Quantum Computing Will Be Bigger Than AI! What You Need To Know!

The AI narrative has taken stock market Indices and AI related cryptos to new All-time highs so this begs the question Of what the next big narrative is going To be well the answer seems to be Quantum Computing you see while everyone Has been focused on the AI narrative Quantum Computing startups have been Raising hundreds of millions of dollars From VCS and the industry is reportedly On the brink of a chat GPT moment that's Why today we're going to tell you Everything you need to know about Quantum Computing including what it is Why it's important and how it could Offer even bigger returns than AI will Stay Tuned okay so to understand what Quantum Computing is you first need to Understand how regular computers work Every single computer runs on something Called binary code as the name in Implies binary code consists of two Numbers one and zero different Combinations of ones and zeros represent Different bits of information for Example 0 1 00001 represents the letter A the other Letters and their binary code Combinations can be seen here now Believe it or not but literally Everything a computer does all the Applications functions processes Etc are Fundamentally based on a very long and

Complex combination of ones and zeros if You want to see how that's even possible Then we strongly suggest watching videos About the Redstone computers that people Have made in Minecraft basically the Game introduced items that can function Like ones and zeros and Minecraft nerds Managed to build literal in-game Computers from this primitive nerds eh Now whereas regular computers ultimately Consist of bits of ones and zeros Quantum computers consists of cubits Bits of information that can be a one And a zero at the same time obviously This is even more difficult to wrap your Head around and exactly how this is done Is outside the scope of this video that Said though the easiest way to Understand cubits is to comp compare Them to bits so suppose you have two Bits a one and a zero what you have is Two bits of information in total however If you have two qits you have four bits Of information in total this is possible Because there are four possible Combinations of the one and the zero 1 One 0 0 0 1 and 1 0 put simply the Amount of information that a quantum Computer can produce grows exponentially With the number of cubits in this case It would take four 2bit computers to Create the same number of outputs as a 2 Cubit quantum computer this makes Quantum computers exponentially more

Powerful so to put things into Perspective the most powerful quantum Computer consists of over 1,000 cubits a Threshold that was only surpassed last Late last year despite Quantum Computing Being around since the late '90s this Quantum computer can produce an amount Of information equal to one with 301 zeros behind it now as I just hinted Quantum computers are very difficult to Build this is because cubits are Inherently unstable and they become even More unstable as you increase their Number one way to think about this is to Imagine each Cubit as a spinning plate On a pole an appropriate analogy given Their nature for those unfamiliar with Plate spinning it's a popular circus act Which consists of well spinning a plate At the top of a pole for the plate to Keep spinning you must move the pole Just right now imagine putting another Spinning plate on top of the first one That's what building a quantum computer Is like apparently anyway it's important To note that quantum computers are Technically not competitors to regular Computers that's because there are only A small handful of functions that Quantum computers can do better than Their regular counterparts namely very Complex maths calculations and models Other functions like for instance Watching this YouTube video are not

Something that a quantum computer could Do better if you don't understand why This is look no further than the devices That you use every day this video is Practically the same whether you watch It on an old iPad or a brand new gaming PC graphics not withstanding and by the Way however you're watching this video If you're enjoying it so far then please Do smash that like button to give it a Boost And subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell so you don't Miss the next one I was trapped inside a Cage a cage made out of the a Daily Grind I was so unfulfilled I felt like a Blank sheet of A4 paper something was Missing from my life but I didn't know What but then I found what I'd been Missing the coin Bureau deals page was To answer to my prayers it had Everything I needed to make me complain Exchange sign up bonuses of up to $50,000 the biggest discount on the best Hardware wallets trading fee discounts On of up to 60% on the best crypto Exchanges exclusive altcoin Alpha thank You coin Bureau for bringing me back to Life now if quantum computers aren't Really competitors to regular computers You might be wondering why they're so Important and why the industry could Have more potential than AI one word Encryption All Digital Technologies and Processes are secured by code that could

Be cracked by a quantum computer these Include your email your phone your Computer your bank account and even the Internet itself a quantum computer could Even crack a cryptocurrency wallet and Steal all its coins and tokens and this Is why it's been a Hot Topic in the Crypto industry for years albeit one That fell off the radar until recently In fact we can use Bitcoin as an example Of how a quantum computer could crack Into all the other forms of encryption As a fun fact Bitcoin wallets use the Same kind of cryptography as emails the Kind in question is called public key Cryptography and it consists of two Things a private key and a public key The public key of a Bitcoin wallet is Like your email address it's publicly Viewable and can be used to receive Emails or in this case receive BTC The private key of a Bitcoin wallet Meanwhile is like the password for your Email address it's private and is Required in order to send emails or in This case send BTC the key takeaway pun Very much intended is that the public Key effectively comes from the private Key in other words there is a link Between the two this means that it is Theoretically possible to get someone's Private Key by by using their public key Be it an email address or a Bitcoin Wallet address in the case of an email

Address this would involve guessing all The possible password combinations as Another fun fact the average password is Around 10 characters long the total Possible combinations of 10 character Passwords consisting of uppercase Letters lowercase letters numbers and Symbols is a number with 38 zeros in the Case of a Bitcoin wallet this would Likewise involve guessing all the Possible private key Combinations and the total possible Combinations of private keys on bitcoin Is a number with 78 zeros this means That a quantum computer could crack your Email and your Bitcoin wallet without Breaking a sweat recall that the most Powerful one can process information up To 301 Z now it goes without saying that This is a very simplistic calculation it Would also be easier said than done Because quantum computers can only Operate for less than a second at a time According to a 2022 paper the thing is That Quantum Computing is evolving fast As is the Potential Threat it poses There have recently been reports of Multiple breakthroughs in the quantum Computing industry related to everything From more cubit to improved Cubit Stability in fact the world economic Forum even noted Quantum Computing as One of the biggest risks to watch in its 2024 Global risks report and that

Reminds me if you've been keeping track Of our coverage of Central Bank digital Currencies you might recall that one of The reasons why the US has been lagging Other countries on cbdcs is because it's Been working on making its digital Dollar Quantum resistant before it Launches and funnily enough JP Morgan Announced that it was working on a Quantum resistant blockchain around the Same time I'll remind you that bank Accounts could also be cracked by a Quantum computer thankfully many of the Largest banks are making progress Towards Quantum proofing themselves and If you're concerned about Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies well don't be Quantum resistant in cryp for private Keys could be easily introduced with a Soft fork in bitcoin's case and some Cryptocurrencies have already taken Steps towards Quantum resistance namely Algorand but back to the quantum Computing developments besides all the News about Quantum breakthroughs there's Been lots of news about Quantum related Funding Partnerships and protections Over the last year or so for starters IBM Google and Microsoft formed a Postquantum coalition last September in November a UK Quantum Computing company Announced that it had raised $100 Million from Japan's SBI and earlier This year JP Morgan led a $500 million

Funding round into a us-based Quantum Computing firm giving it a valuation of Over $5 Billion that is AI level value ation and What's interesting is that there Actually wasn't that much Quantum Related funding in 2023 it was 50% lower In fact than usual and totaled around $2 Billion a recent report revealed that The crash in funding last year was due To all the hype around Ai and it Predicted a significant recovery in Funding this year so far it looks like This prediction is coming true but not For the reasons that you'd think Just recently Apple announced that it Had made its iMessage feature Quantum Resistant the tech giant noted that this Was quote the most significant Cryptographic security upgrade in IMessage history now I want you to take A second to think about why Apple would Do this and while you're at it think About why JP Morgan is suddenly Investing hundreds of millions of Dollars into Quantum security And why big Tech Giants are starting to Form postquantum Coalitions logically they are concerned About Quantum the real question Therefore is why now after all quantum Computers have been around for years and The postquantum cryptography many of These entities are implementing has

Apparently been around since the 1980s well the answer is obvious when You zoom out and look at Quantum Computing through through a global lens In short the US and its allies have been Lagging in Quantum Computing for over a Decade and can you guess who's been Advancing that's right China and its Allies in January last year China Reportedly managed to break Classical Encryption using its quantum computers You know private Keys public keys this Seems to have been the Catalyst for the Sudden surge in Quantum Computing Interest from the US and its allies and It looks like the funding is finally Starting to flow what's fascinating is That the reason why the US is so behind Is believed to be due to the incentives At play in free market economies as We've seen with AI us companies are very Hesitant to share their secret source With their Competitors in China however essentially Every company is affiliated with the Chinese Communist party or CCP the Practical outcome of this is forced Collaboration which is pushing China's Quantum Computing industry ahead and It's not just the environment either It's also the money back in 2018 then US President Donald Trump announced 1 Billion dollar in funding for Quantum Computing research and development the

Year before however the CCP had spent no Less than $10 billion on Quantum Computing R&D current estimates are that China is spending as much as $20 billion On Quantum Computing R&D every year this Increased funding is a part of the Five-year Quantum Computing plan Revealed back in 2021 and the craziest part of all this Funding is that it seems to be paying Off and the Quantum race is heating up Now from what we can tell it looks like The quantum Computing race between the US and China first started to heat up in 2017 this was when China announced that It had established the first Quantum Communication line between Beijing and Shanghai notably this communication line Is apparently impossible to hack in 2019 Google responded with its own update Noting it had achieved quote Quantum Supremacy with its 54 Cubit quantum Computer it managed to find the solution To a maths problem in 200 seconds that It claims would have taken 10,000 years For the most powerful regular computer To solve two years later however China Solved the same maths problem using its Own quantum computer the difference was That China's quantum computer did it 1 Million times faster using a 66 Cubit Computer in between China had managed to Achieve Quantum communication via Satellites for the first time by the end

Of 2021 China was using Quantum Resistant Satellite Communication to Protect its power grid from cyber Attacks the US power grid has since been Hit by multiple cyber attacks and there Has been speculation about the Possibility of a large scale Cyber Attack that would take down the entire Us grid on that note you should know That the elites ran some Cyber attack Simulations not that long ago more about Those in the description I digress now In 2022 Chinese companies reportedly Began leveraging quantum computers as Part of their own operations a Terrifying Prospect when you consider Their CCP ties less than a year later There were reports of quantum computers Being made available for retail use Though these have been questioned last Year China revealed a 176 Cubit quantum computer as well as a Prototype for a 255 Cubit quantum computer that's Apparently still in the works now of Course this pales in comparison to the Over 1,000 Cubit quantum computer Revealed by a Californian company late Last year but there's one big caveat You'll recall that cubits are inherently Unstable and they become even more Unstable as you add to their number Based on the information we could find China's 176 Cubit quantum computer is

Very stable even more stable in the 433 Cubit quantum computer developed by IBM Last year again this makes sense given That IBM's computer has more cubits but That's only half the story stability is Apparently measured from the first cubid Thereupon it's assessed how much more Unstable a quantum computer becomes with Each additional Cubit with two cubits IBM's quantum computer has an error rate Of almost 4% conversely China's quantum Computer has an error rate of less than 1% with two cubits again it's safe to Say that this is an oversimplification And I'll reiterate that we're not Quantum Computing experts it's arguably Irrelevant however as both quantum Computers are more than capable of Cracking encryption as a fun fact the Day that a quantum computer officially Cracks encryption is known as qay and Quantum Computing experts at least the Ones cited by Reuters believe it will Come as soon as 2025 some believe that qay has already Happened and that sensitive information Is already being leaked so this brings Me to the big question or rather two big Questions the first is when the quantum Computing craze will come and the second Is how can you profit from it well I'll Start by saying that it's very unlikely That Quantum computing's chat GPT moment Will look anything like chat GPT

Assuming this moment does in fact come This is again because quantum computers Are technically not competitors to Regular computers unless you're running Some Advanced mathematical models you Don't really need a quantum computer This is presumably why there hasn't been A push for retail quantum computers Though a few do exist what's more likely To happen is that we're going to see a Headline in the coming months about how A quantum computer managed to break the Encryption of a significant individual Or institution remember how experts are Are predicting this could happen as soon As 2025 well it will probably be sooner This is again because the pace of Quantum computer development has been Increasing faster than expected much Like AI this can again be seen by Looking at how Quantum Computing has Changed in the context of crypto back in 2019 it was estimated that it would take 20 to 30 years to crack a crypto wallet By 2022 however these decades were Shortened to years and the more recent Developments seem to have shortened this Timeline even more when you combine this With the fact that Tech giants like Apple are suddenly postquantum proofing Their Tech it certainly suggests that Qay is around the corner and this gives Two big answers to those two big

Questions the first is that the quantum Computing craze is likely to come soon Rather than later but it will be Reactive rather than proactive put Differently it won't be some exciting Retail application like chat GPT it will Instead be a scramble to Quantum proof Encryption and this ties into the second Answer and that's that cyber security Companies will likely profit the most From this Catalyst if it occurs as it so Happens alleged Insider Trader Nancy Pelosi recently purchased call option on A cyber security company after Congress Was briefed on a potential national Security threat H probably nothing in Our estimation though it's possible that Quantum resistant crypto projects will Benefit even more that's because once we Do get a headline about some bigwigs Encryption being broken you can bet that The scramble to Quantum proof Cryptocurrencies will be even more Frantic than in The Wider economy and And because cryptocurrencies can move Faster than regular companies can it's Likely that we'll get news of quantum Resistant Tech being rolled out much Faster in the crypto Market than in the Stock market as I mentioned earlier There are already a few Quantum Resistant cryptos out there but the list Isn't long more importantly the lists That currently exist don't actually seem

To include all the quantum resistant Cryptos that are available and it so Happens we recently reviewed an off- the Radar small cap Quantum resistant Cryptocurrency for our coin Bureau club Members and you can find out more about That in the description now I can't Stress enough just how profitable the Quantum craze could be whereas most Companies can optimize their operations With AI in the future every single Company is going to need Quantum Proofing the moment qay comes and they Will need it right away not in a few Months or years time so any companies or Crypto projects offering Quantum Resistant technology could go vertical As a result although there is no Guarantee that qay will come anytime Soon I think we can all agree that the Conditions are there for it to happen Sooner rather than later let's just hope We aren't affected Directly and that's all for today's Video folks so if you learned something New smash that like button to let us Know if you want to keep learning be Sure to subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell and if you Want to help others learn about this Important topic then be sure to share This video with them also if you happen To be into crypto then you need to check Out the coin Bureau deals page because

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