PREPARE Yourself!! Digital ID & CBDC Are Closer Than You Think!!

Digital ID for everything smart cities That track your movement Central Bank Digital currencies for all transactions Restrictions on cash sharing your social Media information to create a bank Account S like a conspiracy theory you might say Well that's the reality on the ground in Nigeria today and tomorrow it'll be a Reality in your country too that is of Course unless you do something to stop It now the first step to doing anything Is to be informed which is why we're Going to tell you what's happening to Nigerians how they're fighting back and How you can do the same Did you know that Nigeria leads the World in crypto adoption Depending on your Source up to 50 Percent of Nigerians use crypto on a Regular basis this is despite the Nigerian government Banning financial Institutions from working with crypto in Early 2021 and its continued scrutiny of Crypto related entities This begs the question of why Nigeria Leads the world and crypto adoption the Short answer is necessity around a Quarter of the population is unbanked But not because banking is unavailable As the largest country in Africa Nigeria Has some of the most advanced banking Infrastructure on the continent in fact Nigeria became the first African country

To roll out a central bank digital Currency or cbdc in late 2021 and yet Nobody adopted it only 0.5 percent of Nigerians were using the E naira one Year later Even with its elaborate banking Infrastructure and a cbdc cash is still Used for up to 80 percent of payments in Nigeria this means there's more to Nigeria's crypto adoption than meets the Eye And this ties into the long answer which Is what this video is about To understand why Nigeria leads the World in crypto adoption we must go back In time to when it began and analyze the Events that have occurred since then as You'll soon see we're starting to see a Similar series of events in other Countries around the world including in The west as such Nigeria could be the Canary in the coal mine for what's Coming for all of us the country could Also provide a blueprint on how to Prevent it using cryptocurrency so let's Dig in Now based on Google search Trends Nigeria's interest in crypto began in 2015 and has been rising ever since Fun fact Nigeria consistently comes up As the number one country for Global Searches of terms related to crypto Other countries in Africa Asia and the Middle East often occupy the other top

Positions logically then something must Have happened in 2015 that caused Nigerians to start adopting crypto Especially Bitcoin the obvious reason Would be that it's because of the crypto Bull market which began around that time The thing is that Nigeria's crypto Interest has been rising ever since the Answer to this riddle can be found in Nigeria's gross domestic product or GDP A measure of the country's economic Output as you can see Nigeria's GDP Collapsed in 2015 and never really Recovered This was almost certainly due to a Global collapse in oil prices which Began the previous year for context Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and one of the largest oil Producers in the world naturally oil is Nigeria's largest revenue Source According to Al Jazeera oil sales are How the Nigerian government gets 75 of Its Revenue put simply Nigeria is Heavily dependent on oil and oil prices The fact that Nigeria happens to have The largest oil reserves in Africa has Also made it one of the most Geopolitically important countries on The continent lo and behold the United States and China have both been trying To influence Nigeria for decades Including directly interfering in its Elections so when the Nigerian economy

Imploded in 2015 the World Bank didn't Hesitate to step in with yet another Multi-billion dollar loan for reference The World Bank is an International Development Bank that's closely allied With the United States and issues loans With conditions that support U.S Interests if you want evidence of this Just watch our recent video about Treasury secretary Janet yellen's recent Hearing it was filled with discussions About how the us could better use the World Bank to influence not only Developing countries in places like Africa but also developed countries in Places like Europe If you've seen that video already you'll Recall that the World Bank has recently Been issuing loans that include Conditions on restricting fossil fuel Development Now this is bad news for Nigeria given Its dependency on the oil industry Nigeria is also one of the world bank's Biggest borrowers according to Reuters The World Bank has issued no less than 130 loans to Nigeria it's not entirely Clear how much money Nigeria currently Owes the World Bank as a result but a Nigerian news report from last year Noted that it owed 13 billion dollars Making Nigeria the world bank's fourth Largest debtor and it's not just Restrictions on fossil fuels that the

World Bank has been demanding from Nigeria either if you watched our video About digital ID or fast payments you'll Know that the World Bank has been Rolling out both in its debtor countries With the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation case in point the World Bank gave 400 million dollars to Nigeria To create a national digital ID in 2019 And it's just one of many digital ID Funds the country has received from the U.S Affiliated entity This investment seems to have paid off 100 million Nigerians almost half the Country now have digital ID you'd be Forgiven for thinking that Nigerians Have been rushing to adopt this digital ID in fact the only reason they have is Because the Nigerian government made it Mandatory you reportedly need a digital ID to get a driver's license to get a SIM card for your phone and apparently To participate in elections too and if That wasn't scary enough the Nigerian Government is now reportedly planning on Quote combining banking cards with its National ID be it physical or digital This is almost exactly what the EU is Planning with its digital ID wallet as The name suggests the eu's digital ID Will come with a built-in wallet and This is not a coincidence either Remember that 400 million dollars the World Bank gave to Nigeria to develop

Its digital ID the EU was one of the Contributors to the massive cash pile And the EU probably didn't do this out Of kindness it most likely did it to Test the system it's about to roll out In Europe It seems the US has been running tests Of its own as well the company that Helped Nigeria's Central Bank build its Cbdc is American and the same company is Now helping Ukraine build its cbdc but That's just the American side of the Nigerian crypto adoption equation The Chinese side is just as scary if not More so Whereas the World Bank has been giving Loans to Nigeria with strings attached China has been building much of Nigeria's modern infrastructure Russia Has been playing a role as well Per a press release by the CCP quote China is the leading contributor to Nigeria's infrastructure development More than 20 Chinese companies are Participating in the construction of Major projects concerning the economy And people's livelihood in Nigeria Comprising of Railways roads electricity ICT and oil refineries now that last Part should give you pause China is also Involved in Nigeria's oil industry in Case it wasn't clear enough China has Been meddling in Nigeria's Affairs for Quite some time

However it wasn't until the economic Implosion in 2015 that China's presence Started to have a negative effect on the Local population The New York Times wrote a sobering Article about this the tldr is that China has been flooding Nigeria with Cheap Chinese goods and commodities Presumably those that don't meet the Quality standards for export to Developed countries As a result Nigeria's infrastructure is Faulty and unreliable and its local Economy has been entirely priced out Here's what I mean by priced out quote Angry protesters in the street blame Widespread joblessness on China which is Manufacturing African fabric designs More cheaply than Nigeria employment in Nigeria's textile and apparel sector has Plummeted to 20 000 people from six Hundred thousand two decades ago Now the consequence of this is that Nigeria's unemployment has been Skyrocketing since 2015 and is projected To reach 41 by the end of this year The absence of a local economy has made Nigerians heavily reliant on remittances Money sent from overseas this has Contributed to its crypto adoption If that wasn't bad enough the Nigerian Government appears to be expanding its Relationship with China despite the Damage this is doing to its local

Economy for instance Nigeria's vice President gave a speech just a couple of Months ago basically saying that the West can't be trusted and China is a Better Ally now this is understandable When you consider the history between Nigeria and U.S Affiliated International Organizations like the World Bank Once Upon a Time the international monetary Fund or IMF issued loans to Nigeria The conditions attached were so bad that The IMF is still hated by Nigerians to This day at least China has been Building infrastructure as the Proponents claim in truth though China Has been doing the same just in a Different way if you watched our video About how China is taking over Africa You'll note that it has like the World Bank also been issuing loans to African Countries The difference is that it often requires Physical infrastructure as collateral Physical infrastructure often built by China itself When these countries can't pay back Their loans China comes in and claims The infrastructure as its own newsflash Nigeria isn't in a very good financial Position besides the billions it owes to International organizations like the World Bank Nigeria also owes billions of Dollars to other countries as you might Have guessed Nigeria owes the most money

To China around 5 billion dollars to put Things into perspective that's over 80 Percent of Nigeria's foreign debt the Speculation that Nigeria will default on These debts sometime this year in which Case China will likely seize much of its Physical infrastructure as compensation But that's just the Chinese part of the Nigerian crypto adoption equation the Final part of the equation is Nigeria Itself specifically its government as is Often the case with countries that Receive lots of money from overseas Nigeria is incredibly corrupt and it Seems that this corruption is only Increasing for those who don't know Nigerian officials are Infamous for Embezzling the country's oil money which I'll remind you makes up almost 75 Percent of the government's Revenue The famous case comes from 2016 when a Whopping 16 billion dollars in oil Revenues were reported missing by the Government's Treasury Some sources suggest that Nigerian Officials have embezzled more than half A trillion dollars of the government's Revenues over the last 50 years the Practical effect of this is apparently That Nigerians don't want to pay taxes Because they know the money won't be Spent on infrastructure most of it will Just be stolen this is probably a Contributing factor to the average

Nigerian's apparent hatred for International organizations like the World Bank and suspicion of predatory Countries like China and there have been Multiple reports of Nigerian officials Embezzling this money too and it seems To be getting worse this is due to a Combination of the oil related factors I Mentioned earlier first oil prices Plummeted then the World Bank and others Came in with loans that required Nigeria To restrict its oil production and then China came in and started taking over Key parts of Nigeria's oil Infrastructure This means that the only way Nigeria's Corrupt politicians can make money is by Essentially appeasing both sides they're Rolling out digital ID and cbdcs to get Money from the World Bank and they're Rolling out all kinds of faulty and Unreliable infrastructure to get money From China The worst part is that what Nigerian Officials claim to be doing and the Consequences their actions are having Are completely contradictory take the E Naira for example In theory it's meant to increase Financial inclusion in practice however You can only access it if you already Have a bank account now to be fair this Is something that could easily be Changed and it's possible that it has

Been by the time of shooting this video But even then Nigerians do not have the Reliable physical infrastructure Required to adopt the e-nira consider That almost half the country still Doesn't have internet access Nevertheless Nigerian officials don't Seem to care because they still seem Hell-bent on effectively Banning cash to Force cbdc adoption probably to get more World bank money Some of you might have seen all the Headlines about Nigeria restricting cash Use for exactly that purpose late last Year What you might not have seen was the Headline about the Nigerian Central Bank Wanting to remove certain banknotes from Circulation the tldr there is that this Move would have reportedly resulted in Over 80 percent of Nigeria's cash Becoming worthless and 50 of Nigerians Losing their life savings in the process Fortunately in February this year Nigeria's Supreme Court stepped in to Stop the old banknote Ban from going Into effect unfortunately it's believed This was done for political reasons Because all the Supreme Court did was Delay the old banknote Ban to December This year there were elections in February since that time we've seen Other insane headlines related to both The Nigerian government and Nigeria's

Central Bank highlights include the Creation of smart cities where every Citizen will be tracked using their Digital ID and will require social media Information as part of kyc to create a Bank account This foreshadows restricting freedom and Financing for Nigerians who openly Disagree with the government's corrupt Officials which is terrifying to say the Least not surprisingly Nigerians haven't Been too keen on opting into this kind Of system which is why they've been Opting out using cryptocurrency and cash It looks like cryptocurrency could soon Be the only alternative available to Many Nigerians that's because the Physical naira has been collapsing ever Since the government removed its Currency peg in June according to the Government the naira lost 23 of its Value overnight according to locals it Was 40 percent Chances are that this was one of the Conditions of the loans granted to Nigeria by U.S or china-affiliated Entities most likely the former as it Was reportedly done to incentivize Foreign investment then again it could Just as easily be Nigeria itself Hyper-inflating away cash is a great way To force cbdc adoption Now this brings us to the question of How you can use cryptocurrency to

Protect yourself from a similar outcome In your country make no mistake digital ID cbdc's smart cities and all these Other dystopian Technologies are being Rolled out around the world and quicker Than you may think Nigeria just seems to Be further ahead thankfully protecting Yourself is a simple two-step process The first step is to assess where your Country is on the risk curve so to speak If you live in a country that's Receiving large amounts of money from U.S aligned organizations like the World Bank and IMF it's safe to assume that The digital dystopia is coming sooner to Your country than others this doesn't Just apply to developing countries by The way if you live in a European Country that's receiving lots of money From the EU then you'll probably further Up on the risk curve than you may think The same could be true at the state Level states that are the most dependent On federal fund funding are likely more At risk this sounds silly Until you Realize that most countries aren't that Different from Nigeria we all have Corrupt officials in our governments any Money these officials or the government Gets comes with strings attached I Should also note that this money doesn't Just come from the public sector it also Comes from the private sector as well Money that comes from Mega Banks like JP

Morgan and asset managers like BlackRock Comes with similar terms and conditions This is probably because all these Dystopian initiatives have their roots In the United Nations sustainable Development goals or sdgs more about Those in the description I digress Now the second step is to assess whether Your country is actually capable of Implementing all of these dystopian Technologies as we've seen with Nigeria The physical infrastructure isn't always There nor is the coordination widespread Corruption can paradoxically be a plus Because it delays the rollout and even If the physical infrastructure and Coordination are present the willingness May not be the technology could be Rolled out but its adoption may not be Enforced and even if its adoption is Enforced its usage may not be this is Something we've mentioned many times Adoption doesn't guarantee use now if You've determined that your country is Capable of implementing all of these Dystopian Technologies and is willing to Do it then your number one imperative is To ensure that Alternatives continue to Exist that means doing everything you Can to ensure that cryptocurrency and Cash remain legal there have in fact Been a few proposals floated in European Countries to ensure that cash use is Enshrined in law even the European

Central Bank proposed enshrining cash Use in law when it submitted its Proposal for the digital Euro perhaps They know that there are other ways of Eliminating cash The harsh reality is that cash alone is Not enough to protect you against what's Coming crypto is also required and some Would argue that gold is required too So the imperative is to ensure that you Always have an ability to store and Transfer wealth that's outside of the Dystopian system being created Now in some countries these dystopian Systems will never see the light of day In others however they will be Implemented and could last for a long Time before they inevitably collapse so If you think you're in the latter Camp Make sure you have the ability to Relocate just in case let's hope of Course that it doesn't come to that And that's all for today's video folks If you found it informative let me know By Smashing that like button if you want To keep being informed subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell If you want to inform others take a Second to share this video Now if you're already stacking sets in Preparation for what's coming make sure You're storing them in a safe place and Accumulating them using a reliable Crypto exchange the coin Bureau deals

Page has massive discounts on the former And up to forty thousand dollars of Airdrops and bonuses on the latter the Link will of course be down in the Description so thank you all for Watching and I'll see you again soon Thank you


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