield you don't because A yield comes with risk the only Risk-free yield Is staking yields when you stake it Yourself but you still have the price Risk of of ethereum falling or salana Falling or whatever but the smart Contract risk is is is almost zero soon As you start going out of that world You're now going out the risk curve it's Like lending to the government versus Lending to your Friend you should get higher yields from It because it's riskier because the

Chances are they won't pay you back um So that's another thing um I think People need to be cautious of and the Other way people get caught out is Leaving balances on stuff like Metamask thinking it's my wallet it's Fine and before you know you've clicked On a stupid link your wallet's been Drained for goodness sake keep most of It on a ledger or treas or at worst in Coinbase or one of the big Exchanges but don't just leave it in Places that are vulnerable because your Job is not to lose your tokens that's The one rule of this is don't part with Your tokens so you just be really really Careful Ai and crypto I remember I had You on back in 2022 and you said Everybody's trying to fit together this Narrative and the only thing crypto does Solve is maybe not repeat the same Mistakes that we made in web 2 where all The power flows to these big Central Players since then because of Nvidia and Web 2 News AI crypto this the sector has popped off What are what are your Thoughts I think it's narrative chasing But there is stuff going on you know Render okay because you're using Decentralized computes there's you know Tow there's a bunch of these yet to be Proven yet don't have Network effects at Scale so it's speculative which is why

These things move a lot and that's fine I I think that narrative holds we'll see Whether we actually get product Market Fit but we won't know till end of this Cycle and maybe into next cycle um the Other one that took off I I spent a lot Of time talking about uh digital ID Because in a World's particularly in an Election year you don't know what the Hell is real and what is fake right and The Fakes are going to get better and Better and Better um and I completely screwed up That obvious bet which was people have Been looking for the answers to this and The answer in front of our eyes was World coin which everybody hated which Was always a good sign and I I was here In Cayman and I hosted a panel because They're foundations based here and I ask Them the cynical questions I'm like why The hell did you launch with the All you know what were you trying to do And they're like well we like the Technology and people think the Narrative's wrong it's like oh they're Scanning my retina and they're storing The data which is none of that's right It's just proving you're a human um and It's it looks your iris to prove that You're living as a human so it can prove It but I said what is the reason for This token You know because you've got this kind of

We're giving you world coins to join the Network blah blah blah they got this Beautiful wallet passport like what What's the reason Sam mman realized in 2020 he was going to screw up everything With AI and nobody knew who was real and Who's not so he thought we need Worldcoin I'm like if you just LED with That Narrative the price would have been 10 Times higher and then stupidly I Completely mid curved it and I talked Myself out of it when it's like Sam Ultman think good is clearly a good Enough Bet um and it went up 10x and I missed It rul in our final five minutes I want To play a game feel free to say no we Can always cut this part out but let me Just show you I'm going to share my Screen I don't know if you've seen these Ranking systems for crypto I pulled the Top you know they're all on the first Page if you would I'd love to rank the Top 25 crypto does oh Jesus I mean I Don't know the answer to most of this These are just your opinion these are Your opinion yeah but I don't know I Mean you know a lot of stuff I just Don't even bother looking at but go on Let's try it okay and um just you know s Tier this is like the A+ and then it's All obvious from here but maybe start With Bitcoin where would you put Bitcoin

So that's s Here and what are we ranking at buyer Meaning I would rank it by overall will It be here in 10 years years let's say And okay great is it is it quality at The moment thinking longterm okay great That's pretty straightforward so I would Put eth and soul in the S tier okay um Soul And oh my god did I not put eth wait let Me add eth real Quick um I don't think you can see this But let's see eth eth Perfect and and these These are obvious But as we go on you know I'll just give A sentence as to why but how about chain Link no I'm going to put Doge in a Really it is outperformed Bitcoin it has Gone through new highs every cycle it is A cockroach you cannot kill it and it Captures public attention so it's an a There it's categorically an a there has No use case maybe Elon will use it and Yet yet it it's done 4,000% returns so I'm sticking it there true I get It okay let's use let's put Xrp I would put That at a B because there is use case they have a Strong business development team it has Been around a long time it hasn't got Full traction doesn't look like it's Going away uh Doubt it's going to be the best

Performer either but it's probably going To be around and have some value and They have been through the SCC lawsuits So at least they're cleared compared to The others that's right it's just Missing the larger adoption element but They may they may solve it Okay you need to give me what some of These let's take whiff let's take whiff That's an easy one uh I'm gonna give That a c cuz I think it's going to be The mean coin of this cycle and it will Have persistence into the next cycle Like Shino will and Flaky will from Previous Cycles I put AP coin sadly in D Because I still own It but I'm not sure I mean I like the Yuga team let's see if they do Anything okay what are some of these Other ones so cardano salana e Competitor you know cardano yeah kadano Is a mean Coin in my mind because it's just not It's it's you know networks are valued By the number of people using it and the Overall activity it is it is like do It's a huge network of Retail but really it hasn't got product Market Fit I doubt it's going away either Regardless of what the market thinks I'll put it next to um Xrp and then chain link uh working with All the l1s yeah I think chain link look

It can be replaced by other Technologies Other ways of Interoperability um so I'll put it a b As well I think it's likely to be around Oh sorry A B yeah b b and then Cosmos it's still I mean it's been Around for a while but it's early and it Still hasn't proven itself with adoption Or through Cycles so I put it at a B Again it's got a reasonable probability Don't know if it becomes the biggest Thing or Not the graph indexing information in Blockchain like big Query Um I think it's a c I think it's Possible but yet to scale big Enough polygon mic the eth layer 2 the problem is is you can introduce Layer twos all the time as we've just Seen with bass so I'm not sure the Persistence of it but it has some sort Of Size I would put It it's either a b or a C I'm going to Put it as a c just to be nasty not that I dislike it or anything else but There's a lot of innovation in ler twos And by the way for the folks at home the Comment section the important thing is The conversation like all of us have our Own lists obviously um yeah I don't want To hatred because I put your favorite Bag somewhere lower down the list for

Sure you may be right I may be wrong you Know I don't I don't live and die by This the top three I'll live and die by And maybe the and maybe Doge I'll Probably live and die by the rest I Don't really doesn't really matter That's fair that's fair vchain their Supply chain management originally on The blockchain D binance Coin I think it's a Beat it's a clear Same as those others it's had reasonable Adoption but the base Innovation from Coinbase split some of that out but I Think it's a solid b a used to be top 20 Now is probably top 70 yet still Blue Chip Def5 I would put that into the B Category Again polka dot eth salana competitor Layer zero some say yeah I'll put that Into the B I think it's solid it's been Around a long time he good team just Needs to get traction Avac again an L1 these guys have subnets They all have their own thing L1s Yeah I put that in a c because it's it Needs to prove itself this cycle I see We've seen some gaming activity but it Hasn't really yet proven it self Beyond Being an interesting fast chain with Some Flexibility four left tcoin if nothing

Else they have the distribution factor Of telegram I think I don't I'm not Sure I'm going to give this a c I think It'll persist because of telegram I just Don't think it it'll necessarily scale As much as people hope but I don't Know Tron killing it right now for Stable coin Us in the Asian Markets yeah because look there is this Bation of the world between what the Chinese authorities will accept and what The Western authorities will accept Um I'll put it as a c there's quite a Lot of risk around this one I might even Put it as in fact I'll put it as a D injectives injective in the cosmos Ecosystem uh killing it thus far the Cycle uh don't really know so See and bit tense or to this is just Right now the Blue Chip of AI coins but That's right I would again put it in C Because we're too early so how I've rank These just as people know my methodology Is top full Network effects people Building people owning Doge proven itself over three Cycles uh a very large base of Retail doesn't necessarily need to to Build because it's meme based the bees Are stuff that are important into the Space but have yet to get the traction Of the S's the C's are listen they're probably Still around but really it's too early

To say whether they're going to migrate Up the scale and the D's are you know What these are unlikely to succe Ra I I really appreciate it um this was I mean this was epic I appreciate you Playing ball you know you're you're a Busy guy um this is obviously that was For fun but um thank you for joining me Today not at all and listen we've got Just talking about the don't it up We've got a festival of learning at real Vision coming up um which is on April The 18th and 19th it's free to join um And we've got like my big picture thesis That I've just recorded So you'll get That things like three ideas in salana Ecosystem um there's a trade doctor how To be a dgen what not to do how to trade Mean coin all sorts of really good stuff To learn and I know everybody who Watches your show that they want to Learn they want to learn how to get Things better so just go to Real.com Festival sign up it's free You'll get tons out of it and hopefully It'll help you in your journey the link Is down below and by the way one of the Best decisions I made this year was Subscribing to your YouTube channel ra The journeyman I believe it's called Yeah that that that's epic and that's That's an easy subscribe again linked Down below for both of them but awesome Perspective yeah thank you appreciate it

Try to do it a little bit differently Take people in this kind of slightly Broader Journey it's all going to the Same place but just getting people there In this journey love it


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