Quantum computing’s next era could be led by Microsoft and Quantinuum | TechCrunch Minute

Microsoft and quantium have announced a Major breakthrough in Quantum error Correction now if you don't know what That means or why it matters I'm going To explain it there has been a major Shift in Quantum Computing this week Quantium a Quantum Computing company and Microsoft have joined forces to move State-of-the-art Quantum Computing into Its next phase so what happened together The teams were able to run more than 14,000 experiments without a single air That is exponential growth in Quantum Computing accuracy from just a few years Ago and Promises some incredibly Powerful computers coming in the not so Distant future here's why this is such a Big deal Quantum Computing could solve Certain types of problems at faster Rates than are conceivable with today's Computers as geekwire notes that could Mean everything from data encryption to The development of new synthetic Materials at super fast speeds the Apparent breakthrough here ties to the Combination of what's called ion trap Hardware made by quintum and Microsoft's New Cubit virtualization system cubits If you don't know are the basic units of Information in Quantum Computing now Today current quantum computers have a Limited number of cubits that's not Really the problem it doesn't matter how Many cubits you have if the errors

Overrun them the problem with current Quantum computers is that you barely Have time to run a basic algorithm Before the system becomes too muddled to Actually generate a useful result or Really any result at all in fact Historically this error detection has Posed a major problem for these Computers so this new team working on The project was able to combine several Techniques that allow them to run Thousands of experiments with no errors Zero so it's a huge step in the right Direction to unlocking the commercial Advantages of quantum Computing if a Computer with 100 of these logical Cubits could already be useful imagine What an error-free computer with Thousands could do of course there are Still problems to solve here when it Comes to Quantum Computing and this Development does have the big players Very excited if that was a lot to get Your around let me just leave you with This Quantum Computing could Exponentially accelerate our ability to Solve extremely complex problems it was Only a couple of years ago that logical Cubit started outperforming physical Cubits and now Microsoft and quenum Argue that their new hardware and Software combination improves on using Only physical cubits by up to 800x that is a lot now it is up to the

Rest of the quantum Community to take This information and replicate the Results by implementing similar corre Systems and if you really want to get Into the weeds more on this story there Is notes from vck larden over on Tech.com but I'll just say this I've Been hearing about Quantum Computing for A long time this is a big step forward And honestly I'm pretty excited I'll see You tomorrow


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