Radix Crypto is the NEW 2024 Solana & Injective!

This crypto is poised for significant Growth in 2024 imagine finding salana early Imagine finding injective early you'd go Back and do it if you could who wouldn't We found salana at $10 we found Injective at $130 but what's the next Salana what's the next injective Consider this there is another major Crypto ecosystem right now that is on The precipice of blowing up tons of Liquidity users Partnerships Etc so much Is being injected into the radx Ecosystem this year this has already Started it's happening now but no it's Not too late rad is a channel partner I've looked into this ecosystem and what They're doing so I know you're going to Be hearing their name a lot more going Forward if you want to be early before The mainstream media starts talking About this heed this video this video is Your Edge smash the like button Subscribe be to our Channel send this Video to one friend looking for early Yet established crypto projects ready to Blow and let's jump into it let me help You understand why Rad's ecosystem is Exploding and there's no question about It it is exploding and it's largely due To something called project ignition a 10 million plus liquidity incentive Program so much Bitcoin ethereum and Stablecoin has beened and is moving in

In tadic Project ignition matches each Dollar liquidity providers or LPS Provide with an equal amount of xrd Radic token effectively doubling the Liquidity provided LPS receive up to 20% Of the provided value upfront in radic Token and can claim trading fees while Receiving protection from impermanent Loss this has been live since last month And is integrated into rx's top dexes OC Swap C AV R9 and D5 Plaza once liquidity Is provided via one of the deck's front Ends users will immediately receive an Upfront payment in radic token of up to 20% of the value of the tokens they Provided as liquidity depending on the Lockup periods for the liquidity either 9 to 12 months as the user in Project Initiative as you're only providing Liquidity on the wrapped Bitcoin Stablecoin or etherium side the user is 100% protected from any radics Impermanent loss because if the asset That the liquidity provider has provided The wrapped Bitcoin stable coin or Ethereum outperforms the radic token the Liquidity provider receives a value Guarantee for up to 4X outperformance of The asset provided and then a sliding Amount of asset value protection Beyond A 4X change to see the full details on Project ignition and the exact Documentation of breakdown how you are Protected from impermanent loss and

Basically everything that this is that Information is public and read available And then to participate in the liquidity Campaign you must first Bridge assets Into the radic ecosystem via instabridge Or alternatively you can purchase these Assets via participating radx dexes and By the way even in just one month's time These dexes are booming with growth for Instance caviar 9 started march with 17.9 million total value locked and then Finished the month at a whopping 4.28 million like liquidity providers Have onboarded into these dexes and mass People are using defi in radic in a big Way in Just A month's time and they're Seeing ecosystem success following the Launch of project ignition the radic Network has seen over 999,000 Transactions in the last week a 63% increase from the previous week this Is amazing momentum guys understand this The two shining key features that Underpin the radic network are cerebus a Highly line larly scalable consensus Protocol and Cassandra the test Network So what is cerebus what makes it Different what makes it desirable what Makes it unique understand that in its Final form cus represents a radically Different Paradigm in the design of Decentralized distributed Ledger Technology it is the only protocol that Is designed so that all transactions are

Atomically composed across shards Meaning that this is a critical feature If defi is to ever scale to billions of Users cerebus has practically infinite Linear scalability meaning that as more Nodes are added to the radic public Network throughput increases linearly as A result cabus is the only consensus Protocol that is capable of supporting The Global Financial system on a Decentralized network and Cassandra Leads on the test net side some of Cassandra's achievements to date include Demonstrating the world's first public Cross Shard Atomic transaction actions Demonstrating that different parts I.E Images videos of static websites and Even games can be hosted and distributed On different shards on Cassandra Cassandra demonstrating that large Quantities of data can be imported on Ledger and replayed as atomic Transactions on a sharded Network and Demonstrating hybrid probabilistic and Deterministic consensus models by the Way this is done in full collaboration With the radic community who run nodes Themselves and can even watch the Representatives from ICS live on Twitch Doing it all right in front of them with Them as well as the University of California Davis's Expo Labs consensus Experts am I bogging you down with too Much Alpha right now this one's for you

Djans here you go the radx meme coins Hug and early are going viral actually Boasting a combined market cap of over 8 Million interesting hug and early are The two primo meme coins in the radic Ecosystem we might see the radic mem Coin Market really start to pick up as Retail enters this thing but you tell me Right now hug or early which one you Picking not one not two but three more Significant Partnerships you need to Know about number one big news in myand Myand is a decentralized liquidity Protocol and radic according to the Maya Team is proposing to get radic Integrated into my protocol this would Enable decentralized and permission Swaps between native radics Bitcoin and Eth and all other assets we support Number two those three big dexes I Mentioned earlier the radx dexes are Partnering and integrating surge to Launch Perpetual dexes perpetual dexes And products huge in the defi space You've seen the success of dydx GMX snx Perpetual dexes allow users to leverage Trade their Assets in a completely Decentralized and permissionless way It's a big market and rad is moving into This market and then number three Arculus is partnering with radx to Support MFA MFA multiactor Authentication so radic publishing is Pleased to announce that arculus a

Card-based crypto wallet solution Provider will integrate rad this Integration will bring two exciting Benefits to the rad Community number one A highly convenient way of adding Hardware-based security to the radic Wallets coming multiactor authentication The MFA account control and an expansion Of reach of the xrd token with a new Multi Network mobile wallet app option From arculus in summation radic is Poised for significant growth in 2024 Driven largely by the launch of project Ignition this year marks a coned effort For them to expand the radic user base Enhance liquidity and showcase Cerberus's linear scalability with tests On the Cassandra Network the focus will Be on accelerating ecosystem adoption Through developer and partnership grants Attracting institutional Capital Establishing trustless bridges for Seamless interchain connectivity and Setting new throughput records in Addition radic plans to enhance mobile Dap connectivity eliminate traditional Seed phrases for a more accessible web3 Experience and launch a comprehensive Marketing campaign for widespread user Onboarding hey that's this make sure you Get radics on your radar I'm going to Leave their website links and social Media links below my name is Aaron Subscribe to altcoin daily for daily

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