Radix Crypto Can Be BIGGER Than AVAX, INJ, & Solana! (Here Is Why)

2023 was all about launching the tech And building our developer community Building the ecosystem 2024 is all about Bringing the world to rad what is rad And why is it radically different from Everything else in crypto radically Different because transaction fees are Incredibly low radically different Because the security is much much higher Radically different because the user Experience is something that an everyday Person can use rather than someone who Is like a a full-on crypto geek and Radically different because it's Actually built to be the infrastructure For the world long term why do some People say that this project could be Bigger than Avalanche bigger than Injective even bigger than salana Because we built the radic engine from Scratch instead of taking the evm we get 80% efficiency on radics which means That to get the same throughput that Salana does on their 65,000 transactions Per second but 275 Dex SWS per second The r Network only needs to be able to Do like 300 or 400 transactions per Second to be able to get the same Throughput that salana does and what is Project ignition how can you best take Advantage of their $10 million liquidity Incentive program look radx has big Plans for 2024 and Beyond here to give Us that Alpha is the CEO of the

Organization behind radic Pierce ridard Of RDX Works smash the like button let's Get into it radic is about to Boom it's Not a question of when it's a question Of right now don't sleep on radic here To update us on their new 2024 and Beyond game plan Pierce ridyard CEO of RDX Works Pierce how you doing today I'm Very good thank you very much for having Me on the Show thank you for coming on and and Before we get into the exciting things That radx has going on now we've talked About radx before but let's remind Everybody because this is a new bull Market why is rad such an exciting Project what is it and how does it fit Into the broader crypto market today Yeah it's a great question I think that Um the easiest way of thinking about Radics is we started with a really big Vision we're like look we think that Blockchain technology is the new Financial layer for the world and if That's going to be true it's going to be As revolutionary to the world as the Internet was and when the internet came Along it was this it became it's this Open platform for Innovation that anyone Could come and build on top of and That's what these blockchain Technologies represent is this new space For Innovation and you're already seeing A huge amount of that happening in the

Space but you're also seeing all of These problems right we see scalability Issues yes we've got layer twos but now That's creating its own set of problems You have this fractionalization of Liquidity you have all of these Different venues and layer twos Themselves are not they just sort of Moved up the total amount of scalability That you can get they don't actually Solve the problem of scalability but What's worse than that from a user's Point of view is that every single day There are hack hacks and exploits that Happen either as a result of users using Metamask and blind signing things and Not understanding or not understanding How to use seed phrases or getting Scammed on Twitter or there are the Hacks and exploits that happening at the Smart contract level where you know Billions of dollars is being stolen Every day and the reason that this is This is kind of crazy is because Blockchain's now been around you know Really since Bitcoin started in 2008 but Like ethereum started in 2015 and in Most Industries if things kept breaking You would expect them to be fixed but The reason they can't be is because the Way the public Ledges work you can't Change how the state model works you Can't change fundamentally how these net Ledgers work once their life so I kind

Of call blockchain today as a tech demo It's it's a great example of what the Pro the possibility of this could be you Know full Financial layer for the world Where everyone can transact instantly Where everything can be represented by a Token and be transacted and and used Instantaneously and where you can Exchange any good or service via that Platform you know and I think financial Markets is the first place that started But that extends to the possibility of Everything and so we kind of boil this Down to this idea of identity and Ownership like the things that we want Sovereignty over that's what the Possibility of these platforms Are so what radx did is it went okay we Understand blockchain is an exciting Technology because of the possibility But let's let's think forwards and be Like what will the world be Like when everything is on top of public Ledger and what does that ledger need to Look like from the point of view of its It's its um its Capabilities to get to that place And let's architect our system for that Let's spend the time instead of rushing To Market let's spend the time to Actually think about that really hard so The first thing you know is that you're Going to need Scalability to an almost

Incomprehensible level right the entire Financial market today does about 5 Million transactions per Second but when when when before the Internet came along you used to use Telephone and fax to be able to send Information around if you measured what You thought the bandwidth requirements Of the internet were going to be just Based on telephone and facts you would Be way off but like an order of Magnitude by thousands if not Millions Right so what radx did is it went no Like you can't have any cap to Scalability you have to be able to Linearly scale but when you linearly Scale you have to make sure that you Maintain this ability to do things Instantaneously that you're able to call Many different applications many Different uh daps many different token Types types and use them all in the same Sort of single transaction so you had to Maintain what's called technically Called Atomic composability so we Spent seven years doing the research and Development to be able to build a Linearly scalable algorithm that was Able to maintain Atomic composability Without needing layer twos without Needing these like extra like widgets on Top of a fundamental layer one and so That that was that Innovation was done With the University of California Davis

And you know has been published in in in In computer science journal and that was The basis for the architecture that we Knew the world would be a would Eventually need and we started with that As the starting design the next thing to Solve was all of these hacks and Exploits so instead of taking the evm The ethereum virtual machine or taking Solidity we didn't take any of that we Said no the way that they're approaching This is fun Mally wrong for building web 3 and defi what you need is a Programming language built for web 3 and Defi something that actually understands That the most important objects on these Ledgers are tokens and the most Important things you can do is Transactions so we built the radic Engine which is our equivalent of the Evm and scripto which is a programming Language built specifically for web 3 Development and built because we were Able to go and interview you know we we Went and talked with almost a thousand Developers building in the web 3 space About all of the problems they were Facing and we we put that learning into The radics engine and scripto and Created this incredibly easy to use Programming language and Incredibly Versatile um execution environment that Was also incredibly efficient and so That means that you end up in this

Situation where you can build programs That are much harder to exploit and hack Like on R radics you don't have problems Of unsafe re-entrancy on radics you Don't have problems of signature Manipulation you don't have problems of Permission escalation like all of these Things that are creating the hacks and Exploits that you and defi that's gone On the radic engine and scrypto and then The last thing that we realized had to Be true for the world to be relying on This as a fundamental you know Universal Financial layer was it had to be easy to Use if you look at the user base of Crypto like if if you say to someone on The street hey you into crypto they be Like yeah I'm into crypto I've got like Some Bitcoin on coinbase the user based Difference between Exchanges and going and using daps Directly is something like 100 to1 ratio There's like a if I 100 people on on Exchanges there's like only one person Using Unis Swap and using Ave and using Things like that and the reason for that Is the user experience is so difficult So I kind of call this right now our AOL Online period because when people were First getting on the Internet you had to Go and use you used AOL online you Didn't use the internet directly you use This like weird Walled Garden and that's What crypto Exchange changes are there

Are these weird wall Gardens that don't Actually let you experience web 3 and Defi directly and so what we did is we Built this entirely new wallet Experience from the ground up that means That you always can understand every Transaction you make you never have to Blind sign anything you have seed phrase Free on boarding and you have the Ability to recover your account in a Completely decentralized way so you can In in the way that would feel familiar To you recovering your email account or Recovering your bank account access but You can do this in completely Non-custodial decentralized way on radic So getting rid of all of the things that Are hard about using crypto and getting Rid of all of the things that are hard About onboarding crypto and that was Only possible because of how we built Our stack together around this idea that Everyone has to be able to use this Platform everyone has to be able to Access it and feel that they're Comfortable using it and radx Launched that stack Live on the 28th of October last year so Sorry 28th of September last year so Just the start just about the start of October and so that's when all of that Research all of that time and effort all Of those user interviews all of that Academic research started to to to

Actually run and the defi ecosystem and The web 3 ecosystem started to build on Top of the radic Network and is that what you mean by Radic is like true defi or like Radically different defi are the other Things we know in crypto not true def Can you explain this so radically Different defi rather than true def I'm Not yeah so radically different Def and And and and that's the yeah that that's What it means when we're talking about This right is like radically different Because transaction fees are incredibly Low radically different because the Security is much much higher radically Different because the user experience is Something that an everyday person can Use rather than someone who is like a a Full-on crypto geek and radically Different because it's actually built to Be the infrastructure for the world Longterm rather than sort of being these Like stop Gap technology advances where We've just got steadily more complex in How we've tried to do things like you Know ZK rollups are on top of a layer One and now we're talking about layer 3es and like all of this complexity That's being built into an architecture That wasn't fundamentally suitable in The first Place I read your blog post I saw your Video it got me excited breakout 2024

Not when but now talking about liquidity Incentives bringing usership to the Network radics taking its rightful place On the leaderboard of crypto could you Tell us about this what does this all Mean sure yeah so 2023 was all about Launching the tech and building building Our developer community building the Ecosystem 2024 is all about build Bringing bringing the world to radics so Um we recently launched our uh project IGN ignition liquidity incentives um and That's it's like a a super easy way of Getting involved with radics if You' got Bitcoin eth usdc or usdt you bring along Your Bitcoin eth usdc usdt to project Ignition and you and Via one of the Three radic dexes that are live on radic You can then push your liquidity in your Bitcoin your e your usdc or your usdt And it matches you with radics on the Other side so you don't actually have to Own any radics to do this you push it Into you you push it into the uh the Decks and it protects you from Impermanent loss it pays you 20% upfront In radic for locking it between 9 and 12 Months 20% upfront in radic so you get Radic straight away you didn't even have To buy it you just push in some Liquidity that you already own and you Then double up on your fees on the decks So the deck Dex fees on the moment and Radic are like 20 30% that you're seeing

Sort of people earning on caviar 9 on a Swap on D5 Plaza and then you also get The the uh emissions of the um incentive Tokens that each of these platforms are Issuing so you know if you look at the The the returns of project ignition Versus hodling Bitcoin or hodling eth or Hodling usdc why would you do that in a Bull market but you know hodling usdc um Then then then it's incredibly juicy but You also get this impermanent loss Protection that you don't get on other On on other platforms which means that Even if you know radic is incredibly Volatile or Bitcoin is incredibly Volatile at the end of it you'll still Get the value out that you put put in And uh and so I think it's a really Exciting program it's been you know in The first um 24 hours we're already like 40% subscribed on it uh and you know That's still open people can get Involved uh and that's the first part of The breakout 2024 plan but the whole Thing for breakout 2024 is steadily Building that Crescendo over the year so In the middle of the Year oh we've just Had um a new perpetuals decks so if Anyone likes perpetuals GMX um Jupiter You know Merkel trade these kind of Things there's a new perpetuals deck That's uh being built on radic called Surge. trade uh which is which is going To be coming out a little bit later this

Year and then in the middle you know Sort of uh then we're going to be doing This uh user on boarding campaign and Our user on boarding campaign is a Little bit different we've spent uh a Decent amount of time working with a um Award-winning mobile game Studio to Create this whole experience around Getting you downloaded on the wallet Understanding how to use the wallet and Then taking you through how to use the Ecosystem how to understand what it is To be radics what makes it radically Different and and uh taking you on this Journey and so we're really excited for That to go live and that's going to be Going live um later on this year we're Going to be putting a multi-million Dollar marketing campaign behind that uh And sort of making sure that we're Getting sort of users into the RX Ecosystem uh and then we have a bunch of Other stuff that that's coming on later This year as well so like it's it's Going to be a really big year for us That is yeah that is a like very Exciting so the liquidity incentive is Bringing on liquidity um bringing on new Users and you talked about the Perpetual Decks and a couple other D5 products on The horizon does this mean that radx is Going to upend you know projects like Avac or salana or maybe even injective It sounds like it's going to be

Competing directly yeah and I I think You know the mistake that a lot of these Projects the these ones that you're Talking about avax injective salana have Taken is they they basically took the Iterative approach they went okay we see What's happening on ethereum and in some Cases they just went we're just going to Copy it and put it on a more scalable System but um there's a bunch of Problems that come with that right ju Just outside of the user problems like Metamask being a terrible user Experience um the all of the hacks and Exploits that can happen with insul Vality in the evm there's also the fact And like no one talks about this because It it looks terrible for almost everyone Right on top of what what's the Transactional throughput of salana What's the advertised transactional Throughput of Salana um I'm not sure off hand it's you Know a thousand I'm not sure 65,000 Transactions per second right 65,000 Transactions per second sounds like a Big number sounds pretty good right AV Avalanche is like 5,000 right sounds Like a big number sounds pretty good Over over something like ethereum which Is like 30 the the truth is though that the Majority of transactions that happened On top of public Ledges the majority of

Them like 80% 90% or more during bull Runs are smart contract interactions and The majority of those smart contract Interactions are deck swaps like Unis Swap on its own is like 60% of ethereum Gas fees Right now if we go all right so the Majority of the thing that people are Using your platform for are deck swaps How many deck swaps per second can you Do salana can do 275 275 Dex spots per second on 65,000 Transactions per second Avalanche is Like 78 or maybe it's a little bit more They make like 130 and and so what you get is what we Call the defy efficiency Index right Which is like the your your transaction Your your deck swaps per second divided By the throughput of your network and And for both of them it's like less than 1% it's actually like 0.1% which is Crazy because we built the radic engine From scratch instead of taking the evbm We get 80% efficiency on radic which Means that to get the same throughput That salana does on their 65,000 Transactions per second but 275 Dex SWS Per second the radex network only needs To be able to do like 300 or 400 Transactions per second to be able to Get the same throughput that salana does And that inherited problem of just Taking what already existed and when we

Just need to make it faster that's going To solve everything is is is this is This culdesac that that everyone's kind Of gone down and like while salana did Build their own architecture to some Extent they didn't focus on the Importance of efficiency when it comes To Smart contract execution they only Focused on the importance of like Efficiency of throughput and so that's Led to this problem of like transactions Per second don't matter guys it's it's It's web three interactivity that Matters and that's what you really need To be building for so from that point of View I'm I'm comfortable from the point Of view of our algorithm choice we have Linear scalability so we don't have this Upper limit we don't go 65,000 Transactions per second or as computers Get faster or get faster like salana Says or this sort of way of doing Subnets that that Avalanche has we've Taken a completely new approach that Just opens up the space to be able to Have massive scalability and massive Efficiency but then we on top of that We've created this incredible usability When we were when we were interviewing These defi developers and these web 3 Developers and these dii companies uh Sort of back in 2019 2020 there's two problems that were the Burning problems when we went to them

And said what what is what's your number One number two business problem right Number one business problem number one Business problem wasn't scalability even In the height of defi summer it wasn't Scalability they weren't going Scalability is stopping people putting Money into arv scalability is stopping People putting money into Unis swap no Like everyone was competing to put money Into those places the number one problem Was we can't hire good devs we can't Hire enough good developers and their Number two problem was that their bounce Rate from their website to someone Actually being able to put money into Their platform Was like 98% so a a a customer who's like oh I Want to use this Thing converting into a user so forever A hundred users that were coming to Their platform only two were converting And the big problem was the usability Not of their dap but of the interfaces The the wallets and the way that they Accessed it so from the point of view of Like what makes radics different that Also makes radic different we've not Only made a really easy programming Language that many developers can pick Up because if you look at the crypto Space there's like 25,000 web 3 Developers there's 25 million developers

In the world today like where's most of The Innovation going to come for the you Know the future of tomorrow that web 3 Is going to be it's all going to be Coming from the people coming outside of The space in so you need a programming Language that makes it incredibly easy For people to get up and running and Build secure stuff quickly so that those Great in in innovators and entrepreneurs Can hire the teams they need to expand Quickly and to do that you need a Programming language that's specifically For building web 3 which is what scripto Is and then to not have the problem of Every you know a $100 if it's cost you a Dollar to to get someone to come and Look at your platform and get interested And only two people are converting out Of over1 $98 is being wasted but if you Have a user on boarding and wallet Experience that makes it super easy to Use web 3 and defi suddenly your Efficiency on your marketing spend and Your ability on board people goes Massively up and that's the other thing That radic provides and so like that's What how I look at the competitive space I go I go like it's fine that you guys Are building more Scalability but it's not really the Complete picture and it's not and even That isn't Enough I encourage anybody from our

Audience to check out radic everything Linked below and we've talked about some Of this but just you know in brief for Those who have never like done anything Within the radic ecos system what are The things somebody who has Bitcoin Ethereum stable coins what are the Things that somebody could do sure so Project ignition is is is is a big one Right um but there are currently three Dexes on radic there is caviar 9 Aussie Swap and D5 Plaza uh caviar 9 is a Concentrated liquidity deck built by a Couple of um X Barclay Quant Traders Really really solid platform um that's Already been performing incredibly well Within the radic space super easy to use Interface B much easier to use from the Point of view of liquidity provision Than something like Unis swap V3 ay swap Um has just launched the in a a a Implementation of Unis swap V4 now Unis Swap V4 isn't even live on ethereum Unis Swap V4 is just an idea that the Unis Swap Foundation put out and osy swap has Already implemented all of the features And functionality of Unis swap V4 a year Before Unis swap before is even expected On ethereum on radic and the reason they Were able to do that is scrypto right Scrypto just makes it so much easier to Get to Market quickly with good ideas uh And defi Plaza which is a really cool Deck that is doing like impermanent loss

Protection for for for liquidity Provision those those are three things You can do now you can do lending and Borrowing on weft finance which is kind Of like arve you can go and use uh nfts And and the nft marketplace there's rad Land is currently live and then there's Photon that's going to be launching soon Which is kind of like openc but in radic Land way which means that you get all of These great user experiences in the Wallet your nfts will instantly appear And you'll have all you know your jpeg Will be visible and you'll have like a Full sort of a gallery you can go Through that's already integrated into The wallet so if you're buying nfts on Radics you get all of that nice Interactivity on your on your on your Wallet um we've got a uh we've got as I Said surge. Trad is coming up uh we've Got xrd domains um anyone who knows Ethereum domain domains uh and the ens Foundation xrd domains is kind of like That but on steroids it basically allows You to create a rooting system for any Public Ledger addressing so like you can Have a radic address in it and it can Root to that but it's got but if you Have a salana address you can put that In there if you have a s address you can Put that in there if you have a you know Sort of a a near address you can put That in there and the way that it it

Selects it means that it always knows What network that you're wanting to send A transaction to and will put return the Correct address for you um but it also Allows you to add domains you can you Can use it as your own domain and you Can add domain you can add like smart Contracts to it so you can have Unis Swap. XR and when you put that in that Takes you straight to the Unis swap uh Contract so that's a really cool thing But they've they did a really Interesting launch in our community Recently where basically all domains are Nfts so when you buy the domain and you Own the nft you're able to change all of The information about it but you can Sell that domain and transfer it Immediately and so there's this really Cool system of basically tokenizing Domain ownership that people are getting Really engaged with uh there's Trove um Which is a uh basically an nft trading Platform that allows you to do OTC deals As well as like auctions um oh the Auctions is coming very soon I mean There's a there's a bunch of stuff like The kind of stuff that you'll find in Other ecosystems you'll find in radic But you'll just find the user experience So much better and you'll see that Things are coming out with more Functionality quicker on radic just Because of the advantages the stack

Gives You very exciting and with uh the Liquidity incentives and user incentives You guys have just started I think we're Going to be seeing and hearing a lot More from radic and I'm excited about That guys check out radx below go play Around in their ecosystem Pierce thank You so much for coming on today give us The final call to action final Outlook For the altcoin daily Audience I mean if you got Bitcoin if You got eth if you got usdc you got Usdt uh go put it into project ignition Because not only are you going to get to See all of the great user experiences That I've been talking about you get to Participate directly in the radx Ecosystem you get xrd essentially for Free uh and and it's a great way to get Get your start in radx excellent Pierce Thank you so much


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